Russian strongmen

Russian strongmen


The name of Ivan Maksimovic Poddubny (1871 - 1949) related an epoch in the history of national and international sports. In 1903 he became an outstanding expert Poddubny French struggle. With great power, he in 1905 in Paris, won the title of world champion fighters professionals. For many years, he confirmed this title. '33 Was not inferior to anyone in a row Poddubny belt world champion in wrestling.

Representing the public Poddubny, referees solemnly declared: "To participate in the championship champion champions arrived Ivan Maksimovich Poddubny." To thunderous applause went to the arena to Russian hero in black wrestling tights.

Ivan Poddubny - and that's it!

45 years of his life he spent on the wrestling mat, and only once failed. This happened in 1924 in Moscow, in the second State Circus. With Ivan Poddubny met on the carpet Cossack born in the village district of the Ryazan region of Shatsky Ivan Chufistov. Hour and fifty minutes of this titanic duel continued, which resulted in Ivan Poddubny was tushirovannym on both blades. There is evidence that Poddubny the night away from the circus in a depressed state, and next morning came to the apartment three times its Chufistova and kissed her.

Ivan Poddubny left circus ring at the age of 70 years at the insistence of doctors.


Russian athlete Ivan Zaikin (1880 - 1948) demonstrated his phenomenal force in the arena of the circus. Here's how one passed from his speeches. Ten people bring to the circus sea anchor weighing 25 pounds. Then comes an athlete Ivan Zaikin, easily throws over his shoulders and walks anchor with him around the arena. Another power number, the more complex and difficult: assistants laid rails or I-beam on the shoulders of Ivan as a rocker. Then, at each end of the rail hung on 10-15. Soon on the rail there is a large deflection. In one of the museums of Paris still kept a "gift" Ivan Zaikin: folded them into the ring rail.

One against 22

Famous Russian athlete Ivan Shemyakin (1879 - 1953) had a unique match with 22 wrestlers amateurs with a guarantee that each will fight no more than one minute. The match took place in one night without rest or interruption. Ivan Shemyakin conducted on the carpet 22 contractions in 18 minutes 48 seconds, putting all the blades and at a cost of less than one minute each.

"King of the weights"

Russian athlete Peter Krylov (1871 - 1933), who was called King of the weights, was short, but the topography and the amount of his muscles is striking. Performing unique tricks, Peter cheerfully chatting with the audience. On a special platform lift horse and rider. Then placed on a platform of two dozen people. Hercules, wearing a strap on his shoulders, and lifted this huge burden. Then punch broke a few large boulders, breaking horseshoes.


One of the places of honor in the history of Russian weightlifting is the true name of the athlete Jacob Chekhov. Even during my school years, the Yakub impressed peers and teachers for their exceptional strength.

Later, a fighter-hero triumphantly performed in numerous championships in the French struggle. But the greatest success achieved in Chekhov strength exercises with live weight, where he truly had no equal. Thus, a powerful chest athlete passed three trucks to the public, on his shoulders bent 40 six-inch I-beam or rail. Doing a "bridge", he kept on his 10, his chest was placed a platform on which was placed a brass band of 30 musicians. He threw up six dvuhpudovyh weights and catching them on his chest. Chekhov showed sensational power room: he carried around on one arm extended upwards six soldiers Guards, and was awarded an honorary "gold belt". This power number has not yet been able to replicate any athlete in the world.

In the early 1920s, Yakub directed Chekhov's sports in the Petrograd Military District. His last years Ya Chekhov was at retirement, as pensioner. He died in 1941 in Leningrad.

Appropriate to give the athlete's physique: height - 180 cm, weight - 125 pounds, chest width - 138 cm, neck - 52 inches, biceps - 50 cm.


In the last century on the Volga was known for his extraordinary strength Burlak Nikita LOMOVSKIY. In Astrakhan, he put the pile for the dam and one woman scored their cast-iron, which barely raised eight people.

"Iron Samson"

Several decades of circus posters, never left the name of the athlete Alexander Sasse, speaking under the name Samson. For example, the text of bills Russian strongman Samson during performances in England, "Samson has 25 pounds to him who knocks him down punch in the stomach. Permitted to participate professional boxers. The prize of £ 5 is given to someone who will bend to horseshoe iron rod. " The famous English boxer, to test its strength during a performance of Samson, injured his abdominal hand. A rod, which was discussed, was an impressive rod of square cross section thickness of 1.3 cm in length and a quarter of a meter. In addition to Samson's no one even managed to slightly bend a rod.

In 1938, the English city of Sheffield in front of the assembled crowd of loaded coal truck was moving man, sprawled on the cobbles. People cried out in terror, but a second later heard the shouts of "Hooray for Samson," "Siva Russian Samson!"

