Vaz 2104 - universal Vaz, on the basis of "five"

In the yard in 1984 and the series comes another welcome wagon - this is the VAZ - 2104. The new car was created as a budget car. With minimal cost in the production of Volga Automobile Plant engineers were able to create a vehicle to squeeze out of it the maximum effect, which is appreciated by many citizens. Surely this is why after two years after the beginning of production plant rather new wagon before. The factory rodonochalnike "four" was produced from 1986 to 2003. While in the "RosLada" Syzran, "it was produced until 2006. And at IzhAvto since 2003. to 2009. However, since September 2010. Because of its popularity, the production of VAZ - 2104 again resumed. And not a new morally VAZ 2104 manufactured simultaneously with the new model - Lada Priora. Here you can find specifications, reviews and photos priora and compare the models.
As mentioned earlier the main thing was to minimize production costs, so this wagon was a revised version of the VAZ - 2105, which was the cheapest car in the USSR. It is this criterion and tipped in the direction of the "five" rather than "three" luxury car that was - class.The increased volume of cargo and heavy lift capability liked the simple townsfolk and cottagers.Over the years the production has been developed a number of modifications, which are presented below:VAZ-2104 - basic model with 1.3 liter engine.VAZ-21 041 - engine, 1.2 liters. due to low power in a series did not come out.VAZ-21 042 - 1.5 liter engine., Right-hand drive version.VAZ-21 043 - 1.5 liter engine.VAZ-21 044 - 1.7 liter engine., First used in a pair monovpryskwith five-speed gearboxproduced only for export.VAZ-21 045 - 1.8-liter engine. The analogy VAZ - 21 044, but the large fuel consumption,probably the main factor that contributed to the rejection of mass production.VAZ-21045D - diesel engine 1.5 liters. Updated CPR with 5 gears.VAZ-21 047 - 1.5 liter engine., Updated CPR with 5 assists,improved version of the salon.VAZ-21 048 - 1.8 L diesel engine., Updated CPR with 5 gears.VAZ-21041i - 1.6 liter engine. injector, a five-speed gearbox,interior and electrical vases 2107.Lada Riva (export version with a steering wheel on right side).
Many had seen the VAZ - 2104 and little changed from the first day of release, but once production resumed, so this is a very good car. VAZ 2104 is currently being produced and sold in large quantities. Buy a car on the site of auto sales.

VAZ-2104 is issued on the basis of the VAZ-2105, and is a machine class "wagon." To your attention two versions of the "apparatus" VAZ-21 043, having a 1.45-liter engine and a VAZ-21 047, typicalfeature of which is a more interesting interior design and the other, compared with 21 047, grille. VAZ-2104 is available at the Volga Automobile Plant, instead of the VAZ-2102. The car is perfect for moving long distances, both passengers and small loads (which especially helps roomy trunk). Do you want to translate something bigger - fold rear seat, and oversized cargo will no longer be a problem, especially since the back door model is on the floor line, allowing you to easily perform the maximum loading and unloading operations. 
Speaking of standard equipment, we can say that it really spartan. Front panel with a minimum of equipment, salon upholstery leatherette upholstery is the same, and a few rubber mats.But if you do not like this option, the desire for something more to satisfy the other equipment in which vorsovanny jersey will replace the artificial skin, and the instrument panel center console will be enriched. New VAZ 2104 is no longer found in the withdrawal of the latter with the production, and prices for a used model range from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.