The ancient city of Russia - Kitezh

The ancient city of Russia - Kitezh

Tale of concealing the holy city of Kitezh - Pearl of the Slavic religious beliefs.
Based on narrative written many books, studies, poems, an opera by Rimsky-Korsakov ...
What lies behind the beautiful tale about the city, "the departed" in the lake Svetloyar not resigned nor Christian orthodoxy, nor the Tatar-Mongol yoke?

Kitezh - a city dedicated to the Russian God Kitovras

A lively account of the City of Kitezh dates back to the Mongol invasion, that is, the XIII century.

[!] However, according to Alexander aces, the origins of this legend to be found in even earlier period - pre-Christian history of Russia. For the construction of the temple-left not one hundred years, as is well known, foreign Orthodoxy in Russia finally established only after 1990 with the arrival of thousands of Jewish in Russia perestroechnikov army.
It's not as easy as Christian Orthodoxy is so densely occupied the Russian holy places and rituals that separate what stories belong to the occupant, and which are myths istinnorusskie quite difficult.
Svetloyar Lake, which, according to legend, hid the sacred city of Kitezh, located in the Volga region, and with a very long time known as the center of the Russian native faith [not to be confused with Christianity - Orthodoxy].
The very name of the lake comes from two ancient words "light", that is pure, righteous, and , which is the root of the name of the Russian solar deity Yarily worshiped by the ancient tribes of the Slavs.

On the lake are many legends associated Svetloyar period to capture Russia Christians. They also mentioned City of Kitezh. It is spoken in the ancient sacred source of Russian faith - "Starry Christmas Carols book."
According to one legend, Lake Svetloyar born magical polukon-poluchelovek Kitovras - powerful wizard and builder of ancient temples, as well as the god of wisdom and hop Kvasura. From their names and where the name City of Kitezh.
In the Lake Svetloyar lived Slavic tribe Berendeys. Their descendants to this day preserved the tradition that since ancient times in Kitezh was one of the most important religious centers of worship Yarily. This place is considered sacred to the Russian princes.
The bloody baptism of Russia has deprived his native Russian faith and the Magi, and temples, taking istinnorusskie sacred places.
Kitezh and allegedly was turned into the center of the Orthodox faith, and the princes went to visit him, as if nothing had changed.
Many Orthodox churches were built on the site of temples, as it was thought that these places are special - they are strong sources of positive energy. The names of ancient gods were gradually replaced by the names of saints, but the place of worship a higher power, which has a truly magical power, remained the same. That is why the area of ​​the lake Svetloyar old, wrapped in legend and mystery.

Traitor - an Orthodox Jew Grishka Kuterma

Now fast forward to later times. According to Christian chronicles, the great city of Kitezh at the lake was built Svetloyar Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich, son of Vsevolod the Big Nest.
Except it still existed and Little Kitezh, who grew up with his grandfather - the famous Yuri Dolgorukov.
Great Kitezh was conceived as a magnificent city. There were many temples built and he was covered in white stone, which was at that time a sign of wealth and purity. However, these legends joined two different cities, and so came the mystical and mysterious Kitezh-grad.
Alex Aces, guided by the traditions and chronicles of the time, was able to reconstruct a true picture of the events of those distant times.

In 1238, after the destruction of Vladimir-Suzdal principality Batu Khan set up camp on the River City. After yet another unequal battle with the Prince Yury Gromov remnants of his troops retreated to the Little Kitezh. However, Batu took it by storm, and the prince with the remnants of troops miraculously managed to escape to the Great Kitezh.
At the time, on Russian soil, Yuri Gromov was virtually the only organized force opposing the Tatar-Mongol invasion.
The remaining princes were killed during the Christianization of Russia - the bloody baptism.
Baty craved power over the world and eager as soon as possible to go further - to the Mediterranean, but leave in the rear of the proud and undefeated Russian prince feared. And then he ordered the torture of all prisoners rusichej to issue protected the roads leading to Kitezh.

[!] Soldiers were silent, because they knew that to give the holy city - thus dooming himself and his race to eternal damnation.
Only one could not resist torture - Grisha Kuterma. He was afraid of torture and death, and agreed to lead the enemy to Russian shrine.
The path was not easy, lying among the impenetrable swamps and forests. But the traitor knew the secret paths and was able to deduce the Tatar-Mongol army in the holy city.
Seeing the imminent ratification accursed, residents of Greater Kitezh and the soldiers Vsevolodovich began to pray to God. Seeing the suffering rusichej from invaders, God took pity on the beleaguered. In the eyes of Batu and his armies sacred city was plunged into a lake and not Svetloyar went on looting, death and dishonor the merciless enemy.

Kitezh - city-temple native Russian faith

However, some of the facts in this legend is questionable. The remains of the troops of Prince Vsevolodovich in fact no real military threat to the Batu. And that could make the prince in the land on which the double-swept with fire and sword, countless hordes of nomads?
The question then arises: why Batu needed to lead an army through the swamps to the city, which even in those days was considered a semi-mythical?

[!] The fact that it represented the Kitezh spiritual value.

