Russian bogatyr Jakub Chekhovskoy

One of the places of honor in the history of Russian weightlifting is the name of the true athlete Yakub Chekhov. Back in my school years, Jacob impressed peers and teachers for their exceptional strength. Later wrestler hero triumphantly performed in numerous championships against the French. But the greatest success achieved in Chekhov strength exercises with a live weight, where he really had no equal. Thus, through the mighty chest athlete passed three trucks with the audience, his shoulders bent 40 or six-inch I-beam rails. Doing a "bridge", he kept to himself 10 people were placed on his chest platform on which was placed a brass band of 30 musicians. He threw up the six-pound weights and caught them on his chest. Chekhov showed a sensational power number: he carried around in one hand extended upwards six soldiers Guards, for which he was awarded an honorary "golden girdle." This power number has not yet been able to replicate any athlete in the world. In the early 1920s, Jacob Chekhov led out at the Petrograd Military District. Last years Ya.Chehovsky was in retirement, as pensioner. He died in 1941 in Leningrad. Athlete and a fighter Jakub Chekhovskoy. Today is the name we have almost forgotten. And yet this was a person, worthy in every respect. Not a mistake to say - legendary. Chekhov name down in history not only domestic but also international sports. Along with names like Ivan Poddubny, Ivan Zaikin, Georg Lurih, Stanislav Zbyshko Tsyganevich. His Yacoub, phenomenal force is the subject of admiration and pride in physical capabilities. All his public appearances, they say, poured shaft. And not only in provincial cities and towns, and in the capitals - Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw.

This city was not backwater 

Let's take a "ride" time machine and bypassing the twentieth century, fast forward to the nineteenth. In his 70's and 80's. And a leisurely stroll through the streets of the then Catholic and present - Soviet. So, with those ancient times to the present day preserved the original two-story building. Now this house number 1. On its front wall draws our attention involuntarily colorful mural with angels and birds. Today, it is, perhaps, hardly anyone remembers that in this historic building with walls once stood tolschennymi Collegium - an educational institution owned by the Dominicans, known Catholic orders. But in the XIX century it already has Grodno men's classic high school. It had an excellent reputation. However, not only in the Grodno province, but in the whole of the North West province. Its director Alexander Favstovich Pigulevskaya, who later became a district inspector, different progressive views. He encouraged not only by the desire for knowledge, but also the arts and literature in the students. Are often held art exhibitions. This was even reported in the pages of "Provincial Gazette." And no wonder that the walls of the Grodno came many talented high school students, who later played an important role in science, literature, arts, health, and military affairs. One of the high school students of Grodno was also Jacob Avraamovich Cech, who entered the history of the sport and athleticism named Yakub. Here in the city over the Niemen, and he was born in December 1879.

"In a healthy body - healthy mind" 

This statement of the ancient Romans, according to the classical system of education, was taken into service in the gymnasium in Grodno. As you know, in the years of physical education teachers in general and in particular the gym is not ready. Typically, their function was performed by the military. Graduated from the cadet corps and military school, they had some of my knowledge and skills to enable them to engage with young people. But sometimes, that those teachers replaced Feldwebel or other so-called lower ranks of the tsarist army. But they are mainly addicted soldiers drill, alternating it with the usual shagistikoy. Use from this training was, of course, a little. But here's the Grodno school, where he studied the young Chekhov, lucky. Gymnastics in her teaching Lieutenant Nikolay S. Erofeev. In the past, a graduate of the Vilnius cadet school, he served in one of the infantry regiments stationed in Grodno. Erofeev lieutenant tried to make lessons interesting exercises, taking care of the general physical development of their wards. Subsequently, in adulthood, Chekhov kind word recalled his first teacher of gymnastics, if you will - his first coach. Solomin, for example, urged the children to deal with their own, and even better - form groups. He rightly believed that collective training in peer groups do more good. If only because developing the spirit of healthy competition. Being in the senior secondary classes, Cech became interested in the circus. Inquisitive young man liked to be in the local theater, which remained in the city ever since Tiesenhausen. In its walls concerts, musical evenings. Was popular among the urban and circus entertainment. Most often, the visiting. Schoolboy Cech just raved circus athletes. It delighted the big guy in tights, scruff lovivshie iron balls and pood

