April 26 (April 13 Old Style)

Fomaida Bees. Bumblebees murmur. Ugodnitse Fomaide supposed to pray from sexual lust. The reason for that served as a story about life itself Fomaidy martyr and legend about the wonders of having committed at the relics of her coffin.
On this day, went into the forest to collect lungwort. It grows on forest edges and clearings of deciduous and mixed forests. One of the first blooms, often in conjunction with snowdrops. People have long noticed that the use of lungwort in food has a beneficial effect on the body. Her long used in folk medicine in Russia. Bees may be the earliest lettuce plants grown in open ground. In the refrigerator it can be stored in a plastic bag of 15-20 days. Surprisingly, in the opinion of the Russian people, this amazingly fragrant flower for seven miles overflew bees.