Collapse of Russia.Facts and forecasts.


The first time "democracy" in Russia, established in 1917 - and the country immediately collapsed. Collect Russia as a whole managed Bolsheviks cruel war and terror. Second time "democracy" prevails in Russia, called the "Soviet Union", in 1991 - and the country immediately collapsed.
  From former Russia remained "Russian Federation." It took 18 years, and it is clear outlining perspectives final destruction of the Russian State.

Do they understand the Russian "democrats" that destroy Russia? 

Initially, the "democrats" believed that "remake" Russia "Western-style" can be. But "democracy" turns the death of millions of people, the degradation of the economy, the destruction of the Armed Forces, and the "reformers" and finally, it became clear that "democracy" dooms Russia to collapse. The choice was this: the rejection of "democracy" to the inevitable confrontation with the West, or the preservation of "democracy", followed by the inevitable collapse of Russia. Rejection of "democracy" for the "reformers" is not possible, as well as opposition to the West, where their "capital" and real estate. As a result, the "reformers" led by Vladimir Putin came to the conclusion that to avoid responsibility for their crimes and can keep the loot, only if the collapse of Russia and fail under the occupation by NATO troops. C 1991 to the second half of 2004, the "reformers" destroy Russia as their greed and stupidity. Since the second half of 2004, the disastrous policies already had another basis: the desire to preserve their lives and "capital" price collapse of Russia. Since that time, clearly observed intentional nature ravages of "reformers." Believe it is the leader of the "free world" was not easy. But the evidence appears more and more, and the leading politicians of the West, finally, it became clear that the policy of Putin aimed at the collapse of Russia. For about three years, they skillfully play up to Mr. Putin, to how to "safer" to bring "managed degradation" of Russia to the "controlled disintegration" and seize Russian soil. The high level of tacit coordination of Russian "reformers" and Western leaders showed the war in South Ossetia, where the West has allowed Medvedev and Putin play in front of the Russian public the role of "tough guys." West continue to allow Russian "reformers" much - if only in Russia remained "democracy." Nothing else to ruin Russia is not required.

Signals Mr. Putin West. 

 Putin was not easy to convince Western leaders in their devotion. Therefore, during the 'work in progress "to" controlled degradation "of Russia, he gave the West a special revelation signals. 

We mention some of them:

1.Transfer to China 337 square meters. km. Russian land. This action Putin showed his West real relation to the territorial integrity of Russia.
2.Placing oil revenues of the country in the West. Thus, Putin has demonstrated that the subject of the greatest concern to him is the West.
3. Entering in the Chelyabinsk region storage of nuclear materials.
 These objects are built in different places, underground, uranium and plutonium are stored in oxides, as in the metallic form explode on contact with air.
 Russia has built one, overhead, the size of four football fields, uranium and plutonium are stored in the metallic form, in American container.
Thus, Putin has provided an opportunity for the U.S. nuclear blackmail Russia.
4.The deformation of the Armed Forces. Adopted for this ruinous for Russia's military doctrine and the "reformed" the General Staff.
 As a result, management of the Armed Forces of the semi-implode.
Thus, Putin sent the West is one of the most explicit signals about their real intentions.
5. Lock rearmament wide export of Russian weapons.
Abroad sold hundreds of modern aircraft, tanks, infantry combat vehicles, air defense systems, surface ships, submarines.
The Russian army was negligible amount of new weapons.
For example, in 2008, Russian forces have 30 tanks T-90, in 2009, will receive the same amount. Only in India, not to mention other countries, Russia has supplied 350 T-90, and in the coming years is to deliver an additional 1,200.
 A similar pattern for other weapons. Thus, Putin clearly confirmed his intention to destroy the Russian Army.
6. Destruction of the most invulnerable rail missile system RT-23. Thus Putin significantly closer for the U.S. to achieve strategic superiority over Russia.
7. Statement by Mr. Putin's September 9, 2006 in Novo-Ogaryovo at a meeting of the international discussion club "Valdai" that Russia does not need as a nuclear superpower. This statement, Putin addressed a clear message to the West on its course to the collapse of Russia.
8.Statement by Mr. Putin at a meeting with members of the club "Valdai" September 14, 2007 that he would be "very much like that in the future no missionary ideas are not covered by any people, let alone the country's leadership." Thus, Putin openly "refuted" the postulate of God's chosen people of the Russian people and Russia. At this meeting, Mr. Putin has again emphasized that Russia "do not pose as a great power." Not by chance that these very frank statements were made in meetings with foreign political scientists: thus clearly identified target - West.
9. Assigning a "known bugger" the title of Honored Artist of Russia. This "action", Putin made it clear that ultimately chose the Western "cultural values."
10.  Continuation of the "Gore-Chernomyrdin deal" at which 500 tons of Russian weapons-grade uranium is sold for U.S. $ 12 billion in the real price of the order of 8.12 trillion. dollars. Since 1995, Russia has destroyed 14,090 nuclear warheads. Shipped to the United States 352.3 tons of weapons grade uranium. Of these, 278 tons - during the presidency of Mr. Putin. Thus, Putin has provided a significant strengthening of the military-industrial complex, progress toward the goal of "snatch Russian nuclear teeth", and unparalleled robbery Russian America.
11. Transmission in 2009, the U.S. top-secret documents to the Russian installation which can operate in two modes: the detection of nuclear devices from aircraft and remotely undermine nuclear devices. It prohibitively brazen act of treason Putin and Medvedev have helped the U.S. to further enhance the overall technological superiority over Russia.
12. The destruction of the space station "Mir". Action with a clear symbolic overtones: as collapsed with cosmic heights Russian station called "The World", because from the height of his "messianic ambitions" and without any hope of peace to collapse the whole of Russia.

