Construction of wine cellars - Business

Market construction of wine cellars is chaotic, but the scarcity of customers do not complain about any of the players. According to experts, now is the time to start!

 But "honored" collection wine a few years if stored properly is expensive, at least twice and often three to five times. As the road begins with the first step, and the wine collection - with a bottle. And when their numbers are 30-50, the happy owner thinks about where to store this wealth. After the peak of its prosperity, this thin and delicate product can be achieved only under certain storage conditions.

Output for the first time - the acquisition of a modest wine rack. But is it worth the collection to grow to 500 or even up to 2000 bottles (ie, when the total value of the grape capital passes for 100 thousand dollars), one, albeit "esteemed cabinet" is not enough, you want a different, serious approach.

Here is where the opportunities were created to bring to market new services - design and construction of cellars. After all, wine cellar - it's not corny damp cellar for storing potatoes and charm, tradition, old, fashion, finally! Even in the capital, this niche has not yet been developed. The market is chaotic, and the scarcity of customers do not complain about any of the players. As for the "rich" regions, while orders are rare. But this does not mean that the demand did not arise. On the contrary, according to experts, now is the time to start!


Another "Domostroy" advised the owners of wine collections: "Wines are dry and honey-stewed fruit, and other best drinks should be stored in a special cellar, and that the owner would keep an eye out there." "Cellar - not necessarily well, - said Sergey Dovgy, an expert of El Bodegon . - In principle, the cellar can be any room that is securely protected from sources of heat and cold and dark where there is no vibration, and constant, with no sudden jumps in temperature and humidity over 55%. The accepted practice - allocating a special room in country house or in a restaurant. And these settings in the wizard, "the cellars" provide, by establishing a special ("sharpened" is for storing wine) HVAC equipment from the French, Canadian and American manufacturers. What matters is that the client had the desire and means.

Business in the design and construction of the cellars at the junction of several branches. Of specialists required in the first place the ability to select and design furniture for the room, to correct existing deficiencies and meet the proposed budget, saving precious collection.

Today this market is active for several players. This is a specialized company (El Bodegon, Old Wood), providing services related to storage of wine, and major maintenance services (such as "A-Iceberg"), and firms for which this business is still secondary. For example, for the entrepreneur Alexander Bombino, head of "Project Expo", the wine cellars - a parallel, though no less important than the core business area.

Interest to the owners 'wine shops' and country homes by private cabinet makers and owners of joinery, producing exclusive products made of precious wood - natural. For example, the company Tree Art begins a broad front, engaged in the design and manufacture bar counters, landscaping forms, commercial equipment, furniture and various wine cellars of precious wood, metal and other materials for individual projects. In turn, referred to El Bodegon works in three ways. This is only the "wine cellar" turn-key, wine racks and accessories, as well as aid in the formation of collections. By the way, not so long ago the company started its own production.

In practice, the same way and went the young company "Project Expo". Its head, Alexander Bombin trying to win new market together with Vitali Grinuk, a member of the Sommelier Association. In Fryazino partners opened their own shop, developed eight modules that can be assembled in different combinations and get the desired interior. Well, and then off they'd go. Here the main thing - to go!

Any project - to taste

The Russian market of wineries on the rise. This means that you can aim as an exclusive and expensive segment, and the more modest customers. Number of private landlords willing to spend already quite decent of setting up a small room to store the wine collection is constantly growing. How, in fact, culture of wine consumption. For a country where "the consumption of wine" even fifteen years ago called, rather, the process of absorption of fruit content of the bottleneck, it is undeniable progress.

By the way, to kick-start, the desire to touch the wine culture, we quickly catch up with the country where, it seems, gourmet and wine collectors must be tens of thousands. Recently, the Russian companies operating in this market, found that in sunny Spain settlement services cellars rather poorly developed. As a result, the company opened El Bodagor even a single firm that caters to restaurants and wine room.

