VAZ 1117 "Kalina" - Russian People's Car

LADA KALINA wagon - a representative of a new family of Lada Kalina. The family of "Kalina" includes cars station wagon, hatchback, sedan.

Modern graceful contours of the body, original lighting fixtures give the car a powerful Lada Kalina hatchback elegant appearance. An extensive interior space in the car Lada Kalina 1117 can comfortably accommodate 5 people. The rear seats can be folded away when necessary so as to obtain the horizontal platform that significantly expands the capabilities to transport goods. The interior cabin incorporates new finishes, creating a comfortable environment for driver and passengers. Motor vehicle Lada Kalina, equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection and ignition, does the modern requirements for toxicity, while maintaining the high dynamics of the car with low fuel consumption. The design of the car body meets international requirements for passive safety. With a smaller length compared to other cars VAZ, LADA KALINA wagon more maneuverable and geared to driving conditions in urban environments.

In vehicle equipment Lada Kalina hatchback additionally provides the installation:

air conditioning system with manual or automatic;
anti-lock brakes;
electrically heated front seats upholstery;
locked electrically door locks with remote control;
electrical power steering.

Source: official site of the plant AvtoVAZ.
Unique Features

There are three variants of performance car Lada Kalina "standard", the "norm", "luxury". Vehicles will be equipped with Kalina family of 8 and 16-valve 1.6-liter engine, with electronically controlled fuel injection, performing standards EURO III on exhaust emissions.

Standard features of the new car Lada Kalina includes, in particular, electric power steering, driver airbag, height-adjustable steering column.

Another name for the model Lada Kalina hatchback 1117, VAZ 1117 Kalina hatchback
Station wagon
Number of doors / seats 5 / 5
Kerb weight, kg 1080
Gross vehicle weight, kg 1555
The amount of luggage, a cube. dm. 350
Engine 11 194
Engine capacity, 1.4 l
Engine power, hp 90 (65.5 kW / 5250)
Torque Nm / rpm 127 / 4200-4800
Number of valves 16
Maximum speed, km / h 165

Length * Width * Height, mm 4040 * 1700 * 1500
Wheelbase mm 2470
Track front / rear mm 1430/1410

Transmission V
Front-wheel drive

Tire size 175/70SR13 80T, 82T, H 5Jx13; 175/65HR14 82H 5Jx14; 185/60HR14 82H 5,5 Jx14


Fuel consumption per 100 km at 120 km / h, l 7.0
Fuel tank capacity, l 50

Lada Kalina hatchback fully justifies its name. In the multi-functionality of the iron horse could see that for many Russians. By the way, it is clear that in the main car Lada Kalina hatchback get people who prefer an active holiday. Due to its functional characteristics, the five-door car is ideal for country visits.

Russian developers know that their product will overcome domestic road! That's why they gave the Lada Kalina high maneuverability and agility, which allows it to easily overcome as the city highways and dirt roads.

In addition, cranberry vases 1117 wagon has an exquisite and at the same time democratic body design and interior, making it the ideal family car. Comfort in travel is provided to each family member, due to wide adjustment of the front seats Lada Kalina hatchback, which allows you to free space for luggage. For large items provided nearly 400-liter (a little short of a sedan) trunk-wagon, convenient for trips to the country. But if you remove the rear shelf, the trunk displacement increases to 500 liters, which definitely makes Lada Kalina hatchback out of the competition.

In addition, the new Lada Kalina hatchback equipped with individual climate control, ABS and effective in many other innovations that are primarily automotive market were rare.

In their power capacities Lada Kalina hatchback car will not give any sedan. The machine is equipped with four-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection system of the distributed fuel. Classic comfort provides a five-speed manual gearbox Lada Kalina hatchback.

In general, the mere fact that the roads were increasingly met Lada, speaks for itself. Indeed, in the sale of Lada Kalina hatchback rule out three years ago. Consumers all over Russia were able to see the benefits of the car. In addition, the Lada Kalina hatchback, due to its design decision, became presentable and visual appeal. The rounded lines of the silhouette cars now say more about its maneuverability and ease of management. Indeed, older people feel at the wheel of Lada Kalina hatchback comfortably, they can easily feel the ease of contact with the road.