Russian Cooking: Pork carbonate smoked in "Sharbani"

Preparation time: 90 minutes
Description: "surrey" - this is not horse-drawn wagon on traction .. "Surrey" - it ALL and nothing at the same time .. "Surrey" - it is something ..
The word "charabanc" - it .. charabanc!
The dish is not for every day.
It is simply delicious, and cooked in a metal box in any form - with a tight lid and reshetkoy middle.

Ingredients for "Swine carbonate smoked in" Sharbani "

Carbonate (pork)
Black pepper (ground)
bay leaf

Recipe for "Pork carbonate smoked in" Sharbani

<- This is a weak fire

= Carbonate of pork makes an incision to the bone for a la carte pieces of width 2.5 - 3 cm
= Inside and cuts across the surface of the salt, add pepper, bay leaf and chopped onion half-rings.
= Carbonate wrap with cling film and give the time - soak at least 1 hour.
= About the same you can do: fish, chicken, lamb, beef, etc. Therefore we will call our carb "product."

Cooking = support (stand) under "sharabannitsu." This can be anything (bricks, grill, cut in the ground). Build a fire under the seat installation surrey.
= On bottom of the box should be laid with alder or aspen branches.
= The stele bars in 2-3 layers of aluminum foil. Be laid on the foil prepared product. In the process is not flowed down juice - along the entire perimeter of the foil forming a side height of 2.5 - 3 cm
= Tightly closed box with a lid and set on fire in support.

Swine carbonate smoked in "Sharbani" = Fire was originally to be strong enough to quickly heat up the box, including the cover.
= After a time, from under the lid will break through the smoke - the process has begun. Test for heat: a drop of water got on top of the lid should sizzle and jumping on the cover, as a hot iron.
= Average heat is maintained for 1-1.5 hours of meat, fish 40 minutes.
The heat and the process depends on the product and its volume. All this is important, as they say, "feel". Then the product and will not burn and will not be soggy.

So when the time is:

= Remove a box from fire. We take out the finished product. And piping hot served to the table!

= Before you put the box into the fire, first warm up the cover. Thus will avoid condensation dripping from the cold cap on the product.
= In the process - the fire can maintain anything, because the smell of a campfire inside the box does not fit.
= If the lid bends when heated, prepare in advance - the ee can be pressed.
= After removing from heat, cover open gently. Twigs on the bottom, having access to air, can polyhnut flame. We keep "ready" approximately 0, 5 liters of water to fill the flames. When preparing fish, good splash in the water box with a small amount of vinegar and then close the lid for a few minutes to "flatten" the smell of fish oil.
= Degree of "kopchenosti" regulate the number of branches to smoke, which should be laid on the bottom of the box.

Bon appetite!