Doing Business in Russia

Doing Business in Russia

Doing business in Texas in Russia

Co-owner of Giffels Management Russia Christopher Van Riet confident that Russia has many free market niches to run their businesses. For example, the company has to deliver Sturbucks his trademark glasses from the UK, why not organize their production in the country?

Christopher Van Riet was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He studied psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and the economy in Wharton Business School. In 1995 he came to Russia, and in 1999 he started his first entrepreneurial project. Since then, his account is already sold about a dozen projects in various industries, including the supermarket chain "Dixie." In 2006 he founded Giffels Managment Russia, performs development of warehouse and industrial real estate. The total investment in it - $ 350 million.

Christopher Van Riet talks about doing business in Russia in Texas.

What should be an entrepreneur

"This businessman must have a passion for simple ideas, not afraid of the uncertainty in the future, to avoid mistakes and failures, to be creative in overcoming obstacles, and finally, stubborn, obstinate and stubborn again. It is very desirable that had experience in the area in which the planned business. Education - is always good, but sometimes too much knowledge may hinder: start to think, weigh, measure and ... do not.

Trust in our experience, only to him. Do not rely on intuition. There is a good anecdote on this subject. Businessman speaking to graduates of business schools with the story of its success story. At the end of one of the graduates asked him: "What is the secret of your success?" To which he replied: "Right decision." A student asks another question: "How do you make the right decisions?" The businessman again replied: "I experience helps." A student once asked, "How did the experience?" businessman after some thought, admits: "Wrong decisions".

Learn negotiation skills, a person may not be smart, but should be able to communicate with everyone and, of course, with investors. Their work is to give you money. If you have to reach, then ask for more than one million, and $ 15 million immediately. You will need to prove to them that your company will benefit both them and others. Even if the talks fail, you are in any event, earning a reputation. And this invaluable asset.

It often happens that there is a good business idea, but its time has not come yet. Being too early is also bad as it is late. For example, do retail chains in Russia 15 years ago would have been suicidal stunt, think of the market at that time, markets, open markets, and the game is against the rules.

Money - it's a way to influence the situation, but not the goal. If they are, do not abuse it. Do everything by the law, do not give bribes.

Start a business to be in Moscow, as the financial center of it, and then expand to the regions.

Why is it necessary to do business in Russia

Russia - a fantastic country, America - bankrupt. America for the Russians - the country of miracles, for Americans to Russia. But Americans consume too much in the future, Russia will continue to grow retail, healthcare, entertainment sector, as it was in the U.S. and Europe. In Russia, hard living, but it is easy to make money. Business needs to be done here and now. Niches in the market a lot, some are absolutely empty. For example, the company has to deliver Sturbucks his trademark glasses from the UK, because in Russia a quality production is not there. What prevents entrepreneurs in the country with huge forest and water resources to open a factory for the production of good-lined cups for coffee?

The Russians have the money. Thus, in Russia from 15 to 20% of buyers get their flats at once, but in the U.S. this figure is barely 5%. And unlike America's demand for many goods in Russia far exceeds supply. Until now, the Soviet deficit impact. "

When Christopher Van Riet arrived in Russia in 1995, is thought to myself: "Young people rebuilt Russia", - but after a while he added: "Young Russian people have rebuilt Russia." In Russia, people are wonderful, educated, but they find it difficult to work with each other. A market needs good businesses to the Russian approach to the Russian business.

The material was prepared on the basis of the master class, "From business ideas to the market leader," Christopher Van Rita, April 4 in the building of NIU School of Economics.