How to prepare homemade wine out of a jam

Many housewives are always in store a few cans of sugared jam last year. The ideal that can be made from it - it's delicious homemade wine. Everyone knows that it is perfectly keeps the berry flavor. Prepare the wine is not difficult, you only wait time.  

You will need 

 - 1 liter of jam;
 - 1 liter of water;
 - 110 g of raisins;
 - Three-liter pot;
 - Nylon cover;
 - Gauze;
 - Rubber glove.  


1 Liter jar wash soda. Rinse several times with warm water. After this, pour boiling water over it.
 2 Boil one liter of water and leave to cool at room temperature. For the preparation of wine need some warm boiled water.
3 L Put the sugared jam in clean three-liter jar. Add one liter of lukewarm water and 110 grams of raisins. All move.
4 Close the jar nylon cover and remove it to a warm place.
5 Ten days later uncover. Remove the pulp from the water and pour the solution through cheesecloth folded in several layers.
6 The resulting wort is ready pour into a clean jar washed. Bottle opening to put a sterile rubber glove.
7 Put the jar in the forty days in a dark place. During this time, the bank will go through the process of fermentation. The fermentation process is considered complete when the rubber glove, bunting up, down again. The color of wine should be clear.
8 After forty days of wine carefully bottle. Try to pour so that the sludge did not hit the bottle.
9 Bottles of wine, put it in a dark place. Two months later - the wine is ready. The finished house wine has the strength of about
10 degrees.  
 Open a bottle of house wine very carefully and cautiously, as it is often foaming champagne. Keep the house wine in a cool, dark place. For the preparation of home-made wine to use not spoiled jam (not moldy). Raisins do not wash as well as on its surface contains natural yeast.

 Useful Tips 

If the jam is not very sweet, you can add the optional sugar. To do this, cook the sugar syrup is thick, give it a little styt and add to the jar.