Folk omens on the Moon and the Sun

Signs on the moon.
On the fifth day after new moon, is almost always a strong wind.
Snow falls on the new moon - soon melted.
If the month is three days obglyaditsya (ie, seem to clear skies), so the damage to be a bucket, and when three days of rain, the whole month of rainy.
If the fourth day of the birth month, it is clear that the whole month is clear: if rainy, then the whole month of rainy.
If the winter moon is paler than usual, and noticed her colorful stripes, expect a strong storm with a snowstorm.
If the young ice fanned by the wind - the entire month will be windy.
If the young ice washed with rain - the entire month of rainy.
If on the sixth day of the month the new moon will appear red - the red, will be a breeze.
If the change of the moon (the moon being born) is in the morning - will be warm weather, and if the evening - a cold.
What is the weather at the birth of the moon, this will stand for the entire first half of the month, the weather at the full moon, this will stand for the second half.
When the new moon is on the horn, then called "tekun and portends rain.
When the month horns up, but the bottom is steep, the upper flat, then the first half of the month will be windy in the summer and winter - cold, if the upper horn is steep, the bottom sediments, the same sign refers to the second half of the month.
Month for hooves - to cold on the back - to heat, rain or snow.
Mlad month long house is not sitting.
New moon gentle - entire month rain.
After the birth of the moon seven days a change of weather.
Clear krutorogaya moon in the summer - to a bucket in the winter - a cold.
Around the moon, there are two faint reddish ring - before the strong, frost.
If a ring around the moon - the weather will be cold and harsh.
If two circles around the moon or more, or just one, but vague and unclear, it will be cold.
If the circle around the moon at first large and then gradually decreases, the rain or wind will surely, if the circle expands and then disappears, then wait for good weather.
If the circle is formed close to the moon - on another day of rain, if far away - in one, two, three days in the winter will be a blizzard.
If the moon in a large blue circle, there will be a strong wind, but if the moon is bordered by a small red circle, it will be cold.
If a ring around the moon appears and disappears instantly, even before the weather got worse in the morning.
Ring around the moon - to the wind, the moon in a circle of reddish - also to the wind, the pale - the rain, to bad weather.
Red circle around the moon, will soon disappear - to a bucket, two terms or one slight - to frost.
The moon is surrounded with, or "ears" - to frost.
Month in the blue - to the rain.
A Month in the dim haze - a lingering bad weather.
Garden about a month - to the variable weather.
Rainbow circle around the moon - to the winds and bad weather.
Bright circle around the moon in clear weather portends rain.
Fog circle about a month (winter) - to the snowstorm.
During the full moon, bright and clean a month - good weather, dark and white - the rain.
If, during the full moon will circle around the moon, will be foul weather to the end of the month.
During the three days before the full moon - weather changes.
Timber slash at the full moon, carved on the wane - decays.
If the moon gets dark, approaching the horizon, expect rain.
If a month seems high, reddish - will be rain, fog - the weather will deteriorate, very white and brilliant - it will be cold. Greenish month - rain.
The moon turned red - wait for the wind-urchin.
Before the rain the moon is unclear or pale before the bucket - is clean and bright.
With the new moon, and when it is replaced by the outcome of weather: wet - dry and warm - a frosty, cloudy - clear.
If you are new moon, rain or snow on the wane - the same as in the rest of the time - rain random and rare with the full moon.
Dark month, bad weather in the new moon - at the end of the month rain will be in buckets.
If the moon hangs in the sky down horns and back up (last quarter), then long to be overcast and rainy.
What is the weather on the wane of the moon, this will be throughout the quarter.
At the transition (the end of last quarter and the beginning of a new one) for the most part is bad weather.
On damage are usually rains.
Before the damage of the moon in three days - a change of weather.
Last Quarter Moon - rotten.

Signs of the sun
Spring sun revives the earth.
On a cloudy day, if at times the sun bakes the evening it will rain.
If the solstice sun will glance into the woods, the trees osyplet frost, the river goes - skuet water for three yards.
If the circle is very close to the sun - bad weather will not.
If some of the sun "ears" in the winter - it will be cold in summer - too hot.
If the sun rays are beams down in the summer - the rain.
If at sunrise or sunset are the pillars around him, it would be terrible heat in summer and winter - a hard frost.
If there will be three in the winter sun - will be cold.
If the sun rises in the mist - the day will be quiet and stuffy.
If under clear skies at midday or afternoon sun will be around a ring of small clouds resembling a rainbow, - the next day it will rain or if the phenomenon occurs in the winter - snow.
If, after the rain the sun shines brightly, bake, then up again tomorrow it starts to rain.
If the sun is very quiet and bake, will be a thunderstorm.
If the summer morning sun was roasting, then the evening rain.
After the solstice at least for the chicken step, but will arrive the day.
Sun behind cloud sits - the rain.
Ask a wolf: when the strongest cold? Say: the solstice.

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