Examples worthy of imitation
Wanting to be the same as his favorites - circus Hercules, schoolboy Cech also decided to develop the power. To start peered into the shop and iron hardware and eye on common weights used by market traders. Purchased them and brought home in a cab. Place to buy determined by the bed. And came up with all sorts of exercise, wanting to "pump up" effect. Some odd way of his passion for the ward knew Lieutenant Erofeev. He approved undertakings Yakub and simultaneously gave a small booklet to read in the gray cover. Her name was promising - "Exercise with weights." Long remember the words of the young man, written on the first page: "Let our little book dedicated to the gym with weights, will be widely distributed and promotes a healthy, fresh and vigorous life." Besides a pleasant farewell, the book contains valuable practical advice for how to train with weights. On its pages you can also read the interesting historical facts. With weights, for example, existed in ancient Greece. What were they lead. Gymnasts use them in training. Image of such scenes has reached our days on Greek vessels made of clay. Regular classes with the weights given the opportunity to develop a fair amount of Chekhov's youthful strength. He demonstrated it time and again to their peers, the students. Jacob, for example, raise the hands of three of their comrades and twisted them into a kind of "Carousel." For all classes of high school went for a walk on the glory strength and agility Yasha. He was recognized as the first athlete. Many high school students following the example of Grodno Chekhov began to exercise, trying to be a be a recognized authority. Rumors about the achievements of schoolboy Chekhov went to the city, learn about them and their parents. They could not get enough of her son, which are becoming healthy and strong. Yes, they were not against the first son hobbies Kettlebell exercises. After all, after all, was the first of Yash amateur weightlifter. Albeit only in the hometown ... High-school course was over, and I had to think about where the youngest of Chekhov's determined. Elder - Abraham M. - wanted his son to be a lawyer, a lawyer who brilliantly won the most difficult trials. So venerable attorney as thunder struck decision son go to university, and the military. And not just anywhere, but in the Grodno Hussars volunteer!

"Pass-hussar regiment longhorn"
These words are taken from the once popular war song. It praises the dashing fellows with corkscrew curled mustache. This they used to live "in the smoky field, in the bivouac, the glowing lights." So wrote about them famous hussar singer-Denis Davydov. Poet-partisan, one of the heroes of the War of 1812. But, perhaps, for all those who served in the hussar units, for life remained excellent deportment so screwed in hussar mustache. As strange as it to hear, but the Guards Grodno Hussars any Grodno, or in its vicinity never located. It is named in memory of the war in 1812, although it was formed 12 years later. Apparently, the name was in some part due to the actions of the guerrillas Denis Davydov, who freed Grodno from the French. To join the regiment of Chekhov's had to go to Warsaw. It was in this city lodge then this military unit. Serve within it was considered a matter of honor. Hussars proud history of his regiment. If you recall, in November 1837 the regiment was transferred from the Caucasus, Lermontov. True, while the regiment was in Novgorod. A disgraced poet served in Grodno Hussars just before April 1838. Thanks to the efforts of her grandmother, he was transferred to St. Petersburg. A few decades later, the regiment was awarded the Standard of St. George, which could see the inscription: "In contrast to the Turkish War of 1877-1878.". In the lists of personnel illustrious name of the volunteer regiment Yakub Chekhov find only in 1902. Ahead loomed the straps cornet - the first officer's rank, which honors volunteering.< The former imperial army is the difference between a simple soldier, and as a volunteer was only in small indulgences for the latter. Yes, the fact that officers and junior ranks of non-commissioned officer rank styled them "you." But in addition to purely Soldiers training Hussars Chekhov was something that distinguishes him from Bravo Cavalry fraternity. Every spare minute he used for sports training. At the same parade ground, which hosted the drill, Yakub perform gymnastic exercises on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, jump over the so-called "mare." But especially lean on exercises with weights. He raised them, and then threw up. This, he argued, is not only well develops strength, but also allows you to feel the weight. In Grodno Hussars regiment had its own festival, celebrated every year. He crouches on July 11, called Holguin day. On this occasion wears ceremonial uniform: dark green dolman, above it - keep a special cord mentik, crimson breeches with white releases on the sides. Headdress was too much Hussar sample. On his feet - the so-called boots or boots with short tops. Heels, of course, silver spurs. They merged into a kind of ringing music, when printing a step in review, were officers. And behind them - regular ranks. Literally the first regimental holiday surprised everyone volunteer Cech. It happened after the ceremony, when he began sporting event. Chekhov at his request, brought the horse. He took off his dress uniform, crawled under the horse's belly, and took it on his shoulders and stood up. Roar of approval swept across the parade ground. But the strong man took the time to put human cargo back to the ground, and slowly walked to him on the floor. Somewhat later, the horse weighed. Weight pulled by as much as 400 kilograms. Watch all these regimental commander beckoned to Chekhov and gave him permission to visit Warsaw Fencing and gym. But what he saw there Yakub, he was immediately disappointed. He needed no gymnastics and fencing, and power lifting. But it was in that time, mostly in the walls of circuses. That is where grown athletes. But the circus backstage at the military arena entrance was closed At the beginning of the last century, the owner of the circus in Warsaw Alexander Ciniselli. He valued high reputation of his establishment, and therefore circus program is of high class. Here, for example, gave the famous clown Zhakalino, however, a friend of the writer Kuprin and singer Chaliapin. However, the circus was at the time a major hit. A major attraction for visitors was the so-called stunt. It was, of course, a spectacular show. On the fight, for example, wrote such famous authors as Alexander Kuprin, Valentin Kataev, Yuriy Olesha. But in Warsaw circus arena of struggle more diversified sorts of inventions. One of them promoted the poster which read: "Everyone has withstood five minutes against the champion will receive a prize - PLN 300." Read something like this on one of the streets of Warsaw and Cech had a great desire to participate in this business. Dressed in a cheap suit from Łódź cloth, he and his colleagues went to the circus. And just then the referee, leaving the middle of the stage, in a loud voice shouted: "Who will stand against our champion to give the poster prize - PLN 300!" We have, they say, without cheating. Try to force the authority of the circus came obscure athletic young man by the name of Chekhov. Started a fight that lasted less than three minutes. Newbie grabbed an armful of professional champion and pripechatat on both blades. What started here - you can learn from the morning Warsaw newspapers. Published the first series and lodges for a time into one roaring, raging delight solid mass. - Hooray! We took! - Shouted from the top, from where were friends Hussars Chekhov. The news of the "hardware" Grodno Hussar spread quickly through Warsaw. Soon know about it in the whole of the Russian Empire. And first of all - in its circuses. t is natural that after such a loud, unexpected return of Chekhov's famous hussar entrepreneurs invited to become a professional wrestler. However, this coincided with his longtime desire. The more so as a volunteer he could be short-lived. Five minutes cornet came to the conclusion that military career was not his calling. However, parents were not against the intentions of his son. But for others, Grodno neighbors, a new selection of James seemed at least strange. In their minds did not fit the young man with a high school education will be circus performer, showman. Let them be, at worst, to define a clerk at a local tobacco factory Sheryshevkogo or by rail to its local stations. But not in the circus! But Jacob Cech was adamant. Moreover, he decided to start his wrestling way not just anywhere, but in his native Grodno. In the arena of the circus, which, as before, the brothers kept Efimov. Soon the streets of the provincial city the poster, which announces that the arena of the local circus act of unprecedented power lifter named Ichadzhi. It was the pseudonym of Chekhov. The townsfolk long wondered who it is: Persian, Turkish, Arabic ...