This is not a complete list of treasonous acts of Mr. Putin. But these twelve betrayals, Putin broke all historical "records" of high treason at the highest level. No state leader betrayed his own country, betraying Russia Vladimir Putin.

This led to the betrayal. 

At the end of his "government", Mr Putin to finally convince the leaders of the West in its resolve to go through with the policy of extermination of Russia, took action even more outspoken. Such actions was to eliminate the Military Engineering Academy - "merge" with the Combined Arms Academy and Academy of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense - "transfer" in Kostroma. But the most explicit sign the plan of liquidation of the Academy of Strategic Missile transfer from Moscow to another city. This plan is equivalent to the open expression of a plan to undermine the fighting capacity of the SRF. Thus, Putin sent a signal to the West is absolutely clear. Of the same series and plan to transfer the Main Command of the Navy in St. Petersburg. These openly treacherous actions and intentions - a very clear signal that Putin is ending his "government" sent West: "I - a." There is no doubt that this signal is "interested parties" in the West understood and evaluated properly. In summer 2008, the "reformers" have moved to the final stage of destruction Army. The Armed Forces will be reduced to 1 million people, the General Staff by 2.5 times, the officer corps twice, the institution of warrant officers abolished. In the Army of units and reduced by 11 times, in the Air Force and Air Defense and the Navy - almost 2 times, SRF - 30%. Vertical "district-army-division-regiment" will be changed to "district-operational command-brigade" unacceptable for Russia. The number of military training centers and landfills will be reduced from 296 to 108. Openly task completely destroy the system of military science and education from the present 15 military academies, 46 colleges and four universities remain some 16 "united" institutions. This includes the elimination of the Academy to be air-space defense. There are signs of the intentions of "reformers" destroy the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff. Arrogance, which are the "reformers", shows that they do not consider Russian generals obstacle to their plans collapse of Russia.

The betrayal of the Russian generals. 

Treacherous actions of the supreme state power in Russia became possible due to the betrayal of generals of the Armed Forces, the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry. To continue the "psychological demolition" generals started Ivanov, Mr Putin appointed Defense Minister A. Serdyukov. The purpose - to force the generals who can oppose the "reforms" to resign, and a complete destruction of the remaining armed forces. This problem is solved successfully. After the announcement of the new "reform" part of military leaders to resign, and the new Chief of General Staff General Makarov agreed with "reforms" - that is, made ​​it clear that he is ready to participate in the further destruction of the Army.

