How to use a Russian bathhouse

In Russian culture, there are many traditions. However, not all of them have survived intact. Russian bath - perhaps one of the few features of national culture, which was able to grow over the centuries from the usual hygiene procedures in the event almost ideological, reflecting the mysterious nature of the whole nation.
Of course, Russian bath, with its spicy spirit, healing aroma and a broom - a procedure originally Russian. However, other nations have used the properties of steam bath in the wellness and cleaning purposes.
It is believed that a bath Greece came from the East, where hammams and to this day continue to be binding for a visit at least once a week. The historian Herodotus mentioned that the eastern bath liked the great military leader Alexander the Great, and that he founded in the tradition of his people. Baths have become extremely fashionable in ancient Greece, where appointed as a therapeutic agent by Hippocrates and other physicians. Socrates believed that the bath can work wonders, clearing not only the body but the soul. A training and educational institutions, where athletes trained Hellas, necessarily possessed a dry steam room, hot and cold baths, and rooms for massage.
Has not been spared this hobby and Rome, where the construction of public funds term invested incredible, and in their construction were used the most recent achievements of engineering equipment, water, heating and ventilation, as well as architecture. It was an impressive structure. Some of them have survived to the present day. For example, Karakaly in Rome. Interestingly, in the baths of ancient Rome was given not only the role of "washing facilities" institutions, they were a place of vibrant social life. They held meetings, develop libraries and even in modern terms, gyms ...
After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Catholic clergy had imposed a ban on terms that may have subsequently become one of the reasons for the countless epidemics of cholera, plague and other serious illnesses.
How to bathe in the Russian Banev Russia has always soared everything from the noblest princes to ordinary farmers. Bath and was loved by Peter I, who, borrowing from Europe many of the progressive, in response to Paris and Amsterdam showed the brutal nature of the Russian bath. On the orders of Tsar Peter the room for the Russian soldiers had been built right on the banks of the Seine. In it, they soared, and then rushed to bathe in the river. The spectacle was attended by half in Paris and was mentioned in the press, and in response to a comment by the French, which, they say, these procedures and will finish before his death, Peter the Great said: "Soldiers from the Paris air somewhat diminished, so hardened himself by the washing Russian. We sometimes this, and in winter: a habit - second nature. "
In general, the historical facts related to a Russian bath, written whole treatises. But even more interesting to the positive effects that it has on the body.
JAR YES STEAM!Neither cosmetic procedure can not be compared with the cleansing effect of the Russian bath. And this is connected with the fact that the steam wash and massage bath with a broom contribute to the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands, increase blood circulation and metabolic processes. Therefore, during the paired procedure the skin is cleansed from grease, sweat and dust. Furthermore, it is helpful to use a fresh bath broom (any suitable tree species), because its branches and leaves contain volatile substances - volatile, which have antibacterial properties, which is very very useful for problem skin.
Under the influence of bath procedures are stimulated whole body, improves the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, increases circulation, increases the hemoglobin in the blood, the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes, increases immunity.
Russian Bath - a great tool for stretching the muscles, joint pains, radiculitis, neuritis, and myositis. Under her influence, a rapid recovery after physical activity, improving the state of central and peripheral nervous system.
Broom in BATH, Sir!Submit a Russian bathhouse without a broom is not possible, because this is a very modest enhancement important functions. First, it creates a unique aroma in the bath, and, secondly, it acts as a massager. And it's not all. In the old bath brooms used in divination, they drove out the spirits and shot damage. Even in the dictionary of Dal word "broom" in the first place - a bunch of branches, twigs with the leaves, to parks in the bath, and only then - for sweeping the floor, clean clothes ...

Veniks can be fresh and dry. Of course, fresh broom more flavorful, versatile and durable, in addition to its much higher content of biologically active substances (essential oils, volatile production and vitamins and minerals).
How to bathe in the Russian baneNo in a modern city to get a fresh broom, and even knitted properly, it is difficult, so we have to use pre-harvested. It is worth noting that even in such seemingly simple matter, as harvesting of brooms, have their own know-how: birch besom subjected to rapid deep freezing and vacuum processing. This kind of technology, according to producers, promotes the long-term storage of brooms in fresh (up to three years) in the freezer.
