Where to start classes in bodybuilding

Was noticed that the muscles respond better to training with weights, if the newcomer is already a kind of "base." Was empirically derived standard for this "base":
12-15 times to catch up on the bar,
40-50 times to be wrung from the floor or
20-25 times on the uneven bars.
If you are not able to "overcome" this standard, the approach to the "hardware" and should be a bit early to work out with the weight of his body.
In order to quickly reach the level of the desired results, a special set was compiled. It includes two programs successively alternating within a few days. A day of rest is done depending on how you feel, it is possible having been occupied and two and five days. Then - a maximum of one day of rest and a new circle.
Program A
1. Push-ups on the high bench medium grip.
2. Push-ups mean grip.
3. Push-ups mean grip, feet on a high pedestal.
4. Push-ups wide grip, feet on a high pedestal.
5. Dips.
6. Tray straight legs to the horizontal bar.
Program B
1. Wide grip pull-ups for your head.
2. Wide grip pull-ups to chest.
3. Close grip pull-ups to medium-sized breasts.
4. Narrow reverse grip pull-ups.
5. Parallel grip pull-ups to touch the crossbar feeding.
6. Tray straight legs to the horizontal bar.
In each exercise you perform for 2-3 sets in Exercise 7 - 4-5. The number of repetitions - the maximum. But we must strive to from workout to workout to deliver at least one more repetition (pull-ups allowed in the work "with").
If there is a beginner overweight, the "preparation for iron" should come in two phases: first from this very excess weight ought to get rid of, and then perform the above complexes. Recommendations for sgonke weights were unpretentious - jogging every morning on an empty stomach at least 2-3 km, followed by work on the abdominal muscles, 1000 repetitions, the exclusion of food flour, fat and sweet, sauna once a week ...
Serious training traditionally start in September, so you should calculate the forces on the "training" so that as early as the middle of August to be "normal." Someone left this month, someone - three ...
Athletes with many years of training are often diverted for such programs during the period of active rest. It was believed that the push-ups and pull-ups are very useful to strengthen the ligaments and tendons. In addition, existed a strong belief that through such exercises in his early years can be substantially "expand" the backbone of the shoulders and chest, as well as fix the ugly shape of individual muscles. In any case, the return is still not proven ...