Milk diet

Milk diet.

Each day, drink 1 liter of milk in a glass every 2-3 hours. This diet is very harsh, but it can withstand, the more so because it is not harmful to the body. In no case do not use it for more than five - seven days.

If you want to lose a little weight and get rid of the puffiness of the face and bags under your eyes, you certainly will help dairy diet proposed by the famous French nutritionist Carrel. The same diet doctors prescribe to their patients who have a tendency to edema.

During the day there is no need to do anything and only drink 800 grams. fresh milk in small portions (coffee cups). This diet is designed only 470 calories., It can be used no more than two - three days. According to the people who used this diet, it can withstand, but not long, as hungry. Diet efficient enough, it expels excess fluid from the body, a person loses 3 - 4 pounds in three days. Because the milk - not too rich in vitamin product, you need to take extra multivitamins tablets.
Good luck losing weight! 
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