Repair house: painting the walls

Repair house: painting the walls

How to paint the walls and ceiling of the apartment and house

If you're going to paint the house or walls in your apartment, do not think that will do it quickly and easily. Of course, you can quickly go through the brush on the surface, but is unlikely to result will please you. In order to get the nice quality painted walls and ceiling have to stock up on time and patience. You also need to plan everything in advance.


Most use two types of ink: water based (acrylic paint) and oil (alkyd), also known as bituminous paint. Both are widely used, although water-based paints (water-based) are more popular. It is believed that water-based paints eventually supplant oil paints. However, oil paint on the surface to form a more durable protective coating, so that professionals prefer to work with them.

The Action Plan before repair

Before you remove the old paint from the walls, you need a plan of action. This will allow more effective. The plan should include the following items:
1. Purchase of necessary materials
2. Purification and preparation of the walls
3. painting
4. Cleaning after the completion of all painting works

Cleaning and preparation

Prior to the primer or paint interior and exterior surfaces of the walls to clean them. Internal surfaces should be cleaned with mild soap solution. For exterior surfaces of this may be insufficient. Should be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and rinse thoroughly. To prevent the development of fungus and mildew, treat contaminated sites in a mixture of 1 part chlorine oxide and 3 parts water. After cleaning the surface it is time to examine it to identify a variety of flaws that can spoil the look of the painted walls. Found cracks, cracks and scratches are removed putty. Knead the putty to a state of moderate to heavy weight. Too much liquid filler will shrink when dry and too thick to work hard, and it dries very quickly.

Internal preparations

The first step when painting interior surfaces to remove furniture and other items that make it difficult approach to the painted surface. The remaining room furnishings and equipment - ceiling fans, chandeliers, floor heaters, radiators, carpets, as are the floors - should be covered with tarpaulins or plastic sheeting for painting, but it is better to learn from the premises. When using film, be aware that her paint dry longer. So on top of plastic film can put the newspaper. Then you need to remove from the surface to all the elements of electronic devices, as well as electrical switches, wall sockets, door and furniture handles. If the old paint is flaking, you should remove it and clean up the remaining edges with sandpaper grit medium. In case of need for places where the paint peels off, applied to viscous substance. Cracks in the corners, baseboards and moldings on the need to cover up. Holes from nails and screws are filled with putty.

After the plaster dries, wipe it lightly with sandpaper grit medium. If you have wood walls or wood trim you will need to carefully examine it to identify the damaged site. You must remove the decayed pieces of wood and covered them with wood porozapolnitelem. After the filler has dried, treat the surface of fine-grained sandpaper.
Need to make a smooth wall surface, as paint does not hide, and emphasizes the defects. Make the wall perfectly smooth primer coat it. Use the same type of primer, and paint that.

Preparation of outer wooden walls of the house

In the production of exterior painting work initially removed large items that make it difficult approach to the painted surface. They are such items as drainage pipes, chutes, lighting, window shutters, window and door nets. If you plan to repaint them, then you must do so before installing the items to their original location. Then you carefully inspect all wood surfaces at home. If necessary, caulked seams and joints. Cracks disguise. In order to remove the old putty from the small crack, you can use a universal knife. Exit-site cap nails checked for rust. The use of latex paint can contribute to its emergence. If you notice signs of rust nails should be covered with corrosion inhibitor. After drying, the moderator should be the nail deeper into the surface. Then paint over the nails flush masking putty. Position of the composition align with a spatula. Instead of masking putty putty can be applied to the exterior. If the paint is peeling or flaking, it must be removed. Rotten woodwork repaired with wood porozapolnitelya for outdoor use.

Tools and materials

To fulfill the basic need to be painted:

Brush for painting

Paint roller and paint tray paint

Knife and paint scraper

masking tape

Protective eyeglasses and clothing

Ladder or scaffold


It is worth remembering that these tools are available in several forms. What you need to buy depends on the objective and scope of work performed.

If the inside will be painted the walls and ceiling, it is better to paint the ceiling first. It is not necessary to paint the ceiling along the length. Since the staining along the width you need to cover a smaller space, the work hardly seems overwhelming. In addition, it will be easier your neck. In order to perform painting faster, you can use a roller, or better yet, spray machine. Surface along the molding paint brushes. Then moves down the walls painted. Some professionals working rollers. In order to be noticeably smaller bands as possible, they make a W-shaped motion (up and down at an angle instead of flat vertical movements).

This is just one of the options, how to paint - either directly or at an angle - everyone decides for themselves. After painting large surfaces should pay attention to small details throughout the room, such as window and door frames, ceiling moldings or sex. After finishing all the painting works must immediately, without waiting for the paint has dried, remove all smudges and mistakes. The errors are easily removed with a damp cloth.


If the paint work was done with water-based paint, the brush should be washed in warm soapy water. Most other water-based paints easily washed off with brushes and rollers under running water. If used oil paints, brushes and cleaning tools require a solvent. For proper disposal of waste should be explored instructions on the package. Emulsion paint, standing for a few days open, wither, and they can throw together with household waste. Oil paint can be harmful to the environment. It is recommended to specify a local hardware store, how to safely dispose of such materials.

Happy painting!