Signs of the funeral.

The man saw the funeral - in his life that soon will change.
Cross the street funeral procession - a bad omen, bad omen.
To the dead are not "spotted" his company to the light, open your eyes closed and put on lids copper coins.
The death of a man caught up in the moment of sunset - soon someone else will die.
If in the house, yard, family, two people died, followed by the death of the third.
A sign directs almost immediately after the death of a man bound to put on the window sill glass of water - that the soul had the opportunity to bathe, clean. For these purposes a glass of water should remain in place for six weeks. In addition, at the corner of the house should hang the towel, too, for the soul - to wipe.
After removal of the coffin from the house should be obligatory to wash the floor with cold water (good to take it from the well or the key). Vengeance is prohibited: so you can "sweep" of living family members. In the same preventive purposes is not recommended until the burial take out the garbage.
According to accept into the hands of the corpse to put a handkerchief: he was named to the Day of Judgement will be wiping the sweat.
To the deceased drowned in tears in the other world, is not recommended to shed about him too many tears in it.
Endure the coffin feet forward and try not to offend cannot - that the dead are not "hooked up" with him to the light of someone else from their home.
A sign says that a man who spent his last journey forty dead, goodbye three of the most grievous sins committed by them.
If a man returned home from a funeral, he needed a little over a fire to warm their hands. It is believed that it would interfere with sepulchral cold to penetrate the housing.
Commemorate the dead on the third, 9 th and 40 th day after death.
According to Church teaching period of 40 days is of great importance: the soul is preparing to take God's blessing and start a new life. Two days after the death of the soul can fly to places with which humans have been linked pleasant memories. In this journey it was escorted by two angels. However, most of it is acquired near the grave or near the house. But on the third day, she gets the opportunity to ascend into heaven, and that is why Christians are burying people that day. After the ascension of the soul, bowing to God, for six days, watches paradise, the abode of the saints. Sinners such contemplation brings little pleasure, because their souls mourn and blame themselves in an unjust life. On the 9 th day of the soul goes back to bow to the Lord and the land it once again commemorated. Then, during the whole month of soul is in hell, watching, as there are tormented sinners. On 40 th day of the soul of the deceased goes to the third bow, and God decides to further her own destiny. People close to the deceased and celebrate sorokoviny, according to tradition, participate in the memorial service. Total funeral service in the near future after the death being conducted four times: before the burial, in third, 9 th and 40 th days.
To the soul of the deceased did not have to suffer in heaven in need of something, his family sure that the funeral no one is left hungry.
Had a dead man - tomorrow should be ordered in the funeral service, and to remember the needy person or donate money or a treat - to mention the soul.