Differ birch besom and tree species from which they harvest. Traditionally, popular oak and birch brooms. However, they can be made from eucalyptus, fir, etc., as well as sagebrush, with the addition of various herbs. Such diversity can significantly enhance the therapeutic effect of bath treatments. For example, wormwood broom promotes relaxation, normalization of sleep, relieves headaches, increases the potency, while a broom made of oak used in radiculitis, neuralgia, colds.
HOW TO USEBath to bring maximum pleasure and benefit, it is necessary to prepare all the rules. And it's a whole science: the right to flood the oven, check the uniform burning-coal, heating, ventilation and bath facilities, and more. Therefore, in this process is better to rely on the advice of seasoned bath attendants.
But learn the secrets and you can park right on their own.How to bathe in the Russian banePrezhde just before the steam room to stand for three minutes in the shower with a water temperature of 35-38 ° C. for heating. In the pair must include a special hat, preferably with the fields, and before each call to a hat wet with water. Better to use soap in the bath at the end of procedure, as with the soap is washed off the skin oil, needed to protect against dryness with hot steam.
The first call to the steam room for beginners should be short: no more than 5 minutes to sit on the lower bench and soak for 2-3 minutes on the top. Then visits can be gradually increased to three times, and the total residence time in the steam room - up to 15-35 minutes. Total time spent in the bath is usually limited to two hours. Gradually, the first call is extended to 5-8 minutes. We do not recommend standing in the steam room, it is best to lie or sit, it will save from heat stroke.
In the second or third visit can bring a broom. Visits to the best pair alternated with contrasting cold shower or a swimming pool, which also ends with warm water or warm briefly return to the steam room. Contrasting the procedure - an excellent training vessels, but only in moderation, it should not overcooling or overheating!
TERMS OF PARKSNo wonder skilled attendant is valued as a best friend. With the help of a broom, he can work miracles, he trusted service and personal secrets. Indeed, in the capable hands of a broom into a bath is the most effective massage, healing not only the body but the soul!
How to bathe in the Russian professional baneEsli not there, then you can also use the services of a comrade. Massage begins with a broom light strokes from the feet, the calves, thighs, buttocks, hands (from wrist to neck). Then, as in the opposite direction, on each side (it is more convenient to use in parallel two twigs) to the feet, reaching that broom lifts up, takes the hot air for a few seconds and pressed to the back. Since repeated up to four times. The higher the temperature in the sauna, the slower the movement of the bathhouse attendant.
The next step - stretching for 1-2 minutes: the strokes in all directions of movement on the back, then on the lower back, pelvis, thighs, calves and feet. Ends with stretching stroking, but more rapid than in the first admission. Then we must turn up, lie down a bit, again over on his stomach and begin to repeat the first two stages.
Next, the main thing - pohlestyvanie in combination with compress, starting from the back. After pohlestyvany brooms rise up and pressed for a few seconds to the body (movement similar to the waist, hips, legs and feet). Then follows the so-called stretching: brooms are placed on the lower back and throw a party (one-to-head, the other at the feet). Stretching is done six times, and the procedure ends stroking of the body.
CAUTION: Do not interfereAs with any high-therapeutic procedure, the Russian bath is shown not all and not always.
So, avoid the pair of procedures: during colds accompanied by fever, the presence of chronic diseases, malignant tumors and metastases, thrombosis, severe autonomic disorders (eg migraine), hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.
Bath is contraindicated in patients and certain skin diseases such as acute eczema, psoriasis. It is also not recommended to attend to patients with paired acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and urinary tract, nervous system and musculoskeletal system. In general, before going to the bath is best to consult with your doctor.
1. Paired procedures facilitate the removal of toxins from the body, but with the right approach to the process, you may lose up to 2 kg of body weight per session!
2. The importance of place in a bath of Russian culture reflected in the fact that in Russia there was a special holiday - the Day of Agrafena globeflowers, accompanied by folk festivals, harvesting bathhouse switches and, of course, taking a bath.
3. For proper zaparki dry twigs, should be short to hold it in hot water, so as not to lose the scent, and then quickly took out, put on the hot stones. It is important that the stones had no leaves, or you smell something burning.
4. To increase the sweating can be used in a steam bath salt, which draws water. To do this, lightly moistened with water, a handful of salt, rub her body, but not too much, avoiding the mucosa. Then sit in the steam room without a broom under gentle steam. Take a shower. Similarly, use honey and coffee asleep. They can rub harder. Honey and coffee nourish the skin and make it silky smooth. Coffee necessarily have to take sleeping, to avoid sunburn.