Repertoire of force numbers Alexander Zass was varied. For example, he carried on Manege piano to play it a musician and dancer. The total weight of its burden of around 700 kilograms.

"Iron Samson" catch 30-pound hand nucleus that shoots from a circus cannon from a distance of 8 meters from the floor held in the teeth of a metal beam with sitting at the ends assistants. On a platform raised two dozen people, lying bare back on a board studded with nails, kept on the breast a stone weighing 500 pounds. On the shoulders of a special Zass rocker wore on stage two lions.

SHOULDER pushed Steam

On Perm and Tyumen railway locomotive broke down, unable to move back or forward. In this regard, one of the Permian newspaper reported that the July 10, 1905 local athlete Fedor Libra shifted shoulder locomotive inventory of passenger trains on the stretch Shaytanka - Anatolskaya (locomotive No. 456). It happened at 355-verst.

ONE pinky

Russian athlete Nicholas Turbas showed surprising strength number: one finger he raised from the floor to the knee three adult males associated with a towel.


In July 1907 Ukrainian hero, a circus wrestler Terence gave root to the circus of the American city of Chicago and an unusual presentation. He calmly walked into the cage with a huge lion. The predator rapidly rushed to the man. Claws and fangs, "the king of beasts" bit into the body of an athlete. But Terence root, overcoming the superhuman pain, jerked a powerful lion over his head and hurled with great force on the sand. A few seconds later the lion was dead, and Terence Root won a unique prize - a gold medal with the inscription "The winner of the lions."


Russian athlete Pavel Kasyanov, speaking in the arena of the circus in Madrid, agreed to go to combat with swords, and the bull without mulety. In the presence of thousands of spectators, Paul, seizing the moment, one punch kill an angry bull.

Salta with weights

William Moore, the Sign (1877 - 1928), a Russian professional athlete, played a record number of law enforcement. For example, he did a somersault with dvuhpudovymi dumbbells in each hand. Squeezed his right hand two pound dumbbells, putting them one on another.

Man - "CRANES"

A former employee of the Yaroslavl Rubber Plant Alexander V. Glikin profession called simply: the strong man. More than once he saved the mills and factories of long delays and large losses. For personal suggestion Ordzhonikidze sent him to work on a particularly important enterprises, which were constructed and reconstructed in 1930. It is hard to imagine that a man picks up the load from the ground in one ton, is on the shoulders and 40 pounds, moves, gravity-five tons, replaces an entire brigade of riggers. But at that time wrote about him factory newspaper "Red Putilovtsi": "Many workers at the plant will never forget the exceptional case. Recently, in the steel shop was broken crane, which moved the molds of steel. Each half of this form weighs one ton. It was only 11 tonnes. The situation is critical, in the shop a great breakthrough. Who can lift such a weight, addition of a crane? It turned out that may not be a crane, and ... people. Glikin invited. After two hours the forms were moved. "


On one of the parades athletic athlete Sergo Ambartsumyan of Armenia (b. 1910) came to the track stadium with a huge bar on his outstretched hands. At the ends of the bar were two large ball. When Hercules came abreast of the central stadium, ball bar opened, and the audience saw that the balloon sits in full force ... children's football team and the referee (only 12).

I should add that Sergo was a three-time champion of the USSR. Thirty times he renewed the all-Union records.


In 1948, the USSR was declared All-Union competition of athletes. Competition terms were very simple. It could engage every citizen over 18 years. The winner was to be the one who would raise the dumbbell above dvuhpudovuyu are at arm's length the greatest number of times. Chernomorets Anatoly Protopopov fantastic set a record by lifting a weight 1002 times.


Gregory Novak (1919 - 1980) was the first Soviet athlete to become world champion in weightlifting. European Champion (1947), an eightfold champion of the Soviet Union (1940 - 1951) Novak fixed 23 records and 86 world records of the USSR. Honored Master of Sports and ... Honored Artist of the USSR.


Valentin Dikul (b. 1947) - an outstanding athlete of our time. He has served on the circus two unique security number: held on the body metal "pyramid" weighing one ton, and on the back - the car "Volga" (the load was 1570 pounds). The uniqueness of these numbers in the fact that they served as an athlete after a spinal injury. Nearly seven years he could not move. With the help of his own design of simulators has managed to restore the previous form. Now VI Dikul heads the Center for rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury and the effects of cerebral palsy.


June 22, 1992 Working Leven-ray aggregate plant (Orel) Simahin Alexander (born 1954) has established an unusual record for a city festival. For 2 hours, 40 minutes, he made a dash pood weights 3130 times. Weight champion - 87 kilograms 100 grams.


