Putin rejected a comparison with Brezhnev

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, answering questions from the leaders of the three heads of federal channels, dismissed suggestions that, if his newly elected president of the country, the country will return to stagnation, "Brezhnev era."
According to him, you should not compare because none of the postwar Soviet leadership did not work as hard as he or President Dmitry Medvedev: General Secretary could not do it for physical reasons, and political ("due to lack of understanding what to do ").
Observers began to remember the Brezhnev era, after the September it was announced that the next presidential term will not run for Medvedev and Putin: current prime minister, compared with Brezhnev on the possible length of time in power. Responding to questions from journalists, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, said that Brezhnev was "a huge plus for the country."
Responding to questions from Konstantin Ernst, Oleg and Vladimir Kulistikov Dobrodeyev, as a good example Putin cited the U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was in office three terms in the most difficult periods for the United States.

Source: Lenta.ru