FSB, as the guarantor of the collapse of Russia. 
Given the fact that in Russia, the state power destroys their own country, understand the role and importance of intelligence as a "guarantor" of the process. Mr Putin, in this regard require a special effort. Mr. Putin has managed: to help strengthen the FSB security officers entrusted guide counterterrorist operation in Chechnya, has returned to the FSB border troops, and eventually gave the impression that he was very radeet of State Security. At the same time, Putin destroyed the army and defense industry providing spiritual corruption of the people, that is, created the preconditions for the collapse of Russia. But these facts FSB generals preferred to "ignore". Apparently, according to the principle of "self comes first." General of the FSB it will save from the massive "clean-up", as multiple "staff turnover" should be done "reformers" not only in the Army, and the FSB. However, apparently, even under General Patrushev tip FSB decided not to prevent the collapse of Russia. The solution of these people do not prevent the collapse of Russia will inevitably lead them to the full and final betrayal. Now before these generals the task of "fit" in the upcoming events. This means that in about 2-3 years, the FSB finally "surrender" Russia to the West. Unlike Mr. Putin, who communicates with Western leaders signals mostly on "Aesopian language", the present director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov and his colleagues will have to go to a specific transaction with Western intelligence agencies, apparently - in the face of the CIA. FSB generals, dared to betray, particular guarantees of personal security and privacy tools that are "earned" these "respectable people." To obtain such guarantees, the current "merit" - the preservation of the "quiet" mode Russia's preparations to break-up repression against the Russian patriots, tight control over the military through the Military Intelligence - will not suffice. From Mr. Bortnikov require "clean up" the FSB of the most "unreliable" generals and officers, to provide data on "unreliable" generals and officers of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior, to reveal zakordonnuyu Russian intelligence agents, to prevent the activities of Officer Assembly of Russia, including the liquidation of its most active participants. In return, General Bortnikov and his men receive from CIA's "guarantees" complete "package" as they want. Those who are not easy to believe this turn of events, we must understand that we are talking about the FSB generals, who have betrayed Russia - support "reformers" in recent years, when the course of the Kremlin to the collapse of Russia became quite obvious. The impending betrayal FSB leadership as deal with the CIA would "just" the next step in an already held on treason. That traitorous generals from the FSB are the most dangerous for the country - as the head of the agency, capable of total surveillance over society and over all the power structures. Thanks to these people FSB turned into a powerful tool that provides a "quiet" mode of preparation to the collapse of Russia.

The reasons for the betrayal of the generals. 

If one hundredth of what is done with the Armed Forces of Russia, Mr Putin, did any American president with the Armed Forces of the United States, the reaction CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon would be hard and fast. Russian generals was able only to have to watch helplessly the destruction of the Russian Army and the whole Russia. Many generals were also accomplices "reformers" in the looting and destruction of the Army and the country. In this case, the generals Patrushev Baluyevsky, Bortnikov, Makarov, and the like are not the "democrats." They do not even have no patriotism. But were unable to neutralize the "agents of influence" of the West, seized in Russia's highest authority, and eventually defected to the enemy. His role was the fact that after the death of the Soviet Union a coherent ideology in Russian generals not. The old is gone. The new, "democratic", Russian generals disgusted. But the "holy place is never empty." Political ideology, many generals replaced ideology career at any cost and by any means of profit. There are prostitutes "by vocation", and is forced, where women, kidnapped and sold to brothels. That Russian generals "forced" to commit treason "bad uncles and aunts": Yeltsin, Chubais, Gaidar, Burbulis, Hakamada, Novodvorskaya, Putin, Kudrin, Gref, etc. But among the generals have already appeared, and prostitutes "vocation." For example, Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Pankov involved in the destruction of the Russian Armed Forces so hard that the Army is already running joke: "Is not it time to reward CIA Director Gen. Pankov highest honor the United States?" Generals like Pankov, Russia more. Thus, the formation of a full-fledged "agents of influence" of the West for about two years and has been going on in the Russian generals.

Links of betrayal.

