Brooms for a bath: oak broom

Brooms for a bath: oak broom

oak broom

In contrast, birch oak broom almost does not absorb sweat and probably not soften the skin and tightens, preventing sweating. But the oak broom is essential for people with oily skin, with skin diseases. In oak leaves and bark of many tannins, volatile oils. Under their influence the skin has a matte finish, it becomes elastic, resilient, well-cleaned. Known and bactericidal properties of oak twigs
In addition, soaring with the broom has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, good help high blood pressure (prevents high blood pressure), cores, calms the nervous system.

Oak twigs of birch is much stronger. Leaves his thick, broad, they are convenient to the body force couples. For fans of the intense heat of such a broom - the best.
Ancient Slavs believed the oak the sacred tree and settled in the vicinity of the oak grove. I must say, the healing properties of this tree is really great. People have long used the bark of young twigs as a strong astringent and tonic blood vessels means a bath of oak were considered true remedy for sweating feet, with women's diseases, the bedsores. For this reason, oak broom on birch popularity not inferior. In addition, it creates in the steam room special, unique "bath" scent.

Harvest oak broom is best in August and September. The most durable broom is obtained from the "winter" of oak (it does not reset the winter leaves) and oak, near which grow big broadleaf mugs. Broom made of branches of the oak is almost not showered in a steam room.

Oak twigs with the addition of herbs

For true connoisseurs of Russian bath, we offer combined twigs, which are based on the oak branches with the addition of currants branches. We can also offer you the oak twigs, with the addition of herbs. Thus, every lover of the Russian bath can choose a broom, it is appropriate to him and according to his state of health.

With the addition of oregano

Oregano in medicine has long been used as a means of cough. It has expectorant effect, so that in combination with a bath you can easily get rid of the beginning of bronchitis. In addition oregano is used in headache and neurological disorders. In addition, marjoram has a good sudorific, sedative effect and unforgettable aroma.

With the addition of nettle

Nettles helps with liver disease, kidney disease, rheumatism, gout, abrasions, acne. Also nettle improves blood circulation. Broom with the addition of nettle has undeniable merits. They utter pleasure to steam. Feel a slight, pleasant tingling sensation. The body instantly becomes rosy. However, no blisters or discomfort. Impression unforgettable!

With the addition of St. John's wort

Substances found in St. John's wort improves blood circulation. St. John's Wort helps in the treatment of mastitis, anemia, hemorrhoids, jaundice, migraine, hypertension, cough, stomach and lung disease, weakness of the heart and liver diseases, kidney and respiratory tract. Besides its use as an external agent in the treatment of wounds, ulcers, pressure ulcers, allergies, rashes.

With the addition of willow

Willow-herb is used in the treatment of angina, anemia, ear infections, acute respiratory infections, gastritis, gastric ulcers, headaches and insomnia. The systematic use during the procedure of bath broom with willow tea can reduce manifestations of many diseases, and some to nullify. Therefore, willow-herb is popular among connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the Russian bath.

With the addition of mint

Broom with mint calms the nerves, improves mood, improves mood, fatigue, tones and cleanses the body. Mint is rightly called the "queen" of herb flavors. In addition it is used for skin diseases, cosmetic procedures. It is noticed that the costs hover your feet in warm water infused with mint, as is fatigue, swelling disappear.

With the addition of tansy

Broom with tansy helps with sprains and bruises, rheumatism, arthritis, wounds, ulcers, headaches, sweating, experts recommend a broom so those who have a chronic disease of the bladder and kidneys. Strong characteristic odor of tansy contained in it are due to the inflorescences of special essential oil of the oil consists of chum toyon, camphor, borneol, penen ...

With the addition of wormwood

Broom with the addition of wormwood has a mass of useful features. In the stems and leaves of this plant contain an essential oil, organic acids, tannins. Wormwood has always been used in diseases of the joints, stomach, liver, gall bladder, for the treatment of jaundice, rheumatism and obesity. In this kind of disease this broom in no way concede another broom.

With the addition of black currant

So nice to steam broom, comes from a marvelous flavor. However, its popularity is due not only that. Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, so it is used for skin diseases, and rheumatic pains in the joints. Black currant is used as a diaphoretic, it displays the body of heavy metals, radioactive substances.
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