Alternative fuels for cars.

Alternative fuels can not only offer consumers a high quality fuel at competitive prices, but also earn huge sums of money on new developments. Alternative fuels for cars was increased demand after the price of gas increased several times.
Alternative sources and fuels. Alternative fuels for cars.

Alternative fuels today are very diverse. In particular, Thomas Quinn developed a unique system of ethanol distilled, which until then had no analogues in the world. Alternative fuels can significantly reduce the cost of producing it. Ethanol is not only cheaper but also more environmentally friendly material. For example, if a car to put some equipment he can run on ethanol. Ethanol system is presented in the form of a white and green box, 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, and its performance is about 35 per week halons.

Alternative fuels are produced using the latest technologies. In particular for ethanol production using corn, in the recycling process which is funded with sugar, distilling into ethanol. Business ideas for small and medium businesses.