Pickle with meat and mushrooms in Russian

What is rossolnik was due to no use to anyone. This soup is among the five most popular and frequently is prepared in our families. Every housewife has her recipes for soup, but the technology remains the same. With regard to Russian cuisine, the rassolnik quite a long time existed in Russia under other names. In rassolnik necessarily include pickles and cucumber pickle (hence the name), and its concentration varies - from 1 - 2 cups for filling up half the liquid foundation on which it is cooked. There are enthusiasts who prepare meals, even on the same brine. Generally rassolnik should be attributed to a rather sharp and thick soups. More popular among housewives and cooks use rassolnik with beef kidneys, chicken, offal, fish, mushrooms ...As they say, live and learn. After reading the recent book on Russian cuisine learned that before applying these soups are made to add the raw yolks mashed with sour cream or cream - the result surpassed all expectations. The soup turned out just great. And if you have and submitting it with the fragrant pies - uh-uh, grateful faces of your household, all speak for themselves.Ingredients:
300 g of beef on the bone300 grams of pork on the boneceps 2-3 pc.carrot 1 pc.onion 1 pc.4.3 pickles1 / 2 cup pearl barley2-3 potatoes1 cup cucumber brine1 egg yolk1 / 2 cup sour cream2.1 bay leaf8.5 peppercornssaltgreensabout 3 liters of water
Chop meat or put in a pan one piece, wash thoroughly, cover with water. Put on stove and bring to a boil.When the water boils, reduce heat, remove the foam, put the carrot, onion, spices, and cook until cooked meat. While the broth is cooked, rinse barley in several waters, and fill it with water, let stand. Then boil the barley until tender.Cut mushrooms and fry in vegetable oil.Pickled cucumbers cut into sticks, prepare a glass of brine. Put the broth mushrooms, pickled cucumbers. Add barley to soup. Potatoes, spices and cook another 15 minutes. Pouring cucumber pickle. Separate the yolk from white and mix with sour cream and mix gently. Pour pounded with egg yolk cream into the soup. The soup should add salt and boil. When serving sprinkle the soup with dill.