Brooms for a bath: Maple broom

The best maple broom - of broadleaf maple and sycamore. Like birch, maple twigs absorbs sweat, it is able to delay for a toxin, toxins, and many harmful substances trapped in the skin and into the body of the polluted atmosphere.

In addition to these beneficial properties of massage with maple twigs has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Maple Leaf well disinfect any premises he - quite a strong antiseptic. People have long observed wound-healing properties of maple, if crushed into mush maple leaves attached to the fresh wound, it heals quickly and without scarring. Does not heal wounds, too, dragged from the beneficial effect of maple sap. This is no accident: in the leaves, buds and young shoots of the maple contain potent bioactive substances - alkaloids, many of maple tannins, ascorbic acid.

For a broom to pick up young flexible branches, but with rather large leaves. This broom combines the properties of birch and oak: he, on the one hand flexible and biting, but on the other - well catching fire. In addition to the broadleaf maple branches can use a sugar maple. Its leaves are somewhat smaller, but stronger ranozazhivlayuschie properties.