The ceiling of plasterboard

Plasterboard has several benefits. Its application allows to achieve a very smooth surface. All myprekrasno know that the ceilings in our homes can not be called even, in some cases, the differences may reach 8 or even 10 inches! He will hide all the cracks and flatness of the ceiling, above all drywall installation is simple and does not take much time.
The ceiling of plasterboard gives great scope for the designer fantasies. You can do almost everything as a single-level and multi-level ceiling, and a variety of prominent figures and much more. And what opportunities are given raster fixtures. You can make a colorful glow in different areas of the ceiling, and the difference in luminosity. Design plasterboard ceiling is so varied that it makes sense to write about this whole book.
Surprisingly, the ceiling of plasterboard is suitable for almost any room.
It can be done either in the living room and bedroom. Bathroom includes waterproof sheets. Above all, drywall is considered an environmentally friendly material because it is produced without synthetic additives, and using only natural ingredients: gypsum board, fiber-reinforced.
Acid indicators around gypsum are human, so it is not harmful to humans. The advantage of the drywall ceiling in the fact that it has good sound quality and fire resistance.
So if you have noisy neighbors above, feel free to recommend you to ask such ceilings, so you will save your nerves. But we must take into account that the ceiling of the drywall will not be able to withstand flood. So if you fill the neighbors, you will find a decent portion of a hassle. If this happens, first we should wait until dry ceiling, and then see what to keep and what to replace.
Before you finally decide, to put a ceiling made of plasterboard or not, please note the following points.
Decide how much space you want to give the ceiling. For example, an ordinary lamp, has a height of 50mm, that is already at least have to leave 6 cm In addition, the ceiling must conceal pipes, wires, air ducts, so the ceiling will be lower.
Installation of drywall carried out by experts. But with the help of our website can make installation of the drywall ceiling with his hands, while saving your money.
The ceiling of plasterboard rather ponderous construction. The weight of one square meter is 15 - 20 kg. Given that the length of a sheet width of 2.5 meters from 0.5 meters to 0.6 is one such design is almost impossible to lift, so you need to work at least twice. If you already have experience in installation of drywall, then the day you can have time to make the order of 12-15 square meters.
When did you decide to install a ceiling of gypsum board by hand, then have the following tools: an electric drill, hammer, scissors, metal, hammer + something suitable for plastering.Installation of plasterboard ceiling is made in several stages.
The first thing to note where it should be zero, and then carry out installation profiles. Pay special attention to technical characteristics of the suspension system. It is necessary that it was designed for a load of not less than 14 kg per square meter. The framework itself must be correctly set so that it was no hesitation. Otherwise, to set ceilings will emerge cracks.
After this basic framework sheathe sheets of plasterboard. The resulting joints between gypsum sheets obscure the putty to seal. Then at these seams are glued special bandage-serpyanka, then all well and shpaklyuyut zashlifovyvayut (how to make sealing the joints between gypsum sheets on pages of our website). After embarking on the last stage of work to paint the ceiling. You can use almost any paint, the most important to choose the right soil.
To properly install the ceiling of plasterboard sheets need to know and observe a few simple rules. The sheets of drywall should not be placed on the edge, it is better to put in a horizontal position, as this material is susceptible to deformation. If you are going after the installation of drywall sheets to hold wet plaster and paint work, you'd better buy a water resistant drywall. But if the ceiling contains many bends or arches, you can buy the usual plaster, since it is more flexible, well-exposed curves.
Well-established ceiling of plasterboard creates coziness and will serve you for years.

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