Ctuden and jelly

Jellied BeefBeef rinse, cover with cold water (for 1 kg of meat 1.5 liters of water), bring to a boil, constantly removing the foam and fat, for 30 minutes before end of cooking to put vegetables, continuing to cook until done. Prepared meat cut into cubes, pour strained broth, put the soaked gelatine in cold water and all the boil to dissolve gelatin (for 1 kg of liquid should be 30 g gelatin). Put salt, pepper, bay leaf, let it brew. Served with horseradish and vinegar (see Sauces).500 g beef, 30 g gelatin in 1 liter of liquid, 600 g of water (for cooking meat), 50 g roots, carrots, parsley, celery, 20 g onion, bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste. You can put 10 grams of garlic.

Jellied PoultryCooked from the turkey, goose, chickens and chickens. Clean the bird, wash, separate suitable for jelly part. Processed feet, head and neck deliver brew. When boiling remove the foam, put the pieces of poultry, while continuing to cook and keep removing the scum and fat. Put onions, carrots, parsley, bring to perfection. Broth. Meat separated from bone, chop, combine with the broth, put to boil, put a bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste. Put the soaked gelatine in cold water, crushed garlic. Jelly pour into molds or bowls. Serve with horseradish sauce.400 g of poultry, 5 g of vegetables, 200 g of water, 6 g gelatin, bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste.

Jelly meat for the flood of meat dishesBone broth boil until clarification, let stand 20-30 minutes, strain through a thick cloth, put on a plate, put in broth soaked in cold water for 30-40 minutes gelatin, boil on low heat, cook until blooming gelatin. If the surface was fat drops, they should be removed with a paper towel, and broth-jelly to cool until completely cold. Then put the strained broth into ground beef.1,5 kg of bones, 500 g of meat for the delay of 1 egg in a sling, 150 g of carrots, parsley, celery, 40 g onion, 1 liter of broth have 30 grams of gelatin in the summer for the best possible jelly strength by 1 liter of fluid to put 40 grams of gelatin, this jelly-broth can be filled with meat, tongue, poultry, vegetables, mushrooms, even fish.

Jelly jelly chicken for poultryJelly chicken to cook the same way as the jelly made from beef, but in simple broth to put procrastination (clarification of broth), crushed bones of birds with the addition of egg whites and salt (see Soups). After clarification of the broth to brew, carefully remove the fat and strain broth through a thick cloth. Soaked gelatin in cold water 40-50 minutes to connect to hot broth and bring to heat until completely dissolved gelatine and slightly boil (if the gelatin was soaked in cold boiled water, boil the soup is optional.) Strain through a thick cloth, cool. Frozen chicken or meat jelly can be served on the side dish to cold meats and poultry.To 1 liter of liquid: 30 g gelatin, 300 g of chicken bones, parsley, 20 g, 20 g celery, 20 g onion turnip, salt, pepper, peas.

Beef tongue or floodBoiled tongue rinse in cold water, remove skin, cut into thin slices. From the broth, which was cooked tongue, make jelly, as indicated above. In deep dish pour a little jelly ready to cover the bottom of the dish to solidify to the fortress of jelly. And the frozen jelly put the sliced ​​tongue from one another by 1 cm decorate his egg-white, hard-boiled, from protein to cut the petals, put them on a slice of the language as a daisy, and in the middle of the petals to put the boiled carrots, cut in the form of buttons, to decorate greens, gears, cut out of carrots. Decoration "stick" with a spoon to jelly, chill. Then, periodically pour a little language to full fill. Jellied tongue cut into portions, served with horseradish sauce and vinegar (see Sauces).75g boiled tongue, 1/4yaytsa, 1 / 10 of a lemon, South vegetables, 150g of jelly, 2r parsley, 150 grams of jelly.

Chickens floodBoil the prepared chicken, cool in the broth, separate the flesh from the bones. Cook chicken jelly, as indicated above, and fill them chicken, served with horseradish sauce or mayonnaise.150 grams chicken, 1 / 10 of a lemon (acidified gel), 1 / 4 of egg, 20 g of fresh cucumber, 2 g of parsley, 150 grams of iron, 10 g of carrots (for decoration).

Appetizer to jelly in RussianChicken, brisket and boiled meat finely chop. Separately, cook meat jelly (see Preparation of jelly). Chilled jelly poured into molds, to congeal in the refrigerator. The frozen fillets put sprigs of greenery, figuratively cut carrot, an egg protein. Pour 1 spoonful of jelly to solidify by putting prepared meat products, and re-inject, to congeal. Frozen jelly molds drop for 2-3 seconds in hot water, put on a plate. Horseradish sauce and sour cream to file separately.50 g chicken, 50 g of pork loin, 50 g beef, 1 / 2 eggs, 2 g greens, 150 g of jelly, 50 g horseradish sauce with sour cream, salt and pepper to taste.

Ham in jellyPrepare the jelly. Strain through a cloth, pour a fifth of the mold, cool, put a slice of lemon, a circle of eggs and cucumber, then pour one spoon of jelly stuck to the product, put the top of finely shredded ham and greens, pour the remaining broth and cool. Before serving, mold on a second plunge into the warm water and put jelly on a plate or dish. Decorate the top greens. Submit horseradish sauce.100 g ham, 150 grams of iron (broth with gelatin, 100 g of liquid - 3 g gelatin), 1 / 5 eggs, 1/10limona, 20 g cucumber.