Installation of hanging suspended ceilings

Installation of hanging suspended ceilings

Installation of suspended ceilings begins with attachment to the intended level of wall brackets. To do this, with the level of the building to mark the perimeter of the premises at the level at which to mount a new ceiling (it should be borne in mind that the minimum distance from the slab to the new ceiling should be 130mm).

The upper edge of the corner should be let to the marked line and secure it with fasteners at intervals of 400 - 600mm. If the baseboard corner is attached to the surface, which may be subject to shrinkage (or crate slats of wood), it is necessary to take into account the tolerance for shrinkage in order to prevent deformation of the frame.

Fastening lath to the ceiling joists by using steel hangers, which are installed at a distance of 1200 (also keep in mind that installation is carried out on individual fixtures hangers). Make the appropriate markup ceiling.

To mount the suspension in the supporting structure drilled a hole diameter of 6 mm and 40 mm deep. Insert the anchor rod to lug suspension and push it into an opening before you commit.

Make sure that each of the rods had been given earlier in the level.
Installation of suspended ceilings Support rails fixed at not more than 1200mm, and the free end of the panel should not be longer than 300mm, and the free end of the comb - no more than 400mm. Suspensions are fixed on the carrier under a tire holes. Align rail - is achieved by moving the bar fast clamping clip. In the picture, for clarity, we removed the ceiling, the better to see the principle of montage.

The panels are attached to metal bearing rails, made of galvanized steel sheet. Carved combs in tongues firmly fixed ceiling panel by snapping.

If necessary, ceiling moldings are interconnected by additional connectors. The connector is a piece of rail - 300mm long bar, which is embedded in a rack on the back side at the point of connection.