He was not on the trade routes, has not played any significant military or political role in the life of ancient Russia. But he was a great spiritual center! Not in vain in the chronicles that tell of Kitezh, the most important place was given to the description of the temples.
According to these chronicles, practically the whole town was one of the temples, being in fact one of the largest temple complexes in native Russian faith. And Orthodoxy over a hundred years has sought to seize the city.
Historians most commonly used version, it would seem illogical from the standpoint of military strategy, a hike in Batu Kitezh is the following.
Interrogated the captives, Baty concluded that the city is not so much political as spiritual center of the Slavs.
So designed as an Orthodox Russian punitive Mongol Khan went to Kitezh, thereby completely destroy any hope for the revival of the Slavs.
After all, many people there was a belief that the destruction of their shrines and kill the people, for the sacred - is the soul of the people. However Kitezh not got to the enemy.
Russian troops have kept the gods to repel the enemy
According to legend, Kitezh plunged into the waters of the sacred lake Svetloyar. The sanctity of its waters has been extended to hail itself and its inhabitants. So was born the image of the city, inhabited by the righteous passed unharmed through the holy water and passed into a better world. Legend has it that Lake Kitezh hid until the end of time, and just before the end of the world he once again rise from the water, and the army Vsevolodovich come out of the gates of the Holy City, so with all Russian souls come to the court of God over the invaders of Russia - Orthodox Christians.
In Soviet times, of course, this view of history could not have been accepted and put forward a theory that de legend of Kitezh reflects the natural disaster, in which there was a rapid subsidence of the soil and standing dive in the lake of the city under water. Consequently, it was concluded, the remains of the legendary city can be found at great depths. Lake Svetloyar expedition was organized.
In the course of exploration, archaeologists discovered that the bottom of it consists of three layers of the soil:
• The first layer - at a depth of 30 meters - very old,
• second - to 20-meter mark - just applied to the XIII century,
• Third - deposits of later times.
At a depth of 20 meters, archaeologists found the objects, which can be attributed to the period of the XIII century. However, they were just little things made of wood and metal. These findings are just allowed to hypothesize that the city is gradually sinking into the water, went into another layer of reality. And some things were left in our world because of strong fluctuations in the ground or were washed away.
But where was gone Kitezh?
This question can be answered only modern scholars.
It has been suggested that at certain times and under certain circumstances, different measurements may touch.
In this case, according to some researchers puzzle Kitezh, upheaval of reality was the result of the collective prayers of the besieged. After this prayer was made in an emergency situation and, moreover, at the same time a large number of people. Let's not forget that in addition to residents in the city and the army was. Plus - a sacred place since ancient times.
Time of prayer, perhaps, too, was not chosen by chance. Scientists have often turned to the ancient astrological source of our ancestors - the "Star Book Christmas Carols," a detailed commentary which leads Alexander Aces.
[Outcome of the occupation of the Orthodox Russia: It turns out that all modern Orthodox holidays coincide with the ancient by our Russian - mother tongue.]
This is a special day, in which heavenly bodies occupy a position in which the parallel worlds meet, and we can see them. Thus, the researchers concluded that Kitezh just transported to another dimension.
Expeditions to the abode of the gods Russian
The expedition, has been researching the lake and its environs Svetloyar included not only archaeologists, but also philologists and ethnographers, that is, the collectors of folklore.
It turned out that the locals for centuries the legend of Kitezh concealment, complete with events happening in our time.
Thus, the locals say that the days of Russian holidays from Lake Svetloyar hear bells ringing. A similar phenomenon was observed and scientists, but it could not explain.
However, to get into the holy city of Kitezh not everyone can. There can only enter a person absolutely pure spirit.
Monks from nearby monasteries of the Christian who regularly come to Svetloyar, hearing only the sound of bells, and few can be seen in the beautiful waters of the lake outline of the white stone churches of Kitezh.
According to local residents, the lake has healing properties and can cure many ailments, and who saw in it a reflection of the golden domes of churches will be happy.
"Is not it time to rebel Kitezh?"
However, the residents themselves often visited by otherworldly Kitezh in our world.
Old-timers say that when I was a normal village shop went elder with a long white beard in the ancient Slavic clothing. He asked for bread to sell, and paid off old Russian coins since the Mongol yoke. And the coins look like new.
Often, the old man asked:
"How now in Russia? Is it time to rebel Kitezh? "
However, local residents were told that it was too early. They know better because special place around the lake, and people here live in constant contact with a miracle. Even coming from other areas feel unusual aura.
The Legend of Kitezh is the most famous legend about the city, concealed from the enemy. However, these stories - a lot.
In some areas of Russia there are still myths about how under the threat of looting Christian Russian churches and whole towns went under water, or hiding in the mountains.
It was believed that to get there from our world can only be elected.
In the book, "The Fellowship of the Holy Grail," quotes a letter from Richard Rudzitis a Russian magician who sends a message to your relatives and asks them not to consider him dead. He says that he just went into the hidden temple to the ancient elders.
But scientists have not reached a final conclusion about one or more hidden cities or churches mentioned in the question of Kitezh.
Anyway, the prevalence of such legends and their undeniable similarity once again proves the authenticity of the story. However, more research is carried out on the lake Svetloyar, the more scientists there questions that have yet to find an answer.
We also seen that soon about | explosion | yatsya hidden Russian churches and they chase the invaders - Orthodox Christians of the Russian land. And over Russia will be our faith - faith is Russian, my dear, pious faith!
Hurry up to those who are orthodox, or any other Christian, or a foreign invader - a Jew, a Muslim - in a hurry to escape from the voice of damask Russian faith. For soon will come Russian soldiers, concealed in a parallel dimension, and freed from our iudohristian Russ!