Russian cities: Alexandrov - Sights

Russian cities: Alexandrov - Sights

Alexandrovsky Kremlin

Alexander the Kremlin - a large palace complex, consisting of many buildings, forming a single architectural ensemble. In the Kremlin palace chambers in addition there are several churches - Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Assumption and Church of Intercession, Crucifixion church bell tower.

History of Alexander's Settlement (the Kremlin) is closely connected with the events of the Time of Troubles. There have been many tragic events in the life of the royal family. It was here that Ivan the Terrible fatally shot his own son.

Construction of buildings were built in the Alexander citadel different historical periods and various architects, both Russian and Italian. The result of their labors appeared Kremlin, which in land area, the beauty and richness only slightly inferior to Moscow.

Construction began with the construction of the Kremlin by order of Basil III - father of Ivan the Terrible - luxurious palace chambers. With 1513 being in the Alexander settlement of the royal family together with all the inner circle became a regular.

Trinity Cathedral was built in the XVI century and served as a palace church. The cathedral is the heart of the Kremlin. His building is built of white stone and brick, as well as all other buildings of the Kremlin. Decorated with exquisite carvings cathedral. Especially beautiful this thread on the west portal. The cathedral is surrounded by outbuildings, erected at a later time.

Crucifixion church bell tower was originally a lookout tower. Over time, due to the growth of trees, newly constructed buildings with a review of it has deteriorated and the tower was converted into a temple. Later it was attached to a low tower. In the XVII century bell tower was added to a squat building - in it, according to legend, lived the Princess Martha, the wife of Ivan the Terrible unwelcome.

Assumption and Church of Intercession - the building of a later period. For several centuries after the building of both churches have changed considerably. As needed to attach them for additional space - Belfry, refectory, built by business needs. Under the church are well preserved large cellar that housed the storage of Vasily III and Ivan the Terrible. Next to Assumption Church built Church of the hip. It is believed that it was erected in the middle of the XVI century and was the home church of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Commissioned by the king on the edges of the tent church was executed frescoes, preserved to this day. Murals are pictures of the Russian princes, martyrs, together with the Old Testament kings and righteous. It is only known in Russia, marquee decorated plot of the XVI century.

The residence of Ivan the Terrible. I wonder how easy walk to the Kremlin with a visit to the bell tower, and placed on exhibition in the Kremlin: Church of the XVI century - home church - Fresco rospis.Dvortsovye Chamber of Ivan the Terrible. Refectory XVI veka.Uspenskaya church of the XVI century - the exhibition "Treasures of the three centuries": arts and crafts, fabrics, sewing books.

Location: Alexandrov, Museum Travel, 20, tel. (49244) 2-17-74, 03.02.97
Working hours: daily from 9.00 - 17.00 Friday 9.00 - 16.00, closed - monday.

Estate of merchant Pervushin

The museum is located in an old merchant's mansion, built in 1873 - 1874's. in the neoclassical style. Manor with the adjacent park - one of the most beautiful historic city center.

The mansion belonged to the second guild merchant Alexei Mikhailovich Pervushin (1829 - 1902 years). His hospitable home was the center of business communication and artistic elite of the city.

Currently, the building open house exhibition, reflecting the life of a provincial merchant class of XIX - the beginning. XX centuries. In the interior of the mansion are exhibited works of Alexander's artists of different eras: the turn of XIX - XX centuries - KP Pyneeva (Wanderers, disciple Vladimir Makovsky), Dynasty Lavrovsky and contemporary artists, tourists can see the unique items, furniture, and unknown works Goncharov, AD, Makovsky VE, Fisher, KA
In the main house - art museum, which saved the situation that existed during the lifetime of the owner (he sold production of local textile mills - karabanovskimi calicos). The halls of the mansion is a theatrical tour of "Visiting merchant Pervushin," a tasting of alcoholic beverages for adults and children for a cup of tea (the time of 1.5 hours, the price for vzr.-150, for children 80 r..) And in the park, that around the house - a room with laughter crooked mirror, narrow-gauge railway.

