The device of multi-level ceiling

Multilevel ceilings came when the idea to create a residential area of large spaces, the connection of several rooms in the unit. It is multi-level ceilings perform the task of separation of residential areas in the room. Falling or rising, the ceiling makes it clear that the band goes into the living room area of ​​the dining room, hallway or kitchen.

But not just for the sake of originality, and beauty is a multi-level ceiling. For the repair of old apartments there is a need to hide the ventilation ducts, structural engineering, which can not be removed.

Multilevel ceilings from gypsum cardboard collected from the rails and rack sections, secured to the concrete ceiling of the apartment. It is necessary to provide sufficient rigidity.

Plasterboard with a V-shaped grooves are mounted on a frame made of PP profiles 60x27, which are fastened to each other in the ground level changes with the angle connectors, and an overlap - with the help of direct suspension.

It should be noted that when constructing suspended ceilings at considerable distances from the overlap of inventory suspensions are not always applicable. In this case, perform a variety of handmade pendants, often of metal profiles PS, PP, etc.

In the space of planes overhead can find various types of spotlights that highlight their shape.

Fixtures located on the perimeter of the room, hidden from the eyes of decorative elements, facing upward, forcing "soar" ceiling. It will seem high, regardless of the actual size of the room

Of gypsum boards, you can create the most complex curvilinear forms and ceiling curves. Used for the sheet width not exceeding 600 mm, with a minimum bending radius of 12.5 mm thick sheet of about 1000 mm. With decreasing thickness of the drywall bending radius is also reduced, so for sheet thickness of 9 mm minimum bending radius is 500 mm.

The process of bending drywall gypsum based on the property to increase the plasticity of the wet, where it can be recast. After drying, is a restoration of the hardness of gypsum, resulting in a new form of fixed (fixed).

Many designs include the creation of various types of curved interior walls. Sheets of drywall in this case formed by the pattern and recorded in the usual way to rack profiles.

To install the rack sections should be on the floor and ceiling fix guide profiles that are pre-forming.

When repairing the apartments are widely used replacement rectangular arched doorway on which looks more modern and attractive. Produced by different firms specialized arched profiles very greatly simplify the procedure for obtaining the desired curved surfaces, and finished designs differ in almost ideal fit and smooth corners.
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