April 18 (April 5, Old Style)

Fedulov day. Fedulov Vetrennik. Theodulus reader. On this day, begin to blow warm spring winds. April lip blew - blew enclosure. With the first spring arrivals crickets and the wind settled in the garden. "At Fedulov dissolved okonnitsu. Why say so? Yes, because in this day had to be open and talk to save his house from rotting winds, from vytya evil forces, from the turmoil. Spoke again: "Before Fedulov who okonnitsu dissolved - the bad weather hit," Before Fedulov windows wide open - the way spring heat stagnation. "
That's when it was a real spring warmth. Therefore, in people as of this day said: "I came Fe-blowing, the heat blew out the windows opened, hut without firewood to heat." Although every course, could happen. Sometimes that zaplutav somewhere down the road, southerly winds late for the meeting since April, and then insulted Fedulov, shivering wrapped in a long coat, and old men sadly shrugged, sighing: "Fedulov lips puffed out."
However, maybe he does not get angry at the wind, and the people who had opened a window of time, letting the house deceptive warmth, which, according to custom, do, of course, was impossible: "In the past Fedulov windows wide open - the way spring heat stagnation" .
Although good-natured Fedulov rarely offended, often trying to cheer yes please. After all, how much nicer it was when the people about him with love and warm recollections. Why be sad if "with Fedulova day cricket, even under the hearth singing songs, and a woman doing the cooking more fun." And on the hills, Kissed by the sun, already swirling in colorful spring dance first bugs and butterflies - krushinnitsy yellow, white cabbage, orange ladybugs.Remember how hard we ask a child this little fun with bright black spots bug: "God, ladybug, fly away to heaven, bring me some bread, black and white, but not burnt." By the way, "cow" it was only in Russia, the British called him the "beetle of Our Lady", French "God skotinkoy" and the Germans "lamb of God." But, as you can see, all recognized for his divine origin, and all as one asked him to bring some bread from heaven, and as far as possible without flaws.
This strange, at first glance, the consensus is explained very simply. Indeed, so far among all of these people live the legend of the beautiful wife of the thunder god, that all the other expensive clothes preferred red robe. With the carelessness of the first celestial beauty took her courtship of other gods, for which he paid. Once one of the peers, learns about his wife in anger tan Thunderer his transcendental palace, and his wife, a beautiful woman turned into a tiny red bug, sending the earth live out their days among the green meadows and pastures. And her former admirer (on some versions, her sons) were seven black spots on the once elegant scarlet robe of a goddess.
They say that since zamalivaya their sins, ladybug regularly goes to heaven, trying to soften her ex-husband, while at the same time, knowing very grief and despair, and transmits the requests of people. However, the Thunder to the complaints and appeals are rarely listen, so our daily bread people are left to fend. And not just on how to grow it, but save for the possibility of tasty and fresh.