GAZ-A - one of the first Russian car

December 6, 1932, 75 years ago, the conveyor of the Gorky Automobile Factory (GAZ) came the first Russian car mass conveyor assembly, known as GAZ-A.GAZ-A - car of the middle class with an open four-door five-seater body type "Phaeton." In case of bad weather it was possible to raise the canvas awning over the door and fasten the canvas sides.The prototype of the GAZ-A has become a model of American factory Ford (Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company) - Ford A (Ford A, Ford A Phaeton). GAZ-A manufactured by licenses purchased by the Soviet government in the United States in 1929 from Henry Ford (Henry Ford). In the machine design have been some changes in accordance with a difficult driving conditions of the USSR.Car GAZ-A retained the same plumage, the frame of the windscreen, dashboard and front doors, like the first car of the Gorky automobile plant - truck GAZ-AA. Were the same engine, steering and electrical equipment. However, the chassis of passenger cars had a completely different design. Front and rear axle were connected to a light stamped frame spar type two transverse springs. Nickel-plated radiator was decorated with the first emblem of the Gorky automobile plant - black oval with the letters "GAS".Much in the construction of the GAZ-A appears in our day awesome: Tape hand-brake the rear wheels, no device to adjust the valves, a very small degree of compression, so in hot weather, when conditions are favorable liquid evaporation, the engine could even run on kerosene. In the speedometer was not familiar hands: in the window unit moved deposited on the drum figures, indicating the speed. Triple windshield was made of two layers of glass with padded transparent flexible film. When you hit a triplex was covered with a thick layer of cracks, but not disintegrated into individual crystals, as the invention of later tempered glass. For the convenience of the driver on the windshield wipers were vacuum and the rearview mirror.GAZ-A was equipped with a 4-cylinder engine producing 40 hp. with. allowing development of 90 km / h, which in itself is not enough.GAZ-A used as a taxi (GAZ-A was the most massive model of a taxi the first half of 1930), and as company cars. GAZ-A is actively supplying the Red Army. Based on the GAZ-A produced several types of ambulances with original body design.GAZ-A was produced from 1932 to 1936 at the Gorky automobile plant, and from 1933 to 1935 at the Moscow plant KIM. In total 41,917 cars were produced.Six cars GAZ-A participated in the famous rally Moscow-Kum-Moskva (1933). Overcoming more than 9,500 km, of which 6,000 were dirt and the dirt roads and 1000 - shifting sands, they reached the finish line without major breakdowns.In place of the GAZ-A model has come of its own design - GAZ-M1, the legendary "Emka. A copy of the GAZ-A is still carefully preserved in the Museum of GAZ.On this Site