The jury found computer Bout

PlotsThe trial of Victor Bout in New York10/18/2011The Prosecutor's Office presented to the court data from the computer Bout

The jury of the New York court hearing the case of Russian businessman Victor Bout, who reviewed the data from the personal computer of the defendant. According to Associated Press, these data were presented at a meeting of the prosecution, on Monday, October 17.
Experts who have studied computer Booth, found that shortly before his trip to Thailand in 2008, the businessman was collecting information on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). It is this organization recognized by the U.S. terrorist, Bout, according to the prosecution, was going to sell a large quantity of weapons.
The hearing on the merits Booth began in New York on October 12.
The U.S. authorities accuse Russians of conspiring to sell weapons and support terrorist organizations, conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and other crimes.
Bout was arrested in March 2008 in Bangkok, where, according to the prosecution, he came to a deal to sell weapons FARC. In November 2010 the Russians was extradited to the United States.
Bout has denied all the charges against him, and his defense claims that he came to Thailand to bargain for the sale of aircraft.