The current generals betrayal has its own background. The beginning was a betrayal of the Soviet generals, the KGB, the Army and the Interior Ministry did not prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then it was a betrayal of the Soviet generals in August 1991, when the coup of his indecision and lack of accurate and clear ideology provided the victory of the "democrats." The betrayal of the Russian generals during the Yeltsin coup in October 1993, was a logical extension of these earlier betrayals. The current Russian generals betrayal continues this "tradition" and is the basis for the final betrayal when the generals with the "reformers", "surrender" Russia to the West and China. Not all Russian generals - traitors in spirit. There are those who, even in the current environment, in spite of betrayal supreme power and many of his "colleagues" make every effort to maintain combat readiness of troops under their supervision. But what's the use to ensure combat readiness of the military district of the FSB, or deterrent, if the country's own government systematically destroyed from within the state? Who will need this military district, this administration, and these nuclear power after the collapse of Russia? So when Russia will be ruined in the traitors will all generals without exception.

Naivety as a factor in the collapse of society in Russia. 

When in January 2006 the Internet was posted my article titled "W. Putin: a CIA agent, or "just" an agent of influence? ", This title seemed deliberately outrageous, and conclusions - unbelievable. "What is happening in Russia during the reign of Vladimir Putin, can not be explained by the incompetence of the authorities. In my view, there is more than obvious that Putin is either a CIA agent, or "simply" agent of influence of the United States, consistently carrying out the elimination of Russia as a sovereign state. This conclusion is supported by the actions of Putin in all the spheres of life of the people and the country. ... It may seem incredible, it "does not fit in the imagination", but it is. ... So today the President of Russia - a person who is at least an agent of U.S. influence. This agent uses his position to control the political situation, the armed forces and intelligence agencies to explicitly and clearly defined to eliminate Russia as a state reduction of the Russian people, "controlled degradation" MIC undermine combat readiness of the Armed Forces. " Recently illusions about Putin clearly diminished. But in general, the Russian people are not aware that Russia deliberately destroys its own state power. The inability of Russian society to soberly assess the real intentions of "reformers" - a big help for them. It is very strange that the hope of the President still express many patriotic-minded authors. And this hope is usually accompanied by the most terrible accusations against some ministers. For example, noting that the defense minister undermining the country's defense, authors expressed bewilderment: how so, because President regularly speaks of the need to strengthen our Armed Forces? But here it is appropriate bewilderment at the position of the author. Is it possible, in their right mind can believe that treacherous policy for years been held in Russia without the knowledge and approval of senior management of the country? It is surprising that there are still people who believe in these fairy tales. Understand the position of the traitors. Can be explained, if not justified, naivety "ordinary people", or the unwillingness of the "middle class" to delve into the essence of the policy of "reformers." But when patriotic-minded generals, scientists, journalists, priests, politicians are surprised to turn to the regime called for advice, ready to hold discussions with him, it's too much ... It's time to think what the "reformers" Russia is killed, and will kill - until they kill. This "debate" and over.

 The algorithm of actions of Mr. Putin.

The process of "controlled degradation" of Russia, Boris Yeltsin launched. But acted too rough and brought the country close to economic and social collapse, and this could result in interference with law enforcement agencies in the course of events. Mr. Putin has adjusted and stabilized the process of "controlled degradation" country moved to the optimum, not too fast, secured him the uniformity and stability, gave a "civilized", "cultural" view. Thus creating the illusion that he saved Russia from collapse and ensure "sustainable development." In fact, Mr. Putin has saved "reformers" of the total failure and the ouster of the Army and security forces. Algorithm work of Mr. Putin clearly manifested by the end of 2006: the constant "reform" while underfunding basic spheres of life, deformation control systems, corruption of the people, embracing corruption, eliminating important link scientific and industrial potential, selection of personnel, "literacy" conducting destructive policies. All the activities of Mr. Putin is divided into real actions and operations cover. For example, the real policy of Putin in the spiritual realm - befuddling, corruption of the people live TV each other "erotic" and the vulgar, the destruction of the family institution. A cover for the operation - "positioning" himself as a "believer", with the temple, kissing icons, hugs and prayers with the Patriarch on Athos. Another example - the reaction to Putin's growing discontent population of Russian immigrants. As a cover operation in 2006, a "program of resettlement of compatriots." Along with the 2007 simplified the procedure of registration of documents for migrants.

