Russian salad

Salad with fresh tomatoes
 Prepared tomatoes and onions chopped, put in salad bowl, add sour cream, sprinkle with dill.200 g tomatoes, 50 gr dill, salt and pepper to taste
Salad with fresh tomatoes and apples

 Green salad to sort and wash, chop, add a slide in salad bowl or a vase, cut circles around the pack tomatoes and apples. Before serving, pour salad dressing and sprinkle with dill.150 g tomatoes, 100 g apples, 50 g lettuce, 50 g 50 g sour cream or salad dressing, 10 g dill, salt and pepper.
Salad with fresh tomatoes and apples c lettuce

 Wash tomatoes, dry and cut into slices in the form of garlic. Wash apples, remove them from the seed box, remove the peel, cut into wedges takzhde. Lettuce in the salad bowl to put on them - prepared tomatoes and apples. When serving sprinkle with sour cream or salad dressing (see Sauces), sprinkle with dill.1 tomato, 1 apple, 30 g of lettuce, 2 g of dill, 1 tbsp. Spoon estimates Ny or 2 tablespoons salad dressing, salt and pepper to taste.
Salad of fresh tomatoes with cucumbers

 Tomatoes, cucumbers and peeled onion cut into thin circles. Green onion slices poshinkovat in 1 - 1.5 cm before serving in the salad bowl or vase to pour cream or sauce (see sauce) and sprinkle with dill. For decorating dishes, you can use green leaf lettuce.100 g cucumbers 100 g tomatoes, 25 g onion, 100 grams of lettuce, salt and pepper to taste.
Salad with fresh cucumbers with sour cream

 Wash cucumbers, if necessary - to cut off the peel, cut into slices, pour the cream and put in the arena, chopped egg, salt, and sprinkle with dill.200 g cucumber, 1 egg, 50 g sour cream, 5 g of dill, and spices to taste.
Salad with fresh cucumbers and plantain in Russian

 Rinse young plantain leaves, mixed with slices of fresh cucumber, add finely chopped green onions or, boiled egg, salt and pepper to taste, pour salad dressing, apply to the salad bowl or bowls.300 g of fresh cucumbers, 10 plantain leaves, 1 onion, I egg, I st. chopped dill, salt, pepper, sugar to taste, 2 tbsp. tablespoons dressing.
Cucumbers with honey

 Cut the cucumber slices and nicely put in a bowl, put the honey. If large cucumbers - they must be cleaned.100 g cucumber, 20 g honey
Salad of pickled cucumbers and onions

Wash cucumbers, cut into slices, onion or green finely poshinkovat, sprinkle them cucumbers. pour vegetable oil.200 g pickled cucumbers, 30 g onion. 10 g butter.
Salad of green onions

Peeled and washed onions cut into slices 1,5 - 2 cm, sprinkle with salt and pour cream or sauce. Cover with sliced ​​boiled egg slices.200 g onions, I egg, 100 grams of sour cream.
Radishes in sour cream

Red radish wash, clean up, but do not remove the skin (purified by a white radish), again rinsed, chopped into thin slices and season with fresh cream and salt. Fold in the salad bowl slide, sprinkle with finely chopped dill. Decorate with leaves of lettuce and egg.75 g of radish, 25 g sour cream, 1 egg (optional), 10 g of salad greens, 2 g of dill, salt to taste.
A salad of radish

 Red radish washed, cleaned of the green and white - from skin, cut into thin slices, chop the onion and sour cream or dressing. Cut the eggs, put on top of the salad, sprinkle with dill.200 g of radish, 1 egg, 100 grams of sour cream. 10 g dill, salt and pepper to taste.