Treatment of insomnia - Russian folk medicine

Treatment of insomnia - Russian folk medicine

Methods of treatment of folk remedies
Sleep Disorders (Dr. Henry)


Under the sleep disturbance (Insomnia) refers to difficulty falling asleep and insomnia. Sleep disorders are the main cause of social and mental stress (chronic stress, family conflicts and / or at work, etc.). Breach rhythm sleep - wakefulness (eg, shift work) may also affect the quality of sleep. The sound problem in digestion, the consumption of large quantities of alcohol can also cause sleep disturbance, as well as various diseases (eg asthma, heart disease and circulation, bronchitis) or problems (rheumatism, enlarged prostate).


• hypnotics used only in extreme cases and for a limited time (eg after surgery or after a long illness). In addition to side effects, calming and sleeping pills break the natural rhythm of the individual phases of sleep. The same effect can be achieved by simple measures and natural methods of treatment.

• not to use heavy evening meals, drinks annoying (eg, coffee, black tea or cola). Ask your doctor, do not include whether the medicines you take regularly, stimulating agents, or caffeine.

• go to bed always at the same time, neither too early nor too late. Evening entertainment TV viewing limit transfers: any horror movies or movies full of violence. Instead, read the entertaining book, listen to the harmonic music, practice yoga or meditation, take a bath or take the evening stroll.

• sleeping on the possibility of pa back, arms along the body. Do not sleep on my left side, as in this position, you squeeze the heart and lungs.

• Deep breathing - the perfect remedy for insomnia. Sit back, put the issue on the next day.

• to the old-fashioned home remedies include warm milk with honey, hot water bottle.

• soothing tea before going to sleep: valerian root, lavender flowers, leaves, meadowsweet, fennel ordinary tea of ​​chamomile or lime colors, Melilotus officinalis, bedstraw, garden marjoram.

• bath with lavender or sandalwood drug. The use of cold water (rinsing feet, cold wrap calf) may also help, since it diverts blood from the brain.

• rubbing with a dry brush and wash the whole body fruity vinegar, rinse the thighs.

• bed: a relatively hard latex mattresses that support the back and adapting movements of the body. Wood grille made of wood (metal form harmful force fields), adjustable foot and head pieces. The mattress and bedding made from natural fibers absorb moisture for better.

FOLK, remedy for insomnia

v Bow consumed at bedtime, creating good, strong and healthy sleep.

v Sitting bath of cold water in the course of 3-4 minutes before bedtime, for assurance of traditional healers, creates good preconditions for a peaceful sleep.

v If insomnia is caused by rush of blood to the head, it is useful apply mustard or grated horseradish to the calves feet.

Medical liquid (in the pharmacy prepared product - MENAVAZIN)

Recipe: Menthol - 2.5 g; benzocaine - 1.5 g; novocaine - 1.5 g; alcohol - 100 g.

When insomnia is recommended to wipe the neck just before the dream, the same treatment should be to headaches.

HELP Sleep Valerian. Quite often, I happened neuroses even neurologist to designate me tranquilizers, which I long to come himself. And still - insomnia, tearfulness, irritability, fatigue, some permanent. So I decided to try herself out of it. On the way I long to hear someone. I bought a bottle of tincture of valerian and the whole evening, with six hours, sniffing her right nostril. And she felt calmer. Once, when night approached, and was nearing my torture - toss and turn all night and slept in the morning not to go to work, I took the bed and began to breathe valerian her left nostril. And what do you think it's a bubble in his hand and fell asleep. I also noticed that if you drink valerian, the mood is much improved. Insist to do so: pour a tablespoon of valerian glass of cold boiled water, leave for seven hours and drink a tablespoon three times a day.

!!!!!!! You can not drink valerian over two months, as may appear bowel disorders and headaches.