In 2008, Russia attracted 8500 compatriots. Were registered 7 million migrants. In two ways, Mr. Putin acts most consistently: the spiritual corruption of the people and the expansion of the state apparatus. The reasons for this behavior of Mr. Putin understood. Spiritual decay - the most reliable way to turn people into depravity, thoughtless crowd, unable to understand what is happening with the state. This is the "people" need to Mr. Putin that "easy" to bring Russia to collapse. "Success" in this policy are impressive. According to sociologists, 55% of Russia's young people "willing to step over the moral standards in order to achieve success." From 2001 to 2006 the number of divorces in Russia grew by 76%. In Russia, prostitution 1 million women. In Moscow alone, some 200 thousand prostitutes, including up to 50 thousand - minors. 80% of traffic in RuNet - download pornography. Putin corruption is spreading to completely undermine the will of the state employees to increase strength and stability of the state. Mr. Putin does not need officials with the outlook. Mr Putin needs officials capable of "surrender" the country. Comprehensive corruption - the best way to get these officials. According to experts, under Putin total bribes in Russia has grown from $ 33 billion in 2001 to $ 350 billion in 2006 During the "reign" of Putin Russia in terms of corruption dropped from 70th place in the world to 147th. According to the CIA report, submitted to the U.S. Senate, in Russia all the corrupt senior government officials, major accounts and property abroad have an absolute majority of the leaders of the State Duma and the Federation Council. I must say, as a "liquidator Russia" Mr. Putin - "perfection." Just select the rate of degradation by areas, each stand "individual schedule" destructive actions, strengthening the political rhetoric, the use of "positive" financial and organizational manipulation separately in each area is the level of real and imaginary effectiveness of positive action, just captures the mood of society, another cover operation runs on time. Act so skillfully Mr. Putin helps KGB training. It is known that if you want special services officer must be able to gain the confidence of those whom must destroy. Mr. Putin behaves highly professional: very well gained the trust to Russia, and Russia is very skillfully destroys.

"By their fruits ye shall know them ..." 

With all the skill of Mr. Putin as a simulator and camoufleur facts relentless.


Every year in Russia commit suicide to 60 thousand people die from alcohol to 500 thousand, the drug - up to 30 thousand of murders - up to 50 thousand Drug use in the last 10 years has increased by 10 times. In 2009, Russia was the world's biggest consumer of heroin. Alcohol consumption is 2 times higher than the level at which people start genetic degeneration. "Reformers" have created all the conditions for the destruction of children.
 The bottom line:
 annually in Russia is of 1.7. 4 million abortions; 15-20% of Russian families are infertile; the number of infertile women is growing at 200-250 thousand over the past 10 years in Russia sterilized more than 60 thousand women; number of street children in Russia - from 2 to 4 million; the age at which children begin to smoke, falling to 11.5 years, take alcoholic drinks - up to 13 years, taking drugs - up to 14 years; for the last 3 years the number of enslaved people in Russia has increased by 6 times. Of these, 98% - women and children; in 2002 made about 40 thousand crimes against minors, in 2008 - 161.5 thousand; since 2000, sexual abuse of children and adolescents has increased by 3.6 times, porn pedophilia - to 8.30 times; over the past 10 years in Russia raped about 100 thousand children, killed more than 20 thousand, of which more than 4 thousand - in 2007 - 2008.; proportion of healthy children in infants - from 12% to 30%, in high school - 5.10%; among pupils of children with mental health disorders and has passed for 60%; mortality among young people over the last 10 years has increased by 40%; Only in the last 5 years have committed suicide 14 thousand children and adolescents; already recorded suicides of children aged 5 to 9 years; in Russia every year, thousands of children disappear. Some of them are kidnapped for murder and sell their organs. Also used for this adoption. Over the last 10 years of the country "to adopt" exported more than 60 thousand children. Each year, close around one thousand schools. In 2000-2006. incidence rates by major disease groups in Russia have grown at 18-56%. Since the 90's, the number of patients in mental hospitals has increased by almost a factor of 2 with syphilis - almost 40 times. The incidence of tuberculosis in the last 5 years has grown by 70%. Growth rates of AIDS in Russia - the highest in the world. Over the past 10 years, the number of HIV-infected people has increased 370 times and close to 1 million All this destroys the institution of family, kills people. In this regard, Mr. Putin, Mr. Medvedev and other "reformers" are absolute "champions": no power did not destroy his people so skillfully and so subtly.


