Russian vodka

When born, Russian vodka?

 1474 - Introduction of the first state monopoly, so the first date of manufacture of alcohol from domestic grain raw material should be attributed more to 20-30 years before. 40-degree vodka was a hundred years ago, when Dmitri Mendeleev found the perfect balance of water and alcohol in the drink. This topic has devoted his doctoral work.
 Vodka useful?
In modern conditions, poisoning the atmosphere of cities, Russian vodka with moderate consumption (about 30-50 grams per day) may serve as a preventive measure against poisoning harmful chemical compounds in the air. Every nation has its favorite strong drink, but not all of it can be called national. In England, the drink, mostly gin and confidently took first place in the world for its production. A Dutch invented it, who is making his name at the age-old "Genever" (juniper). English read the word on the label in its own way - "dzhinever" - abbreviated "gin." But the English invented rum and spread it around the world: rum were bought by the British Royal Navy sailors for the cheapest strong drink. Now it is the favorite drink of the Cubans. Perhaps only the French cognac and vodka in Russian are the subject of national pride of the people. Most of vodka probably knows Krivomazov Nicholas, chief editor of "Russian vodka". He's talking about our non-drinking reporter.
 - Why in Russia continue to drink vodka, but in stores rich selection of spirits?
 Whiskey, gin, rum and brandy prefer only 3.7% of the drinking population.
It's so cold though. And she, dear, warm. Why Cubans drink, mainly rum?
Most of them work in the sugar cane billets, are engaged in hard physical labor in the heat. Naturally, a person sweats, which can lead to dehydration. Rum can quickly restore the lack of moisture. Why the English drink gin and whiskey? The country had a lot of colonies around the world, its citizens were forced to live for years in a foreign climate, far from civilization. Enemies, they had a lot, and in this list not least the germs. A good whiskey ensures reliable internal disinfection. In popular passions always makes sense. For a Russian man is not drinking more vodka.
  - But the Poles claim that it is their national product.
 Even after the International Court of Justice ruled on the priority of Russia, the controversy did not die down, from time to time taking a scandal. In general, the scandals of vodka has recently become very much. - Wrong. Not in recent times. They have always been. And Ivan the Terrible and Peter I, today. What's more - they will flare up in the future. This scandal is not about vodka, and about money - and much more. Think about it: since all of the same Ivan the Terrible vodka brought to the state budget-third of income. Imagine how this money? Why the Poles can not accept the obvious fact that vodka in Russia was doing almost a hundred years earlier than in Poland? Because the exclusive right to sell and advertise products on which is written "vodka" - is a gold mine, which until now, no one, including us, are not explored.
  - What kind of Ivan the Terrible in question, because the vodka "invented" Mendeleev? -
That's right, if we talk about the current hot drink. Dmitry Ivanovich proved that the best drink alcohol, the degree of which is approximately equal to the temperature of the human body, that is, 36.6. For "warming" this is not enough, but 40 degrees - at the raz.Do Grozny in Russia drink "intoxicating": natural infusions with honey, herbs, not stronger 16 degrees. Strong drinks came to us from the West, particularly from Venice and Genoa. Russian peasant, they have taken to heart, and soon he invented the proprietary technology of production (before the Poles), which is the basis of modern. - In Poland, we have understood. Talk business "Smirnov" against "Smirnoff". The President supported the Russian producers, and understandably so. After all, he had paid to the Treasury only 15 billion rubles a month. But transnational giant "Hyublayn Inc", which produces vodka "Smirnoff" are unlikely to pass the easy position. - I do not want to talk about the legal intricacies of this suit simply because they do not place a high value. Revolution swept the descendants of Peter Arsenievich Smirnov, who founded his company in 1860 around the world. Some of them sold on poverty and selling original patent for the manufacture of vodka. Thanks for foreigners that they have retained the trademark Smirnov. It is noteworthy that the Russians have finally awakened national consciousness. Boris Smirnov Heirloom revives brand with no smaller scale than his famous ancestor. I think - no need to quarrel. Do not try to destroy a competitor. Drinking and drank themselves will understand who is the real successor, and will vote their pocketbooks. Why take an overseas "Smirnoff"? It is not only much more expensive, but is made with distilled water. And this is not vodka. Anyway, not a Russian. Russian vodka is on well water, this water is not only good - it is alive. A sterile imported vodka - no soul. See how Boris spins: in August 1996, he released a total of 200 thousand bottles, and in August 1997 - is 2.5 million. Soon, plans to double bottling vodka. Smirnov now produces nine of its species, but soon to be added to vodka "Spotykach" and "Smirnoff beer."
  - So if you really drink, domestic and not necessarily "Kristallovskuyu"?
  - Moreover, not necessarily Moscow. Now, when given a breath Russian producers faced the wave of national creativity and innovation. In all corners of Russia, new vodka brands of the highest quality! Irkutsk, Tula, Kursk, Krasnoyarsk and more vodka meet the most stringent standards. Near Ryazan, in the village of Silver Keys beats source. It so much silver that have to clean it from the water. This water and make vodka "Kolesnik." Kaluga vodka "Crystal" bought the French, but soon reported that disclaim the contract, as it is made for industrial alcohol. Analyzes do not find any methanol. The buyer had not occurred, it's just ultra-pure product without contaminants. Decided - industrial alcohol. Misunderstanding quickly settled, now Kaluga vodka in America, and in France - like hot cakes. - So, the industry is on the rise, and our refrigerator is not translated as a genuine Russian vodka? - On the rise early to say. In 1993, 117 of 120 factories stopped when the excise tax on alcohol, vodka and increased to 90%. Now the situation is corrected. Gradually, small artisanal distillery, producing cheap and bad vodka will die a natural death, and on the shelves will only be a good product. True, at a higher price. If you want to give the vodka a "home" in nature and greater softness, try, according to the custom of the XVIII century, infuse it with herbs and spices. Best flavors: St. John's wort, lemon and orange zest. They provide the best taste and aroma effect in combination with Russian vodka. Artificial flavors can only spoil the taste. Should be well dried tops of grass and zest, pour into a bottle of vodka, a small amount of something and leave for a week and a half. We get three beautiful color transparent beverage: Amber from orange, lemon yellow of a lemon and deep golden hue of crimson hypericum. William Pokhlebkin "Cooking", 1998, N 1, p.8-9. Ref: P3238 Good to know Any fish snack, from sardines, herring, sprats and sardines to squid with sturgeon, well prepare your esophagus to alcohol and reliably protects you against rapid intoxication.

 And please do not forget that brandy, liqueurs, ports, and any wine containing sugar are dessert and drink on a full stomach. And a few more tips. Traditionally, to alcoholic beverages is best served orange juice. Should I limit myself? Vodka, gin or whiskey you can safely combine with mandarin, grapefruit juice "J-7" or peach nectar "Dr.Fresh". A "Bloody Mary" will be even more delightful if it submit pickles "from my grandmother's cellar."