Russian Lion George Gakkenshmidt

Very popular among sports enthusiasts around the world use the name of George Gakkenshmidta. Proof of this are the words of Olympic champion Yuri Vlasov: "Yeah, I was reading in his youth Kuprin who was friends with Zaikin. But my fate has determined Gakkenshmidt! And it's not an exaggeration. Then at London Scala theater I was fortunate to meet a man who helped me understand themselves and their power. "Prominent Russian athlete Gakkenshmidt was born in 1878 in Dorpat (Estonia). After graduating from a vocational school, was admitted to Revel in the machine factory. Going to become an engineer. Exercise was carried away from his childhood. The reason for his extraordinary record probably lies in the diverse general physical training. Junior Gaak trains in the long jump: 4 m 90 cm - at the time an extraordinary result. At the height of the place is jumping on 1 m 40 cm Runs for 26 s - 180 meters. To strengthen the foot practice climbs the spiral staircase to the church steeple with Olivesta-pound dumbbells.

Revel in athletics and cycling club began to lift heavy weights. An encounter with Dr. Krajewski, "the father of Russian athletics, has determined the fate of a young Gakko. Krajewski said that he has all the data to become the strongest man in the world. And at the end of 1897, against the wishes of parents, Gakkenshmidt sent to St. Petersburg.

In his book, "George Gakkenshmidt" Olaf Langsepp describes his arrival: "The door opens from the living room, and an elderly doctor enters the hand of a broad-shouldered young man in a threadbare gray jacket with the words:

"Gentlemen, I recommend: Gakkenshmidt of Yuryeva ... - That is to say, the star GakkenshmidtEstlyandii! .." I must admit that we met the guest is not particularly friendly: so very jealous then treated to a nonresident athletes. We heard that Gakkenshmidt squeezes with one hand 6 pounds, but other movements are weak. When he began to undress, we secretly hoped that just about "vsyplem" Yurievskoye athlete. But as soon as Gakkenshmidt took off his jacket and shirt, and we gasped: this muscle, none of the athletes we have ever seen. Absolutely no fat, all embossed with the biceps in 44 - 45 centimeters, with a phenomenally broad back covered with lumps of muscle, "newbie" is not going to the bar, one with the figure beat us to the nines. He started squeezing one arm with 200 pounds (81.9 kg) - Rod came up as light cane, 220, 240 and ... 260 (90.09 kg, 98, 28 kg - 106, 47 kg) - the same thing. It was the All-Russian record. It is hard to describe what was done in a circle Gakkenshmidtu shouting "bravo", "cheers", he rocked, etc. We are no longer jealous, just realizing that the "rookie" head and shoulders above us all. "
Exercising at Krajewski, Gaak quickly gained considerable power (he was eating at the same time everything I wanted, but only drank milk). He takes the first prizes in the Russian league in weight lifting. This success gives him the right to speak at the World Championships in Vienna.

In 1989 in Moscow Gakkenshmidt sets the first world record - and not just in weightlifting, and in general in the history of Russian sport. He squeezes one arm 282 and? pounds (115.79 kg).
His appearance on the platform caused a burst of enthusiasm of the audience: a spectacular musculature was George. After one of the most representative wrestling tournament in Paris in September 1899 the public began to call Gakkenshmidta "Russian Lion. In 1902 in England, he was already struggling to find themselves enemies in combat. In the tour of Australia, Canada and America, it takes precedence over all the most renowned fighters of the time. Then he was considered the strongest man the end of XIX the beginning of XX century.

Few of the generations of young athletes know that the so-called hack machine bears his name. The fact that it was not equal, when crossed on the back of his hands he raised from a deep squat 86 kg, and with pyatidesyatikilogrammovoy barbell he did it 50 times. In the "standing at attention," he raised in the biceps of 90 kg. In 1911 he published his book "The Path to Power and Health," many things in it have not lost their importance today. Here are some excerpts from it:
"... From further reading of the book will see that I did not want to confine ourselves to outlining a series of rules intended solely for powerful people and athletes, I, by contrast, wanted to give directions on how to achieve the strength and health ... It seems strange, why people must be ill, if he can keep his body in a state that can resist all kinds of diseases; 15-20 minutes of daily exercise for this is quite enough. For the greatest of all earthly blessings - health - it is a low fee ... Exercise should be reasonably selected and appointed as to strengthen the entire body to a harmonious working each body part and developed every muscle ... "

Gaak in 90 years


Gakkenshmidt lived a long and busy lives. We do not know much about his life - because after 1911 he lived abroad. But all his life he continued to practice. Thus, in the journal Strengt End Helt "Hoffman can see photos of Georgiy on training. He is 86 years old. He was in shorts and running shoes. An old man sinewy, wrinkled, but wide, and muscles have not yet used up their old age. Are no longer alive Gakkenshmidta George, nicknamed the "Russian Lion. He died in London on February 19, 1968 at the ninety-first year of life.Note: In 1961, our famous weightlifter Yuri Vlasov received the award from Gakkenshmidta in London. Here's how this British press wrote: "... the first attempt, he defeats the Finnish and American rivals. And here is the last round - unforgettable moments! Vlasov matching with a record of the rod and ... George Gakkenshmidt in his bed holding his breath. And then muttered:" It is amazing , inconceivable! ". and quickly goes through the back door to greet the new Leo ... That event, and I will never forget! Gakkenshmidt still strong and agile, despite his years, shook hands with the Vlasov and expressed his admiration. Vlasov was noticeably moved by the unexpected encounter with a legendary, powerful man in Russia, whose name is still incredibly respected places in the country of origin. On my eyes is an amazing transformation. With a huge height of his position Vlasov quietly slips. And suddenly I see the same expression on their faces , involuntary similar posture, gestures, some kind of organic community-wonderful moments, I am smitten! Vlasov safely, naturally and sincerely entered into the role of a young fan of the old Gakkenshmidta.
Bow to thee, Great Gakko! Let it be forever on you, the words "Honor and Glory to Russia!"
But word of his books, which may be the motto in life:
"... The question is whether anyone make yourself strong, I say yes ... The whole point is to be master of your body ... If you want a strong and healthy, you need to find leisure for it, just as everyone has to find time to eat ... "
anthropometric data Gakkenshmidta George (1905 measurements):growth 176 cm, weight 93 kg, chest 125 cm, neck 50 cm, biceps 47 cm, hip 68 cm, waist 85 cm.