Cars GAZ 53

One of the most popular cars in the Soviet GAZ-53, can still be seen on the streets of our cities.Which only work not performed this truck, the car has found application in various fields of national economy. At its base was built and utility vehicles, and fire trucks, and agricultural equipment and much more. Many people are unaware how many chassis modifications were established for all time at the Gorky Automobile Plant.The first car of the family of 52 - 53 GAZ-53F appeared in October 1961. At its core, 3-ton truck was a transitional model and assemble carburettor row "Six", which represents a forced version of the engine GAZ-11.The cab of the truck had a new modern design than their predecessors. The car could tow a trailer weighing up to 4 m. Production of this car lasted until January 1967 .. Since June 1964, the base model of the Gorky Automobile Plant to become a truck GAZ-53. This modification of the GAZ-53F and a transition model to GAZ-53A. 3-ton load capacity in contrast to his predecessor, he has a new engine capacity 115 l / s, allowing a maximum speed of the car increased to 85 km / h.A year later, in June 1965 with the pipeline began to descend the GAZ-53A. He, like the GAZ-53 came with a V-shaped "figure eight". Carrying capacity of the new machine has increased to 4m. Large amount of body, and the narrow ladders board to meet your duty regardless of the type of cargo. Based on this truck GAZ built for the Saransk factory dump GAZ-53B-02.Compared to the base vehicle has been reduced length of the frame, removed the tow unit, and to improve cross-mounted tires with special tread pattern. Was created the same way and truck GAZ-53-05 is designed to work with a 3-ton trailer. Another modification of the GAZ-53A is a GAZ-53A-016 - the machine with additional equipment and two fuel tanks with total capacity of 195 l and a total weight of 3,325 kg curb weight. But already since 1966, the plant began producing GAZ-52-03, carrying capacity 2500 kg, but with a long (3700 mm) as a GAZ-53 wheelbase.Especially for a complete buses and other specialized vehicles were produced GAZ-52-01. The total weight of the towed trailer is 2,5 m. The cars were supposed to change on a conveyor belt longevity GAZ-51A. But this was after only ten years old when in 1975 the assembly line instead of the GAZ-51A began to descend korotkobaznye (3300 mm) GAZ-52-04 with the parts and units of the GAZ-51A. Thus, from 1966 to 1975, GAZ manufactured two basic models of GAZ-53A and GAZ-52-03.Since 1983. mastered the production of upgraded GAZ-53-12 load capacity 4,5 t. The changes affected the engine and radiator grille. At the same time the plant began manufacturing the modification of the truck. Machine, the liquefied gas, has an index of GAZ-53-19, and compressed natural gas - GAZ-53-27.
Continued until mid-80's issued and long base GAZ-52-08, also works on gas. The last truck of the family rolled out in 1990