Interest in wine cellars and demonstrate many Russian regions.

- Our Perm branch has already received several orders, - says Sergey Dovgy. - While few patches, but still have orders come from Kaluga, Samara, and even from Siberia. In our opinion, very promising Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Togliatti. Given the known tendency to lag behind metropolitan areas of fashion and trends for three to five years, this business can be very successful outside of Moscow. Especially where the climate is warm and new holiday villas.

It is clear that the main customers here - people with incomes above the average, the owners of country houses (although the equipment bought the tasting room and sometimes the owners of city apartments). Rather broad corporate audience. This vinotorgovye companies and restaurateurs, who bought a stationary cellars, where wine is stored, and "anturazhnye" store open to the visiting guests. Yet the lion's share of the profits, according to market players, it comes today from individuals.

Case Dungeon: One of the items of income of companies specializing in wine storage equipment, is supplying original accessories and all kinds of devices. The main habitats of the first customers, obviously, were near Moscow and Rublevskoe Novorizhskoe highway. Trace, thanks to welfare, there were customers in St. Petersburg. Either way, the business is on the rise. There is no crisis in this segment has not yet been observed, and he himself has emerged after the country experienced the first and most violent upheavals of the transition period.

- Any individual cellar, - says Sergey Dovgy. And because communication with the customer, as well as any other business associated with the provision of services begins with a consultation. Reconnaissance of the terrain allows the practitioner to understand correctly chosen room under the cellar. Are there any in the vicinity of the steam room or garage (vibration and odors spoil the expensive wine), to lay a floor. But the biggest problem is said to master - a project that someone started in their time, but did not graduate. "The best work on the order, when the house is just over the finish building or room of architects. In this case, absolutely free, we give customers their recommendation that it should be noted that later turned out really good cellar", - says Sergey Dovgy.

Scope of work

The works begin with the fact that engineers produce insulation space, cover the floors and walls with a special material and pave the vent pipe. This is followed by setting the climate system using air conditioners, in particular, Liebherr or Miele. Then, in the case come the designers who design for wine racks. Well, after carpenters collect and install them. Finally, the designer can recommend the appropriate accessories of the future owner of the cellar.

On the range value of the work and materials for the premises of 10-14 square meters. m on average from 2000 to 6000 dollars, and work on the equipment room volume in cubic meters of 7.5 can manage the client 4000 dollars. But this, of course, the lower is called, "budget" frontier.

In country cottages at wineries produce up to 30 kV facilities. m. Since the climate in our country still unstable, most clients can induce the purchase, even the climate systems of underground burial. Construction of the cellar will cost the customer is already at 10 000-30 000, and it can be stored in a collection, the initial cost of which amounts to nothing less than a hundred thousand dollars.

To speak of a fixed return in the business as it is not accepted. And it's true, because each project, as well as any architectural design - individual. In addition, there have developed a variety of payment schemes. For example, 10% of the cost of materials or a separate price list for work - depending on the initial condition of the premises. And, besides, the customer may request to equip the cellar, for example, racks of wenge. And it's about 270 thousand dollars, not counting support system environment. In general, the scope is.

The main thing - to explain to the client that cellar strife. And a lot depends on how complicated the work of the company are coming to the Executive. Before launching necessarily need to miscalculation and develop specifications for the building, with good form (in case of a large order) is considered to be free of their execution.

Thus, the minimum amount which may be required from the client in the most elementary case of builders Cellars - is two thousand dollars. A maximum is unlimited. Design and execution of the walls, vaulted ceilings, or direct, floors and shelves - all this is usually carried out in accordance with the tastes and wishes of the customer. But there are also classical canons. For example, the wooden shelves of elite varieties of wood: oak, beech, American redwoods.

More sophisticated and, therefore, advantageous to the Executive version - limestone or forged design. The fact is that the cellar so often adorned with additional accessories, such as to buy more furniture: stools, lamps, oak barrels. And as the supply of such equipment is likely to be ordered from the same company that is a good way to increase profitability.

