The design of the drywall ceiling

Create a design ceiling of plasterboard with raster and point lights

The design of the ceiling drywall, sibling potolokEsli talk about design odnourovnego ceiling, do not think it's just a flat ceiling, or anything more. This is not the case. Designers do not sleep, and even try out this simple type of finish, to make a masterpiece. And masterpieces often obtained with the help of the indispensable parts of the ceiling drywall, namely scanning lamps. Through their strategically placed on the ceiling, you can change the design of the ceiling as well as to influence the intensity of light in the room. Also, a variety of colors light scanning lamps will make its transformation into a treasure room type you turn them on and, of course, changing the design of the ceiling as the light spreads across the ceiling, playing its flowers on the idea of ​​a designer.

Create a design ceiling of plasterboard with the bulk of painting

Design odnourovnego potolkaTakzhe to create a design of the ceiling drywall, used printing figures on its surface. This type of decoration is not very popular. A pity. After all, he is born thanks to a new creation, new design and new, unlike their counterparts, exclusive and unusual ceiling. Created this creation is very simple. Pencil to make a drawing on drywall. We make the resulting image volume. For this we use liquid paper. Dry the sheet of drywall and mount to the ceiling. In principle, not difficult, but it will take time to deliver the picture. But what a design which looks we get as a result. Glitter. So, if you chose to create odnourovnego ceiling, you probably made ​​the right choice in return ease of installation, cost savings, and the unusual design of the ceiling.

Create a design ceiling of plasterboard with multi-level design

The design of the drywall ceiling, multi-level potolokEsli your choice was to create a multi-level ceiling of plasterboard, then about its design, you can easily write a book, and not just one. The major two components to create an interesting design of multi-level ceiling, built-in location is the variety of lamps and backlight colors, as well as a variety of structures created during the installation of drywall. There certainly are in the hands of your designer, and from his vast imagination. If you had a great desire to create a multi-level ceiling, but do not know what they are, please, the Internet, you will find thousands of photos and comments. But I want to warn, design ceiling of plasterboard are so varied and beautiful in its own way, which is often very difficult to choose. So try to create in his imagination what you want, and try to find a similar picture in the existing photo. And then, one might say, your wishes carried out.