Ivan Poddubny

Ivan Poddubny - Biography
Under the same name entered the history of world sport athlete and a Russian wrestler Ivan Maximovich Poddubny. This hero was born October 9 (26 September) in 1871 to a peasant family tillers in Ukraine, Poltava province, in the village Krasenivke (now Cherkassy region).. There he lived for 21 years. Ivan - the eldest son, grew up with him three brothers and three sisters. The whole race Poddubny had good health and great physical strength. Father Maxim Ivanovich growth was heroic and herculean strength possessed. And Vanya's father went into the whole: in 15 years was not afraid to grapple with him in the fight for sash.In 1922, Ivan got a job as a loader in the Sevastopol port, and two years later (in 1895) moved to Theodosia, where a worker in the firm "Livas". At this time, begins to get involved in physical activity: engaged with dumbbells, kettlebells, the morning after charging runs. In 1896, the circus came to town Beskorovainaya. Every evening, Ivan came to the circus and carefully looked at the performances of athletes who broke the horseshoe bent the thick metal bars, lifting weights, and a huge ball rod. As always, the end of the speech, suggested that an athlete wishing to repeat a stunt for money. Poddubny walked into the arena and tried to repeat some tricks. But was unsuccessful. But in Wrestling defeated all fighters except for the giant Peter Jankowski. Poddubniy offered a job in the circus a few months as an athlete. That's where he got carried away and the circus. In 1897 he went to Sevastopol, where at this time was the Circus Truzzi. Poddubniy take the troupe of fighters, led by George Lurih. Soon Poddubny defeated all members of the troupe. For some time struggled with belts in the Circus Nikitin. Since 1903, specializes in French (classical) control and from that moment is unparalleled. Wins in all major championships.On Thin Observation doctor E.Garnich-Garnitskogo, who along with Kuprin created in Kiev club athletes, where at one time trained future "Champion of Champions", "Poddubny was able to develop in the right moment, energy, like an explosion, and not to lose" Courage "the most difficult and dangerous moments fight ..." He was a smart fighter, and it lived rage of Achilles. In this Poddubny was artistic and able to please the public. By 1903, he was already an experienced fighter on the belts, known Odessa and Kiev, Tbilisi, Kazan ...In 1903 he received an invitation from the chairman of the St. Petersburg Society of athletic Count George Ivanovitch Ribopera. Poddubny was unbeatable in the lap counter, and French only mastered. He was given a coach Eyzhena de Paris and was taken to prepare for three months. Training days were very intense. And so, together with his coach, Poddubnyi going to Paris. Championship was held in Casino de Paris. In Poddubniy was already eleven victories. The next meeting should take place with the champion in Paris and a favorite Raul le-Boucher, a very strong young twenty-year wrestler. Poddubniy was at this time thirty-five years. Started a fight, Poddubnyi felt that he could win another victory, but a strange thing. Rival in ten minutes was hard to sweat, and so slipped out of all seizures. It turned out that Raul before battle smeared olive oil, which prohibited competition regulations. Poddubny stopped the fight and the judges had filed a protest.Was taken a strange decision - Raul wipe with a towel every five minutes. Raul continue to perspire, although it regularly wiped with a towel. And now a judge, a skillful escape from grabs, awarded victory to Raoul le-Boucher. Poddubny decided to take revenge. In the meantime, he takes part in the Moscow tournament, where wins over all participants, including over the Shemyakin, Lurihom, Jankowski, and gets the first prize. Then the fighting in the provinces, where his performances brought circuses notices. In 1904 he took part in a competition of athletes, where without special training up at the biceps barbell weighing 120 lbs! In the same year in the circus Chinizelli an international championship in the French struggle. Came outstanding fighters, including world champion Paul