In 2008 the share of oil, gas, electricity and metal exports was 83% (1970 - 35.2%). In 2000, exports of primary products to 82.4 billion dollars in 2006 - to 258 billion In 2000, imported equipment and machinery for 10.6 billion dollars in 2006 - by 63 billion In 2000, imported food for 7.4 billion dollars in 2007 - 30 billion Over the past 10 years in Russia depopulated more than 11 thousand villages. In 1992 he worked in Russia 804 thousand scientists, in 2006 - 398.9 thousand Russia left about 60% of mathematicians, 50% of physicists and biologists. According to surveys, only 56% of the economically active Russians would prefer their children to have Russian citizenship. In 1953, Russia on the intellectual potential of young people were on the 3rd place in the world, now - on the 40th. The tsarist Russia in 1900-1914 years. had 7.7% of the world's scientific discoveries. In the USSR, the proportion was 13.9%. In Russia, is 4.4%. Production of electronics per capita: U.S. - 1260 U.S., Japan - 1100, EU - 500, Russia - 14. The share of highly skilled workers in Russia fell to 3% (in the developed world - 40-50%). From 1999 to 2004, Russia doubled the export of oil. More than two-thirds of the oil is exported. The share of the domestic market decreased by 3.5 times. Labour productivity in the oil industry fell by 4 times, over-exploitation of deposits are depleted. In Russia, the price of gasoline is the same as in countries where there is no oil, electricity tariffs higher than in countries that import oil. Entire foreign debt huge USSR in 1985 was $ 30 billion. In September 2008, the external debt of the Russian Federation, including the debt of the private sector amounted to 527.1 billion Russia is among the top ten investors of the U.S. economy: investments in the Russian budget American "valuable" papers are now $ 120 billion. From 1991 to 2008, the net capital outflow from Russia amounted to no less than $ 2 trillion. dollars, of which 1.5 trillion. - Under Putin and Medvedev. The entire economy of the Russian Federation is not a more economy of the U.S. state of Texas. Results of "government", Mr. Putin sharply increased raw nature of the economy, has multiplied the country's dependence on imports of equipment and supplies, a number of innovative industries, such as machine tools and electronics industry, almost completely destroyed.


During the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, Russia's nuclear deterrence forces lost 505 charges. During the presidency of Vladimir Putin - 2742 charge. That happened under Putin precipitous decline of Russia's nuclear capacity - the basis of the military power of the country: the number of nuclear weapons has decreased by 42.7%, the carrier - by 34.7%. In parallel, there was degradation of missile and aircraft: for 2000-2007. made 27 missiles (3 times in less than 90 years) and 1 Tu-160 (7 times less than 90 years). Production of cruise missiles paralyzed. A third of military enterprises are loss-making, third on the brink of bankruptcy, a third - a relatively prosperous, the average age of employees - about 50 years. These facts conclusively prove that Mr Putin has destroyed the basis of the defense potential of Russia - nuclear deterrent, along with R & D and production. Being destroyed "in the background" of building a multi-level U.S. missile defense system and the increase of forces for a first strike against Russia unobtrusive precision cruise missiles. Currently, only the U.S. Navy is armed with at least one thousand of these missiles. Over the past 10 years, the Russian Navy was reduced by 60%. Russian air defense unable to even cover all the bases SRF. What turned Russia "reformers" led by Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev, eloquently show the following: after 18 years of "democracy" in Russia, a country with talented people and vast natural resources, takes 1st place among 207 countries of the world the absolute value of population decline; the number of abandoned children; the number of divorces and children born out of wedlock; the number of abortions and maternal mortality; Mortality from alcohol and cardiovascular disease; for heroin, alcohol and tobacco; on smoking among children and adolescents; of suicide among children and adolescents; for suicide among the elderly; crime; for willful killing 100 thousand people; the supply of slaves to the world market of the slave trade; 67th place in the world for life; 72-th place in state spending per person; 97th place in per capita income; 127th place in terms of health; 34th for life expectancy of men; 175th place in terms of the physical security of citizens; 82nd place in terms of mortality. These data clearly show a systematic, large-scale and consistently "democrats" destroy the Russian people and Russia. No one should expect from Putin, Medvedev, Anatoly Chubais, Serdyukov and other different behavior. The course at the destruction of the Russian people and Russia, these people will keep until the end.