Sleeplessness due to tides of blood to the head. Mustard causes the blood flow to the places of their application. Therefore, the best way to divert blood from the cerebral bloodstream - pull it to the periphery by applying mustard plasters to the calves feet. Good effect gives a combination of internal procedures for the reception of honey: 1 hour or 1 tablespoon. spoonful of honey is diluted in a glass of milk or cucumber brine and drunk at bedtime.

v For insomnia, increased nervous excitability, unfounded fears, hyperintense brain activity that occurs so frequently in mental illness, according to Ayurveda, one of the areas of Oriental medicine, it is useful breathing through the left nostril, as it calms the mind and cool temper it. Breathing through the right nostril is counterproductive.

v The permanent companion elderly - insomnia. ... I found for myself somewhere in the book such a simple and effective recipe that I just can not they do not share with everyone. Three times a day, one tablespoon of broth I accept hop cones.

v 10g cones in a glass of water. Pour the boiling water, wrap, insist 20 minutes, and the broth is ready.

v To ensure that you have had a healthy, strong and without nightmares sleep, take it a rule to read at bedtime the evening prayers of the prayer book.

v Make sure the pillow before going to bed and the bed cross-hairs.

v Dry bay leaves placed in bags for a good sleep.

v If you had a bad dream and you want to get rid of it, then exit to the river, stream, and flowing water begins to tell him. But the river or stream, not everyone nearby. You can open quietly tap with cold water and tell the dream, saying, "Where the night there and sleep."

v Wash your feet at night with hot water. This procedure relieves fatigue, provides energy, calms the nervous system, improves sleep.

v Dill (seed). 50 g of fennel seed cook for 15-20 minutes on low heat in 0.5 liters of wine "Cahors" or "Port", insist, wrapped, for 1 hour. Strain, squeeze. Take 50 - 60 g at bedtime. Folk remedy. Harmless, provides a good night's sleep.

v • Drink a glass of hot night in sweet water or hot milk, but not tea.

v • A good sleeping med is: eat the dinner table spoon of honey or drink a glass of warm honey water.

v • For insomnia and severe nervous excitability can be dissolved in a cup of boiled water a teaspoon of honey and the juice of half lemon, drink 3 times.

v • Lubricate the whiskey at bedtime lavender oil, lavender oil as a very effective sleeping pill.

v • It is well to rubbing oil into the occipital fossa and at the same time rubbing oil of the joints, palms, and heels.

v • Bow, as used in large numbers before going to sleep also contributes to robust healthy sleep.

CLAY AND SON Dill will bring. Good zdorovitsa wish my favorite "School Health"! I am pleased to share with you how you can overcome insomnia, even if you are tormented her for years. Buy the pharmacy clay and mix it with yogurt to a thick paste. Wrap the mixture in a cloth and a 15 - 20 minutes put on the forehead. Make a poultice is best before bed, two or three times a week. You'll see in a month and think forget about insomnia. This recipe I learned in-law. She, before retirement, three years as a night watchman at the poultry farm fulfilled. After that night, just could not sleep. Incidentally, this problem many guards. True, in addition to clay with yogurt-in-law made himself such a tincture: drank 3 tablespoons fennel seeds 0.5-liter good Cahors wine and cooked over low heat for 10-15 minutes, cool and filter. Drink used to before going to bed this pile of wine each night and slept like a baby. I know that many people buy their own special pillows for insomnia. But to make it yourself very easy: take a pack of bay leaves, 3 cups of dried fern leaves and a glass of hop cones. Fill this mixture of old linen pillow case and put it in the headboard. Sleeping on a pillow is not very convenient, but it goes from a pleasant, healthful aroma, and it can be stored up to three years.

· Many good sleep helps the sound of the superficial temporal artery pulsations. To do this, find her index and middle fingers on his cheek from ear tragus (the cartilaginous projection in front the ear hole). Begin by measuring the pulse. This way is much better account of the mind. It is no accident that it is sometimes used Indian yogis when they want to quickly focus on.