May 1, 1990, 43, miner Vorkuta mine "Vorgashorskaya" Victor Talantsev in the presence of a competent athletic commission lifted a weight tons of jerk - the sports rules - 2500 times (alternately right and left hand). At the same weight has never touched the ground. On setting the record took 2 hours 48 minutes. Registration was carried out to achieve in the open air at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Victor began to exercise (jogging with) when he was 33 years old, and he became interested in weight lifting in just three years prior to his record. Victor growth 170 centimeters and weighs 70 kilograms.

March 15, 1992 W. Talantsev also broke his record: he raised pounds kettlebell jerk Zoe times in 3 hours and 15 minutes. So weightlifter celebrated its 45th anniversary.

Moved the tractors and a truck

Gennady I. Ivanov - Russian hero of the city of Pskov region Opochka (growth 184 centimeters, weight of 138 kilograms) of 33 October 22, 1989 at the stadium, "Torpedo" Moscow budged tractor K-750 "Kirovets" coupled to a motor vehicle ZIL- 130 weighing 18 tons.

May 9, 1990 budged linked together buses "Ikarus" and LAZ, a total weight - 21 tons. On a specially designed construction tore a platform on which there were 11 people weighing 833 pounds and went with the weight of eight steps. In addition, Gennady performed and other power numbers: tearing a deck of cards into eight parts, bend nails, etc.

38 tons from one hand to

Veteran sports from the Karelian town of Belomorsk Efimov chose a peculiar form of protest against the weak development of physical education in the country. In the summer of 1991 he came to throw at the core of the weight of 2.5 kilograms from one hand to another. In one hour record made 15 thousand 350 shots, "peremetav" so 38 tons of metal.

In the bar - and a half tons

Anatoly Samodumov - a mighty man of the town of Serpukhov, Moscow region in March 1990, tore off the ground rod weighing more than a half tons. He was then 52 years. His height is 164 centimeters, weight 70 pounds.


Lidiya Rybakov - the wife of AI Samodumova (its weight - 68 pounds). The way she tore from her husband's land 900 kilograms. March 4, 1990, at age 33, budged bus LAZ with 48 passengers in the cabin of the total weight of 10 tons 850 pounds.


40-year-old Ivan Veniaminovich Shutov from Izhevsk is considered to be the successor of the famous Samson. It is also sometimes referred to as "a man with an iron hand." For 12 years he acted as a professional circus artist power. Played a unique power numbers with nails, for which he was nicknamed "the king of nails." Out of the 200-millimeter nails it, for example, knitting ... marine sites, hand nail. "The King of nails" raises his little finger a weight 64 kg, juggling heavy dumbbells and a barbell, freely bend into an arc crowbar, tearing iron chains.

"The man with iron teeth"

16-year-old Vephia Suluashvili received this title after the September 1990 dragged 40 meters chetyrehtonny truck ... the teeth. Steel wire rope, for which he was pulling teeth truck was not equipped with any special devices. Vephia, whose name translates from Georgian as "Tiger", insists that his teeth never hurt.

AIRCRAFT IS on a leash

20-year-old Svetlana Gavrilin of Serpukhov in December 1991 moved the 40-ton TU-134 at Sheremetyevo Airport. The plane, which was pulling a light attached to the front of the chassis "leash", moved first to 10 centimeters, then 20, then to the meter ...

Prior to his record of seven years, Svetlana was engaged ... the ballet. The growth of 164 centimeters, weight 56 ​​kg. From ballet to the bar of the machine it has met with Anatoly Samodumovym Serpukhov weightlifters and Lydia Rybakova. After six months of training has steadily raised the light on the belt 500 kilograms, a year - bar mounted on the belt, on which sat seven adults.


October 19, 1991 33-year-old resident of the village, Masis region of Armenia Artashat Robert Galstyan dragged by taking a steel cable with his teeth, three railroad cars weighing 183 tons ~ 10 pounds in 2 meters 25 centimeters. July 21, 1992 near Moscow station Shcherbinka he set a new world record by dragging 2 cars, covered with gravel and weighing 219 tons 200 kilograms, at 7 meters. Prior to this, several men tried unsuccessfully to move the cars from the place of hands.


Tug of war has long been a favorite pastime for bio Russian revels. The first official competition in tug of war was held in Moscow in January 1992. At the tournament, "Crystal Elephant" in the Luzhniki gathered warriors from all over Russia. The winning team from the village Bachatskij Kemerovo region. And the most powerful "tractor" tournament proved to be a leader bachattsev, 150-pound driver KamAZ Nikolai Plotnikov.