GAZ-22 "Volga"

GAZ-22 "Volga"

GAZ-22 "Volga" - rear-wheel drive passenger car with a body type Wagon. Cargo-and passenger modification GAZ-21.

The first prototype station wagon based on the "Volga" publicly presented in 1962 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. The car had a finish like the GAS M-21I. The series started with the version finished GAZ-21L. GAZ-22 is mainly supplied to the state-owned enterprises, private cars have been very few.

When folding the rear seat GAZ-22 was formed in the back ground flat for cargo. In combination with a high ceiling, this provided a sufficiently large capacity vehicle. The springs are stiffer than the sedan. Load capacity is 176 kg (for transport 5 person) or 400 kg (with transportation of two persons).

Consumer goods wagon GAZ-22 was not, that is, for personal use not for sale. One of the few exceptions - GAZ-22 actor Yuri Nikulin, sold to him in a special manner to carry the bulk of circus equipment. Almost all of the outstanding cars were distributed among the state organizations, mostly - taxis, trade organizations, and emergency medical services. Therefore, the number of surviving copies is small, and their preservation is usually very bad - because of its use in tilitarnogo these cars go up to complete wear and have a lot of rework.

Sanitary modification wagon (-22B) had a mount in the back of the stretcher, and minimal medical equipment. Inside was a wall after the front seat. Salon has been heated and had good lighting. Externally, sanitary and vtomobili different identifying marks (red crosses), frosted rear window, lamp-seeker (spotlight) on the left front fender and the identification lamp with a red cross on the roof. Painted in white. Currently surviving fully complete GAS-22B embyulensov known, most were converted after writing off a cargo.


GAS-22g - export, with the engine 85 l.s./62, 5 kW and an improved finish.
GAS-22GYu - export, tropical, with an engine 85 l.s/62, 5 kW and an improved finish.
GAZ-22K - version GAZ-22 engine with 80 l.s/58, 8 or 85 kW l.s/62, 5 kW.
GAS-22KYU - tropical, with an engine 80 l.s/58, 8 or 85 kW l.s/62, 5 kW.
GAZ-22P - export, with the right arrangement of controls, with the engine. L.s/58 80, 8 or 85 kW l.s/62, 5 kW.
GAS-22PYU - export, tropical, with right-hand controls, with 80 engines l.s/58, 8 or 85 kW l.s/62, 5 kW.
GAZ-22A - a prototype with a body of the van, part machine Finnish firm "Konela" (Konela) has converted into eight-by setting the third row of seats.