How safe to buy an apartment in Russia?

Want to buy an apartment inevitably puts one way to choose the dream of your own living space. Abundance of proposals, and the difference in prices for the real estate market today can cause confusion in the layman in the matter.

You must know that in real estate are constantly circulating powerful financial flows involve various criminal elements. In this case, the vast majority of legal illiteracy want a quick and inexpensive to buy an apartment is on hand to fraudsters who specializes in illegal real estate transactions.
Eager to buy an apartment faster and cheaper, the potential buyer pays attention primarily on the value of the transaction, the quality of housing, the number of available communication and environmental infrastructure facilities. Financial transparency and the legal side of the transaction is often relegated to the background, because to buy an apartment with one of the schemes used by fraudsters is significantly cheaper than to buy housing legally provide for the payment of taxes. As a result, consumers are cheated out of money, housing, and to challenge the illegal transaction in court. Therefore, when studying the proposals and contracts must be very careful, and better use a professional and trusted real estate agency.
In fact, buy an apartment in Russia today, in two ways. The first - to buy housing in new buildings directly from the developer or by the intermediary. Second - buy an apartment or a hand-held realtor in the secondary market. Both options have their pros and cons, and in fact, in neither case the buyer is not immune from the actions of fraudsters.
In new housing is more expensive, but often has a high quality, due to the severity of modern requirements to commission facilities. However, before you decide to buy an apartment in a new building, it is useful to study in detail the features of the contract with the developer. The fact is that to date there is no mandatory for all firms, developers model agreement governing the terms of construction, date object, the types of service and his subsequent legal rights of sale of housing. For each company, the form and terms of the contract are unique, so before you buy the apartment from the developer, it is best to discuss the preliminary agreement in the presence of an independent lawyer, competent in matters related to real estate. There were cases where unscrupulous developers sold one house to several buyers at once, after which the firm is liquidated. Help avoid this unofficial information about the builder or reseller: the number and quality of completed projects of the firm, and the views of its customers who have used the services of the company before.
Secondary market for real estate is very chaotic and replete with a variety of price and quality of the proposals, sometimes suspicious and unnatural profitable. Sale of housing at bargain prices can be seen in the periodical press and outdoor billboards. The decision to respond to the offer and buy an apartment with it quickly and cheaply almost certainly lead to tragic consequences. A more reliable way is to contact a real estate agency, where experts will offer to buy an apartment for the money, and meet the requirements of prospective buyers. However, the choice of real estate must be taken very seriously. Under the guise of offices may be hidden so-called "black realtors", in fact, are the same crooks. Check the real estate agency, developer or business broker can use various directories and databases on the Internet. The best guarantee of decency firms related to real estate, is an impressive period of the existence and activities of the company, among other things, indicating if the experience in conducting transactions. In addition, reviews of the company you can look at various forums. Only care and attention to all aspects of the proposed transaction may help safe to buy an apartment and do not become a victim of fraud.