Plasterboard wall

plasterboard wall

Drywall for walls and partitions erection

Drywall - a sheet finishing material, which consists of plaster, which is pasted on both sides of cardboard. The bulk of the material (93%) are in plaster, 6% - on board and 1% - to the valve.

The main advantages of drywall for walls are its environmental, fire, high sound absorption, moisture resistance, the ability to regulate humidity and strength. In addition, the drywall is very flexible, and can therefore be used to create curved surfaces. Wet drywall is easy to bend at any angle. After giving it the desired shape it is dried by warm air and start to finish.

The walls are lined with plasterboard, wallpaper paste over can, as well as paint or whitewash glue or oil paint. In this case, the surface no longer need to expose any treatment. The only thing that will need to wallpapering - it is treated nail heads with alcohol or lacquer nitroenamels, or corrosion may occur. Not recommended to treat the surface, lined with gypsum board, lime paint, because it adheres poorly to this material.

Drywall is different lengths, the most popular pages 2000, 2500, 2600, 2750 and 3000 mm. Standard width of the material - 1200 mm, thickness - 12.5 mm or 9.5 mm. Gypsum sheets (gypsum fiber board), which are not pasted over cardboard, are a special type of drywall. Gypsum fiber board is no different from a standard drywall on the length and width, its thickness is 10 mm or 6 mm. Special processing aids make gypsum fiber board harder and resistant to fire.

Plasterboard are divided into conventional (GCR) and waterproof (GKLV). The latter is usually used for decoration of bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. Although GKLV maximally adapted for areas with high humidity, no ventilation, they quickly deteriorate. It is also very important to cover GKLV waterproof primer, waterproofing compounds, paints and ceramic tiles. By the standards used to create the GCR gray cardboard and GKLV - green. Drywall is divided as to fire-resistant plasterboard (plasterboard) and moisture resistant plasterboard, fireproof (GKLVO).
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