Mirrored ceiling cassette

Mirrored ceiling cassette

Instead of a boring place the white ceiling in the room mirrored ceiling cassette. Reflects it like a real mirror, as cassettes are used as glass mirrors.
Cluster with mirrored ceiling panels, increasing the visual size, and fill any room with light, creating a special mood.

The main advantages of mirror ceilings:

Corrosion resistance, durability, strength

Not accumulate static electricity

The increase in premises

Easy to assemble

Easy to maintain

Resistance to moisture

Environmentally friendly

A variety of

Mirrored ceiling tiles can be used in two ways.

As an independent ceiling.

Traditionally this: hotel lobbies, restaurants, trendy clothing stores and shoe, pubs and discos.

It is worth noting that in this case is usually mirrored ceilings are mounted in conjunction with the suspension system of different colors (except white), gold, chrome or black, depending on the color plates.

As decorative inserts in another ceiling.

The most popular version of the application and is recommended primarily for stores, shopping centers, trade halls, large offices, stylish studios.

In this case, the board is best placed near light sources, such as a lamp, so that incident light is reflected from the plates, removing the "lifelessness" white ceiling.
The main options for mirrored ceilings on the type of surface and color are as follows:

frosted glass (white, blue, yellow)

mirror light (aluminum)

Tinted mirror (titanium)

Tinted mirror (copper)

If necessary, use these ceiling lighting (eg spotlights), or special devices (eg, detectors, fire safety), SLR cartridges can be supplied with pre-drilled holes (except for the frosted glass). Major diameter of holes: 60, 70, 75, 84, 96mm.

For more spectacular visual selection mirrors, cassette comes with a facet.

This makes it possible to omit the tape just below the suspension system.

Mounting mirrored ceiling

Since the mirror module is a standard European size (595h595mm), it is mounted in the ceiling suspension system for the type of Armstrong.

1 - The main rail 3.7 m

2 - Cross tee 1.2 m

3 - Cross tee 0.6m

4 - Corner Wall 3.0 m

5 - Suspension

6 - The mirror module 595h595 mm

The main options for laying tiles and install the suspension system, respectively, are straight and diagonal: