VAZ 2107

VAZ-2107 VAZ / Lada 1500SL/Lada Riva ("Seven") - rear wheel drive four-door sedan Volga car with an improved exterior design. At the time this machine has earned in the southern republics of the former Soviet Union known as "Russian Mercedes" for a characteristic appearance. The car is based on the basic model of the family - VAZ 2105.

As a former "Six" - was considered more prestigious than the VAZ-2103 and VAZ-2107 VAZ / Lada 1500SL/Lada Riva ("Seven"), issued in 1982, compared to the "five" was exclusive to themselves. On the other hand, engineers have designed a fully justified on the basis of a purely "utilitarian form" in the production of low-cost small car of its "deluxe" version. The differences are already noticeable in appearance: a decision from the front of the bonnet vyshtampovkoy under the metal chrome grille (under the hood is very rusty), new rear block lights. Inside the machine is fully consistent with the then current notions of aesthetics (early 1980): "antiglare" instrument panel with tachometer, additional service gauges and instruments. The anatomical seats with improved quality finish on the background of the consistency of VAZ-2105 look more impressive: the front backrests are made from zatselo headrests in the back rear folding armrest has a special. But for such equipment vendors (and earlier state) asks for more money than even the classic VAZ-2106 front-wheel or three-door hatchback car VAZ-2108. In "Seven" improved passive safety, a good all-round visibility is restricted, however, rear racks and high-backed seats, but the advantages of dynamic engines nullify the bad and the lack of assembly of a corrosion body. Disappointing as the scourge of all rear-wheel drive "Lada" - high loading height boot, the problem with the engine block, camshaft belt breaks and neprotyanutye bolting cars built between 1990 and 1996.

Originally on VAZ-2107, -21 072, -21 074 installed four-cylinder carbureted engines, respectively, models 2103, 2105 and 2106. These engines can meet with a uniform (1987) four-and five-speed (VAZ-2112) transmissions. A five-speed manual for the VAZ-21 074 in 1992, slightly modernized. Since 1990, the engines are fitted with newly designed connecting rods, and after four years on the little common modification of the VAZ-21 072 engines began to establish VAZ-21011 with chain-driven camshaft. All the engines for "Seven" in 1995, not equipped with relay-breaker PC-492, which can be determined by the parking brake for braking the constant glow of his warning lamp.

For the European market, according to the requirements of environmental protection since 1991, producing 21 073 VAZ-sedan, equipped with a 1.7-liter engine producing 84 hp with central injection and catalytic converter. Produced for the Chinese market model VAZ-2107 Series N71 with 66-horsepower 1.45-liter short-stroke engine VAZ-21033-10, running on gasoline A-76 (the other "seven" work only on gasoline with an octane rating no lower than 91). Also on special orders the plant produces luxury sedans VAZ-21079 with vyuokooborotnym rotary-piston Wankel engine, which if broken, it is very rare. However, in this case, it can be repaired only in the company's service center VAZ. Ordinary consumers as voracious and unstable at high speeds the car is, perhaps, to anything. Spring suspension all-wheel energy intensive satisfied and comfortable ride. However, the annoying squeaks dashboard ergonomics old workspace nonrectilinear ramp-down (very informative steering constantly have to monitor the trajectory of motion). Large and uneven gaps between the panels of doors, hood and body - over time these problems are spreading due to normal wear and fatigue failures vehicle deformation and strength of the vehicle.

Many of the cars sold in the market for re-export sales issue, pointing to the mark with the letter E, deposited on the lights, glass, tires, mirrors or car nameplate. However, the letter 'E set at the factory after the homologation special tests, and the figure standing after the letter indicates the country, the rules of which correspond to these components and assemblies: 1 - Germany (West Germany), 2 - France 3 - Italy, 8 - Czechoslovakia, etc. etc. It is not recommended to acquire cars older than eight years (since 1990). In general, VAZ-2107 can justifiably be called the most perfect and comfortable rear-drive sedan domestic, besides a lot of different companies involved in the tuning of "VAZ" models, and "seven" can be retrofitted all of which increase comfort or dynamic twists, and a "just funny money "compared to foreign cars.

Since 2001, we adopted a new program complete models for the model VAZ 2107 there were performance - the "standard" and "norm" for VAZ 21074 - "normal" and "luxury."