Wedding feast at the Ukrainian wedding


The main course at the Ukrainian wedding has always been a "loaf" - a ritual wedding bread. His baking is always accompanied by special rituals and rules and was an important part of the wedding ceremony.

 Rule one. Wedding loaf is required only if the first marriage, but widows and widowers do not bake a loaf. Second Rule. Karavaynitsami could be a woman who lived happily married and have good children, it was believed that these women were thus share their family happiness with the newlyweds. Girls and widows were not allowed to batch.

 Rule three. Before preparing the test karavaynitsy must wash, wash your hands, tie a handkerchief and put on his head a cross.

 Rule Four. The dough should be baked with special songs and prayers to end ("Our Father" and "Mother of God").

 Rule Five. Put the loaf in the oven was only married man, and he or the surrounding have to read prayers. Sam loaf served after paintings and wedding, before sitting down for the wedding table.

 The groom's parents (his mother was holding a loaf for embroidered towels) congratulated the newlyweds. 

Young thanked the parents and took the loaf. Alternately, they bit off or break off pieces of the loaf: according to accept who will get a big piece, will become the owner of the house. All that remains of the loaf, cut and run-out guests or put them on the table. At the end of the wedding dinner was celebrated rite cover the bride's head, it symbolized her transition into the ranks of the "married" women. The Ukrainian wedding feast was also a feature of the small ceremonial baking cookies.

 He's been invited to the wedding, they gave gifts karavaynits, youth and children, his gifts were presented with a new family, friend and away the parents. In different parts of Ukraine cookies called differently: rolls, gusochki, Soloveitchik, gingerbread, Virtue, bumps and other names. In Ukrainian feast table is always groaning with food. However, the young stay with the guests just before the third goblets. All others partied until dawn.