Production of pine oil

On abandoned lesouchastkah currently no organizations offering jobs. The same situation is far from a "civilization" settlements. What to do? How to make money? These questions people ask themselves these territories almost daily. Of course you can do herding, collecting the gifts of nature, namely, berries, mushrooms, do work piece for brooms or baths in the winter harvest for sale broom. Certain demand for all this of course is. However, much effort has to spend to make a profit? Let's consider a fairly rare form of business with a guaranteed demand for finished products. Address the development and implementation of fir oil. Fir oil is gaining increasing demand. For baths, saunas, relaxation rooms, beauty salons, etc. In fact, for the organization of small businesses do not require large initial funds. For the business need only pihtovarka room and packaging of finished products. Price per liter of fir oil to average $ 80. With unrestricted access to raw materials is not just being lazy and start making money and change their lives only for the better. Well, now dwell on this kind of small business in more detail:
When I spoke of unlimited access to raw materials, I was in the form of several types of raw material.
First choice: negotiate with the owners of developed forest plots, which are harvesting softwood on the wrong selection of raw materials for them - fir branches, spruce branches. I assure you, the owners of the plots are just happy to clean them free plots. With them at the end of the work will still require the hills area. This is the first option of a fir spruce branches - raw materials for your business. Hundred percent of waste free of charge, you get the raw materials.
Second choice: negotiate with the tenant on the allocation of plots to timber harvesting and branches of fir. Here we have to decide not only with the tenant, but also with the local forest. We'll have to collect the necessary documents, pay stumpage fees, in a word at the beginning of the work have to spend. Well, it's no big deal. Around the world business is built on the same principle. First, you must attach and make a profit.
The third option. Adopt (buy) fir spruce branches in the population. In this case, you will not have to go into the forest plots for raw materials, everything will have been delivered without your participation.
There pihtovarki both stationary and mobile. You can make your own pihtovarku. By and large pihtovarka a steam boiler and autoclave. There under the influence of high temperature and high pressure is released from the branches of fir oil Abies.
Modern prefabricated pihtovarki possess some remarkable properties. They are not only able to get out of fir branches oil, just to pihtovarke can perform a number of other very useful ways. Pihtovarka can be used for sterilization (pasteurization), canned meat or dairy products in farms, selhozaretyah, farms, is also used in the processing of lawn and garden products, wild berries and mushrooms in the horticultural farms, forest areas. fishery products. In the fishing cooperatives, vessels pihtovarka can also find a huge interest and demand.
Pihtovarka simply not replaceable to produce essential oils, with branches of fir, spruce, pine, and juniper in place of growth of coniferous trees and shrubs. In pihtovarke also be obtained from resinous substances stumps, remains of coniferous trees. Pihtovarku can be used for the manufacture of building materials - silica bricks, silicate blocks at the construction site being built at home or other facility. Pihtovarku also can be used in services such as running engines stilled. Ferries to warm up the engine. Even as a heater for heating of residential premises, industrial premises.
The source of thermal energy pihtovarki are heating oil, gas and diesel fuel. Pihtovarka autonomous and can operate without the power system devices. Her steam is more effective than HF-300.
In short buying pihtovarku for small businesses for the production of pine oil, you can easily retrain and to other activities with the same unit. This versatile machine is obtained.