Russian folk omens


Cat Licks - to bad weather.

On Friday, rain - on a Sunday is clear.

If the marigold flower does not open until seven o'clock in the morning - will be a storm.

The wind that blows on Palm Sunday, will prevail throughout the summer.

At noon, the sun's rays darken - expect a storm.

Tot who cuts your hair or nails in calm weather, naklichet storm.

Green ash before oak - will pour in buckets. Green oak before ash - will splash as of watering.

Big rain bubbles - to bad weather and puschemu rain.

Tall and round rainbow - to a bucket, flat and low - to bad weather.

Thunder in the winter - to strong winds.

Evening dew - to a bucket.

If a clear day you pick pansies, soon it starts to rain.

Hang clothes and starts to rain, tears.


If the nails do not open until seven o'clock in the morning, it will rain or thunderstorm.

Frog jumping along the shore - to the rain.

Hen put under a chicken - to bad weather.

If the chimney falls the soot, the weather deteriorates.

The smoke column - to frost or to the bucket.

If the days are dry, then put up the yard empty jug - that God gave the rain.

If the first days of April winds - in June would be heavy rains.

Fluffy inei - to a bucket.

Chicken on one leg standing - to the cold.

The mist is falling (not rising) - the bucket, up - to bad weather.

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Russian folk omens with animals

Have a primary set to take the animals. Our ancestors kept livestock, bred birds, and therefore came up with their own beliefs on the topic of concern to them. However, signs are connected not only with pets, but also with the wild. Many claim to believability of these superstitions, though they often rely on modern man is difficult, yet he did not "verify" their own experience. Here are the most interesting of the signs that may be useful in life, especially the inhabitants of villages and towns.In a warm place for a cat sleeps on the stove - will be cold.oshka the road makes a bad horses.Wolf run across the road is happiness.Squirrel run across the road - trouble in the house.Shouting over the house crows in distress.Raven croaks on the roof - will die.Hitters in the window of a bird for good lime.Black cat, a rooster or a dog will save the house from thieves.See a fox - a bad old news.I heard the cuckoo - shake it loose cash to riches.Cat wash face with his paw - beckoning visitors.Donated without compensation or cat dies or runs away.Swallows are low - it will rain.Chicken screams like a rooster - is calling trouble.Tuft of wool with the dog's neck to tie it to the house.Eat up gryzennoe mouse means to strengthen the teeth.Do not eat the eggs of a brood hen - there will be chickens.Flown into the room dove is a wedding.Swallow, svivshaya nest under the roof of the house, feels good hostess.Place a stork's nest is very happy.Pigeons in a house fire cherish.The cattle lay in the yard - to dry clear weather.If a sick animal wags his head - dead, and if looking at his feet - cured.The patient will die if a black cow looks at his house.You can not talk about cow milk yields, not to jinx it.If the village has grown rabbits, livestock, there will be famine.If a cow starts badly milked, it is sold for a penny to one of the happy family members, and milk yields resumed.Cat, living in love - saves home from disaster.The cat is constantly lying bedside hastens death.If a cat scratch trees or pulls carpets, it will be windy.Lying on the table the cat is death in the family.The house has a new owner to poke his nose in a cat flap kiln.Just born kittens can not be called mice and the cat will suffocate them.Multicolored cat protects the house from fire.Cat catch a mouse you can not stop playing with the extraction, otherwise it will cease to hunt.In the new house first cat sleeps.Bathed in snow or sand divination turkeys or rainy weather or winter thaw.Roosters singing the wrong time - expect new guidance.Stone with a hole hung in the hen house will save chickens.If the hens fell asleep early - it starts to rain.A bat flew into the house, she feels the evil forces.Bat, having made three laps around the house, brought certain death.Forty jumps on the roof of the house where the sick man to his recovery.Take my hat off and bow magpie, save yourself the trouble.Shouted the chickens to roost sense of family quarrel.A pair of blackbirds on the porch or window warning of death.Rooster, it is important nursed in the yard, promises to visit the stranger.Nest on the roof of the house promises a rich life and happiness.Wasted in the church of birds during the service is good luck to parishioners.The man who ravaged nest swallows appear on the face of freckles.Owl Creek near the house promises the birth of a child.Cock crow at midnight signifies the appearance of the angel of death.If the first time in a year cuckoo cuckoo behind, death is near.Eagle overhead is victory and success.Whether to follow those beliefs, whether to believe in superstitions - it's everyone. But knowing such superstitions can also "flash" of knowledge and originality in any company, as well as in similar situations.