Mr. Putin as a warning.

There is no doubt that Mr. Putin - "the greatest" traitor in history. In this capacity, Mr. Putin - warning and caution. Of course, today, of all the "prototype" "Antichrist" Mr. Putin - a figure number 1. Its elevation is something strange. As if some mysterious force in a few months it was swept flea midlevel bureaucrat at the top of the Russian authorities. Time has shown how accurate was this choice - when Mr Putin revealed in all its "glory", evidenced in the destruction of the Russian non-human "perfection", the incredible cynicism unimaginable betrayal. Today, it is a betrayal of Putin's most clearly shows that there is no such meanness, that I could not make a person do not have the depth of moral degradation, which might not go down people. But not yet beaten all records of meanness, not all the depths of moral degradation achieved. One of the "great achievements" have yet to - when there will be coveted for the West and its Russian "agents of influence" of the collapse of Russia. Today as "reformers" with treacherous generals lead Russia to "slaughter", so tomorrow "reformers" in conjunction with ordinary generals experiments fall treacherous country "under the ax." Russia will be dismembered and destroyed forever. Predictions about the upcoming death of Russia.

Predictions of the impending collapse of Russia for many. About the impending disaster and say friends and foes of Russia. In April 2004, the CIA released a report that predicted the collapse of Russia 2015 In the spring of 2008 at the Institute of Applied Mathematics at the conference on "Mathematical modeling of historical processes" was presented to the forecast, in which the collapse of Russia will occur in 2020 Through the publication in the media of the impending collapse of Russia is probably already in the hundreds. Anticipates future often in works of art: the coming death of Russia was already subject to two books - "Marauder" and "After Russia". On the collapse of Russia, when the country was called the Soviet Union, the West, since the formation of the Soviet Union in 1922, it took 69 years, The collapse of a truncated Russia under the name "Russian Federation" to the West, if we start counting from 1991, you will need 20-25 years By about 2014 Russian defense complex will finally lose its ability to mass-produce modern weapons. The FSB will come new leadership - after the current goes, "passing" the CIA all it will take American "friends and partners". Personnel replacement on more "democratic" to continue in the Army generals and the Interior Ministry. By about 2015. Russian generals will be fully prepared to ensure that the "surrender" of NATO and China. The consequences of the spiritual degradation of society and corruption of the state apparatus, it is already difficult, will be catastrophic. All this will allow the West and China to around 2017 to establish control over Russia and to dismember the country. It will happen sooner if the economic crisis in Russia would cause mass unemployment and widespread social protests - with the prospect of rapid collapse of the regime. In this case, the "reformers" use the crisis to accelerate occupation of Russia by NATO and China. Russia's nuclear deterrent force applied against the aggressors will not. A dilapidated Resistance Army Army NATO and China put down in a few weeks. With this course of events, the collapse of the country's place in the coming years.

The fate of the people of Russia after the collapse of the state. 