In a separate wing on the estate the exposition "Privratnitskaya," which tells about the life of the peasant workers and utensils of the time. There's also opened a souvenir shop.

Pervushin Manor Address: Alexandrov Str. Sovetskaya, 16, tel. (49244) 2-43-89, 2-49-70. Working hours: daily from 9.00 am to 17.00

Exhibition Hall Address: 601 650, Alexandrov, Sovetskaya Street, 5 hours: Wednesday - Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00 (lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00) Closed: Monday and Tuesday.

Museum of man-made stone

VNIISIMS - All-Russian Research Institute for the synthesis of minerals. Here is the "Museum of the man-made stone."

Start building the museum in the tradition of collecting VNIISIMS put varieties grown crystals including the unique, and with various defects. All of them subsequently became the basis of fair fund "the Museum of the man-made stone" in operation in 1964. The exhibition has two parts: a collection of synthetic crystals and their products, and a collection of natural kamnesamotsvetov and rocks. Here are exhibited crystals grown in VNIISIMS world's first and crystals of XXI century.

"The Museum of the man-made stone" - a unique museum. Here there are exhibits that can not be seen anywhere else in the world, because their technology has only grown VNIISIMS. In the museum you can buy jewelry, souvenirs made of synthetic and natural crystals kamnesamotsvetov.

Literary and Art Museum Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva

Memorable dates and annual events:
founding date - 01/01/1988
opening date - 30/06/1991
May 18 - Day of Museums

The first museum in the post-Soviet Russia-based public foundation in 1990, the Museum Foundation, MI Tsvetaeva was opened in 1988, Alexandrov, and for two years has collected, through holding charity marathons, plays, concerts, an amount sufficient to purchase the premises and organizing them in the exposition. Consistently implemented concept-metaphor of the museum: the museum of art recreated by means of the poetic atmosphere of the Silver Age, and the exposure is not built on the exhibit to exhibit, and from metaphor to metaphor. For each visitor is conducted tour. Great attention is paid to design the exhibition and exhibitions.

As the only literary museum in the region, the museum is not limited to Tsvetaeva's theme: Adelaide and Eugenia Gertsyk, Anatoly Marchenko, Sergei Elpat'evskii, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Count Dmitry Tails, Hungarian Jozsef Lengyel classic, history and culture of the 101-km mark. The museum holds three major festival.

The museum is open chamber music hall.

"Winner" Changing Museum in a Changing World. "Contest Website on the Internet"

The building (s):
Urban estate end of the XIX century, consisting of two one-story wooden houses.

Founder: The Foundation of the museum, MI Tsvetaeva

Basic tours:
Alexandrov summer of Marina Tsvetaeva
Anastasia Tsvetaeva - the last writer of the Silver Age
Adelaide and Eugenia Gertsyk - Tsvetaevs friends, natives of Alexandrov
Alexandrov - the capital of "one hundred and first mile"

Additional Services:
shop or store, public library

Educational services:
Series of lectures on the literature of the Silver Age

Nearby there are:
space group power

Tourist routes:
"Golden Ring of Russia"

Local attractions:
- Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Alexander Sloboda"
- Monastery of the Assumption
- Mahrinsky monastery
- The Monastery "Zosima desert"
- The Monastery "Lukianova deserts"

Address: 601 654, Vladimir Region, Alexandrov Str. Institutskaya 6, Bldg. 2

Directions: Train or bus from the Yaroslavl station in Moscow, then walk 10 min.

Mode of operation: * Every day from 8.30 to 17.00, except Monday and Tuesday

Admission: * Full - 10 rubles., Kids and grace - 7 rubles.

Internet: - official web page

The monastery was founded in 1594 to preserve the Church of the Epiphany (1684), Catherine Church (1714), Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1707-1712).
The monastery is acting, masculine.
Address: Alexandrovsky rn, n / o Baksheev, etc. Lukyantseva (13 km from Alexandrov), tel. (49244) 2-66-89