And his fame has found 

If the front of the wrestling life was bright and attractive, it's the reverse side of this it can be said. It consisted of a continuous chain of wandering. From city to city. From Circus Circus. Make a map of the Chekhov-speaking Ichadzhi impossible. Still, something could be installed. In 1908, for example, he played the entire season in Moscow and Yuzofke. A year later - in Voronezh. In 1910 - in Tula. But in 1913 - alternately Permi, Arkhangelsk, Kovno, Vilna, Dvinsk, in 1915 - in Siberia, Irkutsk and Chita. And everywhere the public poured onto the shaft of the distant speech Ichadzhi Grodno. And yet, despite the success, Ichadzhi existed on circus stage for long. Soon it was replaced by another pseudonym - Yakub, that was a little closer to his real name Jacob. One way or another, but for fans of fighting Jakub Cech remained sample. It can be argued that among the Russian pre-revolutionary fighters he was one of those who are most closer to the style is the classic struggle. But still, on the whole world, he became known as a past master to work with weights. Demonstrating the exercises with dumbbells and other weights with a "dead" and "live" weight, it led the audience in raptures. For example, in St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Manege, he raised "a bunch" of six stalwart soldiers Grenadier Regiment. Such a miracle, the public has never seen. For this achievement, Yakub was awarded an honorary gold belt athletic society. And it was, I tell you what, because the weight is not puny six grenadiers, according to experts, is not less than 400 kilograms. Subsequently, more than once or twice Jakub enthralled audience. Its fantastic strength, numbers were legendary. He has been awarded many honors, awards. Chekhov had a chance to live in the Soviet era. He continued his speech at the

Appropriate to give the physique athlete: height - 180 cm, weight - 125 pounds, bust - 138 cm, neck - 52 inches, biceps - 50 centimeters.