Car "Gazel" - a mini truck and mini bus

GAZELLE car - Russian national car

Already for 15 years popularly beloved "Gazelle" is an integral part of automotive life on the roads of the Russian Federation. And how does this not seem strange family cars "Gazelle" is the apotheosis of the domestic automotive industry. These vehicles skillfully combines high cross in relative cross-country with a fairly good capacity - these two features enable accurate and timely delivery of goods to the destination. And with all this control in this car quite right category B.

August 26, 1993 - this date can be safely regarded as the creation of "national" car, since that day at the Moscow Motor Show at ENEA was presented a prototype developed by the lead designer of trucks VL Chetverikov (later chief engineer of JSC "GAZ"). In the creation of a family of designers participated AM Butusov, V. Davydov, AI Kochetkov, SV designers Volkov, VI Fusee, verifiers, OI Petrov, DY Petrov et al A 20 July 1994 rolled off the first production car family "Gazelle" - flatbed truck GAZ-3302 with a capacity of 1.5 tons.

Design development of the car was carried out by specialists of the plant with regard to the specific road and weather conditions in Russia, as well as the modern requirements for trucks in this class, and technological features of production of Gorky Automobile Plant. To expand the consumption possibilities gross vehicle weight was limited to 3.5 tons, to ensure satisfactory off-road along the roads of Russia in the winter and in the offseason were chosen such technical solutions as polukapotnaya cab and rear axle with dual rear wheels busbar. All of this together made it a pretty good weight distribution of mass along the axes as in running and in the loaded condition. At the same time polukapotnaya cabin design improves comfort fit, entry and exit from the driver and her passengers, protecting them in the frontal impact and gives the car an original look. Based on the rather heavy traffic and climatic conditions of our country, has been selected frame construction. In addition, it increased the possibility of creating a family. In order to reduce the preparation time of production have been widely used units, units and parts of cars GAZ (engine, clutch, transmission, driveline, brakes, etc.). The use of familiar consumer units, a sufficiently high saturation of the market of spare parts, and proven technology maintenance and repair have facilitated the adaptation of the new car to the existing operating conditions. Therefore, for an incomplete second half of 1994 were produced 13,3 thousand "GAZelle" (in terms of 10 thousand), and for the full next year, has already collected 57.7 thousand cars.

In 1995, the GAZ-3302 began to be modified - received four-wheel drive, which saw the light of GAZ-33027, has undergone a radical change in appearance and concept of the transport of goods, which was released two new family car "Gazel": 7 seater car GAZ-33023 with a double cab and a car with a metal body GAZ-2705. A year later, in 1996, has been released 100 000 units of cars in this family, as well as the right to exist were:

the first 8-seater minibus GAZ-3221 "Gazelle";
first 13-seater minibus GAZ-32 213 "Gazelle", the so-called taxi;
first experimental batch of medical GAZ-32 214 "Gazelle."

In January 2003, transferred his power plant to the family of restyled "Gazelle." The car received a completely new front fins, bumpers, grille, headlights teardrop-shaped fashion. Inside, install a new panel with a combination of instruments from the "Volga", appeared - a regulator of the instrument panel lighting and improved ventilation system vents. After replacing the main cab heater and his backup in the cabin of a van for more powerful - heating machine has become much more efficient. Improvement of thermal and sound insulation hood has markedly reduced the external and internal noise levels. Appeared wide selection of colors exterior and cockpit. More spacious layout of the hood space, thanks to further dilute to 200 mm frame longitudinal cockpit, enhanced the range of applied power units, made possible the installation of additional systems like ABS and antitoxic exhaust systems for gasoline engines with fuel injection, which was necessary for the implementation of increasingly stringent environmental regulations Euro 2 and Euro 3 (for export and even Euro 4). At the "Gazelle" started small-scale diesel engines installed GAS (Steyr), IVECO-VM and Andoria.

In August 2005, coming off the assembly line a million "Gazelle." And in 2006, part of the release of "GAZelle" were equipped with engines of Chrysler.

In the autumn of 2008 went active construction of a new restyled "Gazelle", but the global crisis, the project has been suspended by the izgotovilem.