New Year in Russia

New Year in Russia

New Year can be found in different ways: in a noisy restaurant, for a secular party in the country, in the woods, a glamorous coterie. However, most Russians prefer this important holiday of the year meet in a close family circle. Usually the menu for such celebrations thought out and prepared in advance, given the food preferences of all participants in a feast. Theme parties are always remembered and sent to a museum of memories for a long time. Have an idea to celebrate New Year in Russian.

Russian tradition of celebrating the New Year

Wherever Russian people, in whatever part of the earth may live on the home pulls unbearable. Perhaps it is this nostalgia and makes the Russian party to organize, prepare familiar dishes from childhood. In the tradition of the Russian people celebrate the New Year abundant libations and gluttony, despite the fact that it is on these holidays have strict Advent.

In Russia, the new year began to celebrate the first day of January 1700 only, by decree of Peter the Great. Originally decorated not trees, cherries and specially grown in tubs. The Slavs believed that each tree is endowed with strength, spirit, because for the appeasement of the spirit they were hung on the sweet treats. Christmas tree has become a public place in Russia since 1852 only in the squares and streets of towns and villages.

Russian New Year's table is always crammed with snacks, cakes and delicacies. And in today's traditions of Russian variety of dishes, drinking plenty of fluids and colorfully decorated home.

Russian New Year's menu: a snack table

New Year's menu at russkiSalaty "Olivier," Herring "Under the coat," and jelly fish in the marinade - the traditional dishes of Russian feast. Salad from crab sticks, surimi, with corn and mayonnaise - a modern tradition, which only a few years. Pickles, preserved and pickles are always on the Russian table, on weekdays and holidays thrifty people, dry, harvests, tightening the summer for the winter in the banks.

As snacks are ideal buckwheat pancakes or millet. Two cups buckwheat flour or millet Pour into a container, add two cups of boiling water, stir thoroughly to avoid lumps. In the chilled mixture to add 20-25 grams of yeast diluted in 0.5 cups of warm water. Knead the dough, cover with towel and let it come up twice. Then pour two cups of flour, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, two cups of milk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Bake pancakes on pancake pan, put them slide, smearing butter. On a flat dish on a table full flavored pancake hill, apply the cream, cream, jam, fried mushrooms, honey, melted butter, minced meat, slices of boiled eggs - for all tastes.

Main course New Year's table

New Year's menu at russkiGus in apples, roasted pig, Kurnik puff pastry, roast hare, pies with salmon, cabbage pie, beef stroganoff beef - can continue indefinitely. Each dish of Russian cuisine - a culinary masterpiece, with its own origin story, secrets and traditions.

New Year's goose in Russian requires a lot of time to prepare, but the result will impress the most refined taste gourmet. Goose carcass is first necessary to prepare for baking: clean, gut and salt inside and out, make a few incisions in the skin and lay in these pockets of garlic cloves. Inside the carcass to put a glass bottle with water to form a goose lost, sew up, brush the top with a weak solution of vinegar and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then put the goose in gusyatnitsu and fill a glass of water, place in cold oven and bake for three hours, basting regularly evolved goose juice.

When a table to take out the bottle, put the goose on platter and garnish with any side dishes: baked apples, prunes, boiled or fried potatoes, pickled vegetables.

Russian drinks

Sbiten, stewed fruit, honey, jelly, fruit compote - a partial list of Russian national drink. On New Year's feast in Russian can be prepared one or more of these desserts, surprising their guests.

Suzdal sbiten prepared quickly: a liter of boiled water add 150 grams of honey, boil twenty minutes. 150 grams of sugar ignited a dry frying pan, make a punch. In the boiling honey added to 15 grams of herbs and spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, ginger, boil for five minutes, drain and add drink punch for color. Serve in ceramic jugs sbiten chilled.

It remains to put on the table hearty brew, sweating bottle of vodka, salted cucumbers, a basin, "Oliver," jellied trembling with hot mustard, to get the accordion and sing your favorite song, "Oh, frost, frost."