Destroy the Russian people and other peoples of the Russian invaders are three basic methods. The first - the same one that was going to be applied in Russia Hitler: The corruption of the people propaganda of immorality, the spread of homosexuality, abortion, sterilization of women. Such a policy in Russia for 18 years spend "democrats" and "success" are obvious: terrible fall of morality, a monstrous number of abortions, suicide, dying people. After the collapse of Russia, this policy will continue occupying a larger scale and in more severe forms. The second method - the use of scenarios used by NATO in Kosovo. "Democrats" are already trained: colonize the country, millions of migrants and violently suppress protests against the Russian people insolent behavior "guests" and local "minority." The third method - hunger, cold, and the mutual destruction of people in the struggle for existence. Sooner or later, after the occupation of the entire Russian oil and gas production will be working in the West and China. The economy of the occupied territories is half destroyed. Most people turn to the occupants in the absolute burden. Providing the "natives" will be "at a minimum." What happens to the former Russian territories, will be similar to the Civil War. In the struggle for survival, many people will stop at nothing. The occupation authorities will not interfere with any of barbarism - "faster than these Russian kill each other, the better." From the "security forces" will remain only the police for "ration" of the occupiers seek their own people. Entire police units will consist of workers and the local "minority" who dutifully obeyed the order to destroy the Russian people in any quantity. Set of migrants and "minorities" in the law enforcement agencies "Russian Regions" has been going on for several years. General demoralization of the Russian people realize the enormity and irreversible catastrophe befell Russia, will serve as a rapid reduction of the Russian population is also due to suicide, which will be massive. West's plans to reduce the population of the former Russian occupation of the country after the 20-30 million people, it is sufficient to ensure the "free world" raw materials, will be implemented in full. "Reformers" year after year, step by step, failing Russia to the crash. Time before the crash - 5-7 years. During exacerbation of the economic crisis - 1-2 years.

The fate of traitors after the collapse of Russia. 

Mr. Putin after the collapse of Russia will "prosper" in the West in some cozy castle. Attitude to him by the "owners" will not be easy: something like a mixture of contempt with astonished gratitude squeamish. But Mr. Putin would not prevent "enjoy life" to "honestly earned money" and proudly wear the "laurels", "genius liquidators" most formidable "enemy of Western civilization" - Russia. Russian "reformers" and their supporters will be disgusting even for their "masters". In the former Russian corrupt officials all "extraction" confiscated, some of them will be sent to prison, some destroyed. Most will be eliminated former FSB generals, the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior. Russia's "kings" of oil, steel, aluminum, timber, fish, etc. will be unceremoniously relieved of "states": one went to jail, others liquidated or returned to Russia to die. This is not a programmer, not a scientist but useless thieves and "drones" absolutely unnecessary West. Part of the former Russian "elite" - "the head" with Putin and Chubais, winners remain as "living exhibits", symbolizing the victory of the West over its most formidable and finally defeated geopolitical enemy. In particular, the role of a particularly colorful "exhibits" will perform "Patriarch of All Russia" and "bishops".

Who opposes Russia's enemies? 

In Russia, 18 are operating a highly organized criminal gang of political "agents of influence" of the West - "reformers." Their goal - to collapse and dismemberment of Russia as a way to avoid paying for their crimes and save their life and "capital." In their hands - the highest state authority, huge financial resources, all major media. They are subject to the Armed Forces, the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry, led by generals who betrayed his people and his country. The obedient prosecutors, judges, investigators, SWAT and Special Forces. They support the millions of corrupt officials in the capital and regions. They are supported by "oligarchs" and the rest of "criminal bourgeoisie". Serve them, "Patriarch of Russia" with "the bishops." Political "opposition" part of "tipped", was part of the sale. "Democracy", which as a form of government itself is the biggest fraud in Russia has become a huge deception and Incredibly arrogant. Russian people for the most part driven into basic survival mode. "Reformers" make full use of this disposition, and under cover of a complex, constantly updated set of camouflage stock, interacting with the powerful "Western elites" destroying people, destroyed the army, undermining the economy, Russia is prepared to collapse and death. Who opposes Russia's enemies? Around a hundred people who are striving to protect Russia committed "illegal acts." Several hundred journalists, retired military, politicians, economists, and the clergy who as they can, to the best of my understanding, fighting for Russia on the ideological front, for the most part - on the Internet. Their capabilities are incomparable with the resources of the media controlled by the authorities. This is roughly the same as the company against the poorly armed excellently equipped divisions. For those who is fighting for Russia, there would not be one chance in a thousand of success. In Russia there would be absolutely no chance of maintaining itself as a state. Russia would have been doomed to inevitable destruction. If not for the Russian spirit! Time traitors.

Edward Samoilov          fountainhead