- Customers have stereotypes about what should be a cellar. Well, you know, beaten beetle benches, stone arches, barrel - ironically Sergei Dovgy. - However, we also offer a more modern style, the so-called rational: light shelves, each bottle in its box - as if suspended in the air.

Many companies are themselves engaged in the production of equipment and open their shops, hire carpenters and cabinetmakers. Here, investments may range from 50 to 70 thousand dollars. But you can use and outsourcing, focusing on the design know-how and supplying accessories to delegate "woodwork" to outside firms. Meanwhile, the benefits of domestic production is the ability to control the quality. "If this is not one hundred percent of your production, it sometimes happens flaws" - confessed to one of the market participants.

The range of the company, aimed at an audience of experts wines are usually present and wine coolers. The law requires the construction of the range, so you should have lockers at least in small quantities. By the way, they complement the cellar itself, because the room can be divided into two zones - the storage and tasting room. In the tasting area usually creates a more comfortable temperature, so that the owner and his guests could sit there and savor the magic taste of expensive drink. After all this is done!

Case dungeon: Dear collection requires special relationship. Also, one of the main rituals - visits of other fans. And here it can not be disgrace! Minus only in the fact that there are such boxes, of course, quite expensive. So, on display in a shop window, hold down capital. The most common, a small cabinet for 50 bottles of French company Eurocave (market leader) will cost not less than 5500 euros. And, of course, in the arsenal of this company is much more expensive models.

Today, participants in this market are taken as orders of any complexity and for all formats. There are customers placing orders for the construction of the cellar, "turnkey" when company comes into operation at the stage of building a house. Filling the cellar - another source of income, which can bring up to 10% of the total cost of collection. Thus, DP-trade specializes in the implementation of clients' orders for the purchase in the secondary markets of Europe and the delivery of virtually any rare wines. Incidentally, the list of services provided by El Bodegon, service to build wine collections also means from the very beginning - the company relies on the selection of the "LPs" wines from long-term storage only Getting better.

Of all trades

To open a company that produces wine cellar, you need quite a bit. Although this is very "little" today is in short supply. Indeed, a key resource here - highly qualified specialists. For example, in the state of El Bodegon employs 10 office staff and 10 - in the workplace. Most of them are engineers, cabinet makers and sommeliers have a higher education. Even former diplomats and doctors.

However, there is a second, no less important condition. Strangely, if company executives do not have a direct bearing on the guilt. In a figurative sense, professional, of course!

You can move the market in different ways. However, experts claim that a significant impact brings, above all, advertising in specialized media on alcoholic beverages and wine collecting. In general, these educational articles about how to properly store the noble drink. Here are a number of such publications and advertise companies engaged arrangement cellars, cabinets and accessories trade. However, it is less efficient resources are word of mouth and reference links. The algorithm is well-known fact: One judge went on a visit to another, and tried to guilt, and he looked enviously stylish, impressive cellar, where you can spend hours on end with his collection!

Citizen cabinet

Wine cabinets can be divided into two categories - mono - and multi. In mono-supported single temperature. They could not be better suited for long-term storage and maturation of wine. In multi-cabinet can specify multiple zones that can simultaneously store a variety of wines (white, red, etc.) and refrigerate them immediately before serving. And here companies specializing in the arrangement of the cellars, and there is a way to make money. Many of the standard boxes (say, from a company Eurocave) do not fit into the interior of the restaurant. Or, for example, private clients want to add one or another "flavor".

At one time, one of the restaurant chain "Mo-Mo" was in a difficult situation. Festive, carnival about the interior is clearly not consistent with either a standard wine cabinets, even the most expensive. As a result, the basic design idea of ​​the design was an attempt to enter the cabinet in a makeshift "made old" picture frame. And to give lightness rather massive wardrobe, side walls, it was decided to make transparent. Get exactly what you need!