Chichvarkin: advice to budding entrepreneurs

The creator of "Euroset" - Chichvarkin, shared his thoughts about what you need to know the novice entrepreneur, starting business in Russia ...
Suppose you are a representative of the background type of active people who want to become successful and rich by doing business in Russia.
You are not fascinated by the gray carpet mouse career in state-owned corporation or a werewolf in uniform. Commendable. Although it is not fashionable.

Questions at the start
Most likely, you are better than others know what you want to do. If you are looking for a niche, you have to sit quietly in front of a mirror and looking into his eyes and honestly answer a few questions:
1. Would not you feel ashamed then and not be constrained to hide from their children and grandchildren, not only from the "mom and dad," what did you do?
2. How big is this market in Russia and what - in the world?
3. When the line became a separate industry, and when it would end?
4. Who are your competitors? How they are evil? How strong? How "podmentovannye"?
5. What is the factor of control by the government and how it has changed since 2000?
6. How much money should be invested to make it work?
7. How long will it take to get to an honest man zero, let alone make a profit?
8. Where is the Achilles' heel of this business?
9. As business will suffer if Russia attacked Georgia?
10. If all srastetsya if you can buy a villa on Cap Ferrat, and fly back on the jet, packed merry friends?
If all the answers uncompromising love, let's go further ...
The idea you already have, and certainly ingenious, but no money. Try not to borrow from private individuals, and go to the bank. At the time of application will be better if you have already invested in a business that you had. If you can demonstrate to the final sample of the goods or services - it's all good. If the business operates on the microscale and is profitable, the bank will be happy to scaling.
Take the list of top 100 Russian banks and go themselves, "the street" to everyone, do not listen to anybody's advice. Try to get to the bank as high as possible in the hierarchy. Do not behave like a guilty child or Judas Golovlyov. You are a merchant, it sounds good.
Whatever you said the bank employee, know that the bank wants to give you money, just afraid. Gosbankir will roll back the money over, the normal banker wants to pledge. But as the collateral, assuming no banker can take a chance.
That he believed you, you should not hesitate to demonstrate their passion for the beloved work and professionalism. Try to keep the banker asked as many questions and answer them in detail - if he knows you as a childhood friend, he may have you believe.
If you are interesting and even unusual it can show you his boss and even the chief head just out of curiosity. And each succeeding chief more authority in making decisions on loans. In small banks can be reached chairman and real shareholders.
It is not bad if you tell your story over a hundred banks and no one will give you money. But if history is fair, the 187th bank account you believe, and the money will be.
The idea is. Money is. No partner. Eastern Slavs were historically commercial affairs without partners. Another decree of Peter I tried to combine the merchants association in the Western manner. But this much we Mentality live tightly baryzhim separately. So if you can do without a partner, go around without a partner.
Partner may be in the business, and may be financial. The first is to bring in business is what you can not make, or he does not want. I will not reveal the secret when I say that the foundation of a business partnership should be one hundred percent trust.
Whoever takes a partner cops, and other efesbeshnikov werewolves in the first place, not a businessman, and second, risk being left without a business, money and freedom, if a werewolf would nelenivym and decides that everything will make itself, in- Third, most likely, is complicit in corruption.
If the financial partner, that is, give money in exchange for a share, in the case will not climb, the lawyers, that person you hire should be a level or two ahead of the anticipated level of business and be no worse than lawyers a financial partner. Fifth-year student faculty of law does not work, moonlighting as a lawyer at an inopportune time high.
If a business is afoot more than a small, not too lazy to sign a contract in English law, because courts in Russia - the props. Contract with a financial partner - it's a wedding, the bride - you. That you will wash, clean, pleasing and give birth. We must be sensitive to this report. So, before the wedding, it is worth examining the history of previous marriages, and most importantly - divorce.
If "Yandex" gives references to the 6350 partner - read it. That is, in general, everything, even if you think that information is repeated. Of particular interest are the early references - they show character. If a lot of English, and you do not understand, learn to read the goat's translation. Booked - is forearmed.
The word "employees" laid the whole point, to which we must choose a team. Co - Labor. In this word there is no trace of the thieves, idlers or loafers, which are teeming with lousy Russian, both public and private companies. Like-minded people who are rushing out of your ideas, of the 142 million people could be found.
The person who believes in success, ready to run at full transaction with a zero minimum bid. From the people who folded his hands and looking for stability, house, try to get rid of - it rocks in your backpack.
Do not neglect the principle of Pareto. 80% of the store premises to be occupied in trade. 80% of people have to bring the company money. 80% of all investments should go exactly in the product or service, rather than protection, accounting and other dregs. Eight with Bipod and two with a spoon - the law of the living business.
The uniqueness of the proposal
Who is your customer? Describe it yourself, draw a portrait. Just do not imagine people who are not found in nature.
Your product or service must be unique. "Bulletin usual wholesale from a warehouse in Moscow," to feed your family, but do not make you rich. It was a unique board, or the price must be the lowest, or service is the best, or fastest delivery, and better - the aggregate of all these factors.
The uniqueness and originality - an integral part of success. While the chip will copy competitors, you'll need to strengthen this or the next.
Professionally made speaker brand helps the business, stupid - way. But if he has a backbone - that is still what it is.
If there is no money on branding, simply write the name in black on white. There will be money - make a full brand, rather than rebranding.
If the product or service is not unique, money on advertising - heating of the atmosphere. (In general, direct advertising and big budgets - from the leadership of a combination of laziness, inflexibility, and the part of advertisers - an attempt to cash in on the development of this budget.)
If the product or service is unique, sooner or later, word of mouth will do the trick. For this to be sooner rather than later, and use the options PR, virusnikov, flash mob, and other highly intelligent and low-cost techniques.
Learn to communicate with journalists. Use Twitter, LiveJournal, Facebook to promote their company. Climb to the forums, leave comments. Amuse people. Be transparent. You would think that journalists - crocodiles, yes, it happens that the crocodiles. But the source of information - you string bag with the fish in your hands.
You can not feed them, feed, feed later on, to feed in exchange for simple requirements, to feed the greenest and most small ones, or, conversely, the most pupyrchatyh and large. As the dialogue you'll find that plush crocodile, and hid inside a person, almost the same as you. Just had another profession - a reporter.
Every business has a specific character. For example, if it's retail, it is almost the most important - it's geography. If Internet delivery, the trust and service. If an advertising agency - resourcefulness. We must understand that your business is a key indicator of the juice of the gamma-berries, helping to jump above all.
Intuition - instinctive analysis, and it should be trusted. If intuition fails you do not need to read these articles and, in the words of Richard Branson: "To hell with it! Beris and do it! "