Pons, Nicolas Petrov and Raoul le-Boucher.Championship lasted a month. All the Petersburg nobility filled the lodge and first rows in the circus. Poddubny went undefeated. And now, a fight with Raul. At this time Poddubny so exhausted enemy that Raul admitted defeat. Poddubny won first prize and a cash prize of 55,000 rubles.Poddubny continued to train. Comply with a strict regime. Every day, doing morning exercises, poured cold water on, involved with the weights. Ordered a metal cane for celebrations, which went for a walk every day. Do not drink or smoke. In 1905 he went to Paris for a major international tournament with the strongest fighters in almost all countries.The latest clash took place with the world champion Dane carried by Pedersen ("Iron Nese") who was considered the strongest man. Poddubny won and over Dane and was awarded 10,000 francs and the title of world champion. Poddubny receives an invitation to tour in different countries.Traveling to Nice, and receives the first prize, then struggling without a defeat in Italy, then travels to Algeria and Tunisia. After that bout in Germany, everywhere won first place. Traveling to St. Petersburg to the circus "Chinizelli" Where is the World Championship.Poddubny his wins. Goes to Paris for the World Championships, and won the championship and again was awarded the title of world champion. In the same year in Milan wins in the third world title. In 1907, in Vienna, winning the world title for the fourth time. The press started calling him "Champion of Champions." Continues to tour around many parts of Europe, and everywhere does not know defeat. In 1908 Poddubny with Ivan Zaikin and Gregory Kashcheev travels to Paris for the World Championships, where he again wins. Zaikin took second place, Kashcheev - the fourth (bonus), Poddubnyi the fifth time became the world champion. In 1909, the sixth time gets the world title in Frankfurt. I should say that Poddubny never compromised. Even for the big money would not agree to act on a pre-planned scenario, which is often practiced in circuses.There are understandable explanation for why the wrestlers "zhulyat" and fight for the conspiracy. First: the way a fighter is not long enough. Second: every tournament organizer, he yearns to become a "world champion" and invites tractable. By the way, these "tournaments-chic" in those years brought to humanity almost fifteen hundred "world champions". Surely it was difficult to resist this world-wide shed!Saying Ivan Zaikin - the famous "Volga hero", and subsequently no less famous balloonist and aviator: "Keep your sports honor, not to go on the orders of the organizer of the championship at a certain minute, could only outstanding athletes, such as Ivan Poddubny, Ivan Shemyakin, Nicholas Vahturov ... "In 1910 Poddubny bye to the scene and returned to Krasenivku. He dreamed of his home, like family happiness. And then - to the forty-something years - it's time. In the vicinity of his native Krasenivki and neighboring Bogoduhovki he got a 120-th tithes black soil (more than 131 ha), married, favored relatives allotments, built in Bogoduhovke estate on the area of ​​13 acres, has got two excellent mill, trendy stroller ...He was not a literate man who wrote with difficulty, punctuation marks, except for points, Ivan Maximovich neglected. He was not and sensitive man who could "lordly" file - is not equal to yourself - to shake two fingers. Spinning in spheres, "it was easier to put on the blades of a dozen grenadier officers than to learn to use a knife and fork ... But we know people who are well educated, but the notion of their professional pride (artistic, political or scientific) are the most arbitrary, spending Life in the genre of "chic". Really the only reason for Poddubnaya want, and remember to think.It is difficult to say why, but for some reason do not wish that it came from a landowner bad: a couple of years Poddubny ruined. One of his mill burned with evil younger brother, the second as the estate he has sold to repay the debt to its competitors, the owners of the nearby mill, a kind of Rabinovitch and Zarchi. In 1913 wrestling mat again already springy beneath his feet.
