Tools for working with plasterboard

On this page you the tools are for use with plasterboard. These tools you'll find in shops specializing in sales of gypsum board, or a large DIY stores.

      Strippers binding profiles (skrepprofil) GCR
Tool for use with plasterboard
Designed for fastening without screws profiles in the frame mounting for GCR by punching a limb. Skrepprofil provides pre-connection frame profiles width from 28 to 100 mm galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.55 to 0.7 mm for mounting drywall partitions, suspended ceilings, wall covering in buildings.

    Prosekatel profile for FCL

Prosekatel holes in frame units (e 25 mm)
Prosekatel designed to pierce holes in the frame elements (for wiring, water, communications, signalizitsii, etc.) inside the walls of the GCR.
Diameter holes prosekaet - 25 mm, the allowable thickness prosekaet sheet of 1 mm.

    Rasp (roughing plane) for the GCR

  Tool for use with plasterboard
Designed to handle the cut edges of the plasterboard to the alignment or tuning sizes. Housing rasp made ​​of steel sheet 1 mm thick. The main body is set 250 mm long blade of hardened steel with multiple cutting edges. Rasp has 2 versions: with a wooden or plastic handle.

     Needle roller for GCR

Needle roller is designed to create curved surfaces of the drywall.
With its help punching plasterboard on the one hand, and received a puncture depth of 5 - 7 mm d 2 - 3 mm is moistening the gypsum core of plasterboard, which reduces the bending radius.
d roll of 45 mm.
The basic details of a roller made ​​of steel of various grades and painted with powder paints, and needles made ​​of stainless steel.

    Edging plane for GCR

Tool for use with plasterboard
Designed for chamfering (45 °) on the edge of the truncated GCR under shpatlevku.Korpus kromkoreza and hold the blade parts are made of structural steel and powder painted. Trapezoidal blade of stainless steel 0.6 mm thick, with two working edges. The offset blade allows you to resize the processed edge from 2 to 8 mm. Kromkorez runs in 2 versions: with a wooden or plastic handle.

        A device for mounting to plasterboard wall. (Support assembly)

Is a lever with a lock, used to hold gypsum in an upright position when mounting partitions during fastening with screws or during the solidification of the plaster adhesive.

      Device (pen) for carrying the GCR

Tool for use with plasterboard
Is a handle, secure and exciting nepovrezhdayusche GCR or other sheet material, for its portability. Used in pairs.
Made of steel rod, painted with powder paint on PVC pipe work areas.

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