April 27 (April 14 Old Style)

Martyn Lisogon. Raven Celebration. Bird lore. For signs of hunters, it is a day of resettlement foxes from the old to the new burrow. They awake from this slumber not only as the crows will peck at them. It is believed that the first three days and three nights in their new home and they are blind and deaf. Hunter believed that after resettlement blind foxes can be three days to catch with bare hands. "Foxes scavenge among the stumps, running at people." "The Martin kuryachya blindness foxes attacks." On this day, notice that the raven bathes her children and lets them go to a separate family habitation.Raven for the Russian people - an ominous bird. If he croaks, the ulterior motive and not for good. "Raven croaks, unfortunately, as the crow - to bad weather" - the people said. If a flock of crows croaks in the summer - to be the rain, if the winter - to frost. Who sings in the woods and see a crow, to encounter a wolf. Raven croaks to the church - to the dead in the village; croaks on the house - to the dead in the yard. Through which the court crow flew cawing, there will be a dead man.With Martynov day in the southern provinces of Russia went into the field - began early plowing, harrowing zyabi, sowing of crops. Therefore, look after: what to this day, the weather dropped out. Clear and warm day, was glad: he promised a good harvest. In Martin's day and worked in the fields from dawn to dusk to prepare for sowing a large area to plant more.