He is the second time has entered into the same river. And the stream became more turbid. About Poddubnaya again spoke with admiration ... He stayed until the last of his principle of "let put, if you will."In 1919, in Zhitomir Poddubniy circus almost shot drunken anarchists. He fled, throwing things, wandered out of money. A little later in the Kerch shot him drunk officer scratched his shoulder. In Berdyansk in the same 19-m, he had a nasty little encounter with Makhno ... During the Civil Poddubny not joined to any of the parties is not taken up arms, he fought in circuses. And indeed, during a drunken mincing place of the hero, can and should be in the shed, the absolute symbol of what is happening around them. In 1920 he visited the dungeons of the Odessa Cheka, where every shot, suspected of anti-Semitism. Fortunately, in the face Poddubniy remembered, understood, were released. And that news is a small country: wife found Ivan Maximovich replacement. Also picked up medals. "Oh, you, Nina, a beauty .." He stopped eating and talking, and then find out someone else ... Soon she was writing a repentant: "On my knees will go all the way to you, Vanya," ... But where there is cut!Soviet power in the face Lunacharskogo supported circus, considering the arena a good place for revolutionary agitation. Since 1922 Poddubny worked in the Moscow State Circus, then in Petrograd. One was on tour in the Rostov-on-Don and there became acquainted with Mary Semyonovna ... younger Ivan Maximovich, prevail upon, were married. With the means - to which he was not used - it was tight. The NEP had taken him to cities and villages, he brought in Germany, where he defeated all rivals, most of whom were younger than him. In 1925 he went to North America. Exploring freestyle wrestling, which authorized the seizure feet, steps and techniques, held his feet. A month later Poddubny was ready to fight on the mat with the American fighters. The first bout took place in New York. Poddubny made a splash in America, toured the country, was even proclaimed "champion of America." Persuaded him to stay. However, "persuaded" - not a verb made: in the course were serious threats, blackmail, non-payment of money. At the farewell banquet was attended by over a thousand people ... then returns home and continues to perform at the arena until 1941.Here are some characteristics of the famous Ivan Poddubny gives the album a "fighter" (1917) Ivan Vladimirovich Lebedev (Uncle Vanya): Ivan Poddubny. "Anyone who ... and so broke the world's best fighters, without compunction and without the slightest hesitation. Sealion was that natural hurricane. Of all the laws of life knew one:" homo homini lupus est ", and firmly follow its dictates. in a push - out of competition. If, happened, the enemy is particularly desperate co-protivlyaetsya - Poddubny necessarily on his foot in the pit come. was terrible not only for Russian, but also for all foreign fighters: Do not give up, so broken. Now we have a mill and the estate in his native province of Poltava and fights in the halo of the last great glory. From his family for 45 years. "In the spring of 1927, Ivan Maximovich finally returned to his homeland. Like Odysseus, he overcame tempered his trials and temptations. In 1927, on the way from New York, his ship stopped at Hamburg, who appreciated the true class of the wrestler, has filled it with flowers. And now - Leningrad. Imperial city met him, as at all times, the capital of empires meet their heroes. But most importantly - on the dock was MarĂ­a Semyonovna. In his honor have been arranged sports.In Eyske Poddubny bought a large two-story house with a garden. But the wrestling mat Ivan Maximovich not thought to leave, toured to 1941, to seventy. In November 1939, at the Kremlin for his truly outstanding achievements in the development of Soviet sport was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and the title of Honored Artist of Russia. In Europe already at war, started a worldwide "drill." Powerful muscles Poddubniy and his successors, among whom were the army commander, represented the Soviet power. Ivan Maximovich served as the prototype hero of the film "The Wrestler and the Clown" (1957).During the German occupation of seventy Ivan Maximovich to feed the family, was forced to serve as a marker in the city billiards. After the liberation of Yeisk in 1943 - once again touring. In December 1945, when the 60-anniversary of the Athletic Society, Poddubnaya was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports. He was active and was in correspondence, did the treatment, signed thus: "Russian hero Ivan Poddubny. In 1947 he performed with the program "50 years in the circus ring" ... Then I had a broken leg and the death of a heart attack.Ivan Maximovich Poddubny died Aug. 8, 1949. At home Poddubniy installed a marble bust of "Champion of Champions." On a monument engraved with golden letters: "This Russian man lies." Since 1962, the annual international competition in the classic struggle for a prize named after IM Poddubniy. Active surge of interest in "Champion of Champions" came third of a century ago, when celebrated its 100 anniversary. In books about Poddubnaya that time we find a lot of white spots, especially during the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. Noticed some reticence on his life as a Krasenivke, where he followed his mother's death has not called in, and in Yeisk. Some legends and anecdotes about Poddubnaya then were so classified - as a legend. But other stories have received a second life, they contain a touch of social and political attitudes of their eras. Indicative of a legend dating back to the German occupation. As if walking on Poddubny Yeisk with the Order show, and the Germans, who tried to disrupt the order, hit. Now, suddenly, other "remembered". Flickered, as if under the Germans, he kept his billiard room. More must be said that in the literature about Poddubnaya there is confusion with the dates, starting literally from the year of his birth. In some encyclopedias listed 1870, the date still stands under the sculptural portrait in Poddubniy Krasenivke. "Discord" in the dates does not arise again in the future.After 55 years after the death of a great fighter, when changed in the lives of many, became a tangible social need in a serious and profound book about Ivan Poddubny.There is a person to experience life where people are returning from generation to generation, as if confirming: without them the future of the people would not be complete. Such a person is, undoubtedly, and a nugget of Krasenivki Ivan Maximovich Poddubny.